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Discussion in 'FC Dallas' started by Pegasus, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Pegasus

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    Rumour that Ariel Ortega might be coming to MLS.


    On same site someone posts this " D'Alesandro, who is very unhappy at his Spanish club for lack of playing time, and may be headed back to Argentina would be a MUCH better target for a loan deal. He would be a league MVP, I would almost guarantee it. Any team that lacks a number 10 and is somewhat competitive, he would win you the MLS cup". Also a mention of Riquelme and Veron as Plan A where Gallardo and Ortega would be a plan B. I used to like Ortega but as a player on the small side who is 34 I don't think he would be that effective in MLS. D'Alesandro or Riquleme get me pretty excited but I don't believe either are headed to the US.
  2. nutella

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    More likely to be Marvin Oliver or Rocha = pragmatism.
  3. theodore

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    Nov 7, 2003
    In my opinion, we have a bigger need for a PASSING and CREATING experienced international quality # 10 than even a forward. Although we were told that we would get a like replacement for Ruiz.

    A young up and coming promising forward + a heavy weight attacking center mid would be just fine with me.

    However, another whirling dervish of dribble passed of as a center mid would be a disaster.
  4. CreightonMCFCjoey

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    no way D'Alessandro come to MLS. He still has a few great seasons in Europe.
  5. JaySlick

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    Jan 17, 2008
    watched ortega play for river last night and he could still have a major effect on games. he was the #10 for them and river would beat the pants off of any MLS team. he was one of their major strengths connecting to Falcoa
  6. accion

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    Nov 28, 1998
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    d'alessandro supposed to going to san lorenzo because river doesn't want to pay zaragoza the 3.5million it would take to get him. He has lots of problems lately at zara, including a fight with pablo aimar. Speaking of Burrito, the new season is just starting in argentina so it's not the right time for him to leave. A month ago, maybe, today, no.

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