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    Peter Johannes Keizer


    Born: 14 June 1943 in Amsterdam.

    Nickname: Piet.

    Position: Left Winger.

    Holland 34 (1962-1974) / 11 Goals

    League Games:
    Holland 365 (1961-1974) / 146 Goals


    Trophies and Tournaments:
    World Cup runner-up: 1974
    World Cup participation: 1974
    European Championship participation: 1972
    Dutch Champion: 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1973
    Dutch runner-up: 1969, 1971, 1974
    European Cup winner: 1971, 1972, 1973
    European Cup runner-up: 1969

    Piet Keizer is one of the greatest players in the history of both Ajax and Holland. He made his debut for Ajax under coach Vic Buckingham in 1961. The skilled player was known to have problems with authorities and critics felt he often lacked presence on the field. He was once told he had a contract for two times five minutes as this was about the time he made his presence known. But in this grand total of ten minutes he was pure class. With his trademark move “the scissor” there was not a defender he could get beat before supporting the striker with a perfect cross. Keizer mastered the scissor to such a degree he once moved his powerful legs no less then six times around the ball before dragging it past his marker.

    In 1964 Keizer had his worst injury. His head crashed into that of André Pijlman and the doctors thought he had a concussion. It was worse then that, there was a crack in his skull and he had to taken to surgery. Keizer was out for a long time, but when he came back under new coach Rinus Michels he and youngster Johan Cruijff where ready to start their march to glory. The two players became known as “the royal pair” and were the most feared duo the Dutch league has ever seen. Keizer was the creator and Cruijff was the finisher. Keizer was always in the shadow of Cruijff, but experts believe it was Keizer and not Cruijff who was the greatest. Keizer however would have none of this and was modest troughout his carier.

    After having conquered the Dutch league for so many times in 1969 the brilliant attack of Keizer, Cruijff, Nuninga and Swart finally made it to the final of the European Champions Cup. Here the sly Italians of AC Milan proved to be too much, but for the first time the class of the Dutch was for the entire world to see. A year later Feyenoord, Ajax' rivals from Rotterdam, proved that a Dutch team winning the most important prize in Dutch football was more then a dream.

    Nevertheless Keizer and his men won the league, again, and in 1971 it was finally Ajax' turn to show the world they were the best Europe had to offer. In the final Panathinaikos was beaten 2-0. These days Keizer was in his prime and defenders throughout the world feared his tricks. A year later the trophy was once again theirs as the defense of Inter Milan was broken down. Both goals were scored by Cruijff and one came from one of those perfect crosses by Keizer.

    In the summer of 1973, after having won the trophy once more the year before, Cruijff moved to Barcelona after Keizer was appointed captain by his teammates. Keizer played his last year of football as the greatest team Dutch club football has ever known was broken down mostly by richer clubs buying their players.

    In the summer of 1974 Holland amazed the world with their Total Football, but without Keizer. Rob Rensenbrink was preferred over the old Keizer. Keizer played one match in the tournament, which the Dutch eventually lost in the final to host Germany.

    After the tournament Keizer decided to quit football, because Ajax coach Hans Kraay Sr. wouldn't move him to midfield. Keizer was tired of running down the flanks and decided it was up to a new crop of youngsters to defend the name of Ajax.

    Now Keizer is a scout for Ajax and starting next year he will be Technical Advisor for the Amsterdam Football Club Ajax.
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    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Bertje again.

    i've met meneer keizer, and spoken with him several times now

    one word: class

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