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Discussion in 'US Women's Lower Divisions' started by El Gato, Jul 26, 2002.

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    Without knowing what teams are losing players to their respective college programs before the playoffs start. I would go with these teams to make the final four:

    Long Island

    I know I am going out on a limb with the pics, but I would like to see a couple of new teams there.

    Vancouver has the best chance of winning it all, with having a couple weeks rest before the final four (not to discount the fact they are a great team) and playing at home. Don't discount Long Island if they can score some goals and their defense can keep the breakdowns to a minimum.

    Boston, N. Virginia and a "you pick em" out West would be other teams having a great shot of making it.

    I am not sure how the teams are matched up in the final four, but I would put money down Vancouver won't play abyone in their conference. That would me they could see a matchup with LI, Memphis, Boston, N. Virginia or even Charlotte in the semis. Not an easy match for any of the teams. My bet would have to go with Vancouver playing the Central winner and East vs. the West in the other semi.
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    I would give the N. Virginia Majestics a good shot at doing well in the playoffs. They've beaten 2 of the final 4 teams from 2001 (Hampton Roads and Maryland). They took both games from Maryland this season. I think they have a good shot at beating Hampton Roads tomorrow and getting to K.C. Though they lost to the Hampton Roads Piranhas 4-0 in the first matchup, they beat the Piranhas in the 2nd matchup 7-3.

    Charlotte, though, will be tough for them if they play each other. Charlotte won on the road against N. Virginia 3-0 and looked fairly solid.

    N. Virginia have 2 players from Ghana's national team that have done well for them, and they finished 2nd in the same division with the Charlotte Eagles and Pirahnas.

    One of the Majestics young players, Lisa DuCote, even made the USL team of the week (back in May) as a 16-year old, so there is some young talent on the team as well as some experienced players.

    And in 2001, the Majestics' U-18 team did win the Super-Y national title last season.

    Wish I could see the final like I did last year, but Vancouver is too far to travel for me.
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    In the match the Piranhas lost, they played with 7 or 8 players because of red cards. I think the first game is much more indicative of what tonight's score will be like. I wish I could drive up to No. VA tonight and see the game. If the Majestics do win, I'll be rooting for them the rest of the way.

    If you stayed around for last year's final you were one of the hardy few that braved the rain and lightning delays. I was at the game, but had two young kids with me and there was no way I was going to be able to stay into the early morning to see the game. We'll be vacationing with family in the Northeast for this year's final weekend, which may be a good thing. I understand that the final will be televised on Fox Sports World, which our local Cox cable does not carry.

    Good luck to you.
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    I'm hoping to make it out there tonight. I do recall the ejections in the 2nd matchup, but I certainly don't think there'll be a four goal margin either way. I think it'll be a closer matchup. The Majestics are an improved team.

    I'd just prefer to see a regional team advance like last year, if nothing else, when H.R. and Maryland were in the final four. Unfortunately, neither made it to the final.

    I actually got down there last year during the delay in the 3rd place matchup, and because I had already driven 3 hrs. to get down there, decided to wait it out, since I found out they had to get the game in that night b/c the two teams had early a.m. flights out the next day. The final ended up starting just after 10 p.m. and finished up just before midnight.

    Here's one of my pictures from the rain delay last year. I plan to post more with what I wrote about that game last year soon on my site:
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    Thanks for the memories

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