Position assignment: Adu and Gomez

Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by Bootsy Collins, Jul 12, 2005.

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    This is not about any sort of not-getting-along crap, whether real or imagined.

    At the KC match, Adu started as forward, with Gomez in his usual spot as AM. I was a little surprised at that. What I was naively expecting was for those two position assignments to be reversed, with Gomez up front and Adu at AM, simply because Gomez has been a much better finisher this year, while Freddy's ability to run at the defense seems aided by man markers further downfield already committed to covering the forwards (so that he's likely to have space if he can get past a DM).

    Is there some reason why this is a lousy idea?
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    Not a lousy idea at all, but even better, why not some fluidity between the two. Their skill sets aren't that different; both with good ball skills, one does it with speed and the other with guile. Heck, with Jaime out there, all three could interchange easily. Maybe that's the problem when all three are out there.

    Freddy is not a traditional striker, or at least isn't a poacher like Rocket Roy. He just likes playing in the midfield too much. Small wonder Peter has to yell at him to stay in a more attacking position. His instincts make him hang back. Freddy's future is not as a striker. He is an AM deep in his soul.
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    I was a little surprised at the set up as well. the last time we played a game without Moreno and esky (or Tino now) was last year the next to last regular season game @ metro. In that game Gomez was a forward, Adu the a-mid. Worked fine for me.

    Since that time, Adu has become more and more of a midfielder while Gomez has stayed the same. Given that Gomez has m ore of an understanding of the game- he can modifly his game while Adu struggles in that regard- it seems like Gomez could switch to forward better than Adu.

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