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Discussion in 'USA Men' started by ehard22, Feb 8, 2008.

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    Here are my player ratings...Sky Sports style 0-10 scale:

    Howard - 7 - Not at fault on goals. Made some huge saves that kept the U.S. in the game

    Moor - 2 - I really liked how he let the same player do the same thing every single time, luckliy it only worked out for Mexico twice.

    Onyewu - 7 - Liked his goal, liked his strength. Gooch always does well against Mexico and teams who go physically. My question is what happens when we play the small quick teams???

    Boca - 6 - Didn't really notice him much. I expect more out of a captain

    Corrales - 1 - Couldn't keep up with the pace. Thanks for playing pal, hope to never see you again. WHEN IN DOUBT, TAKE THEM OUT

    Convey - 4 - Once again, I expect more out of our top player, especially in the EPL. If anything he solidified Beasley's spot when he is healthy again.

    Bradley - 5 - Expected more. Fought hard as usual, but we need a link between the midfield and forwards.

    Clark - 5 - Wanted more creativity out of him...see Copa America v. the game he created and attacked. When he plays like that, or how he played against Celtic in the MLS All Star Game, he is special.

    Donovan - 6 - Bright moments. Disappears at times and loses the flow, but he always does that and then delivers moments of brilliance.

    Dempsey - 6 - Should of had that goal. Needs to get more space to attack people and use his feet like he did against Italy in the W.C. His called back goal was a thing of brilliance, still wondering what happened.

    Altidore - 8 -Hopefully we will never see Twellman again now. Looked dangerous in the air and battling up top. Made Marquez look not so special.

    Subs: Coming later....gotta go..
  2. Tru Fan 07

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    May 1, 2007
    I agree with all ratings accept Corrales and Bradley. I would give Corrales atleast a 4 and Bradley a 1. With all the Bradley hype he was the biggest disappointment by far. Nobody was expecting much from Corrales and he didn't cause a punishing free kick, goal or booking. Moor did accomplish to score an assist, something Bradley has yet to accomplish in almost 1000 minutes. Kudos for him.
  3. Proud_Pink_Cow

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    Howard - 8
    Moor - 3
    Onyewu - 5
    Boca - 4
    Corrales - 2
    Convey - 2
    Bradley - 3
    Clark - 4
    Donovan - 7
    Dempsey - 8
    Altidore - 8

    Feilhaber- 5
    Adu- 5
    Lewis- 3
    Edu- 4

    Avg: 4.73


    Ochoa -4
    Magallon- 8
    Salcido -4
    Marquez -6
    Castro- 3
    Arce -5
    Pardo- 6
    Vela -7
    De Nigris -7
    Bautista -8

    Pinto- 4
    Cacho - 3
    Zinha - 4
    Dos Santos - 6
    Villaluz -NR

    Avg: 5.33
  4. whip

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    Aug 5, 2000
    Altidore a little bit shy...Not greedy enough ....

    Convey on the left side ...Not enough aggresiveness his position suposed to
    to be a comando attack position ( could be Coach strategy ?)

    Adu......Well....we are still waiting.... perhaps next game...?

    Defense line:
    Average I thing we did better than the game in New Mexico....

    Midfield : Good ....Not bad....
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