Player of Week 19: Ante Razov

Discussion in 'Chicago Fire' started by Jeremy Goodwin, Jul 30, 2002.

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    Ante has picked up player of the week for his two goals and assist against Metros on Saturday.


    That's Ante's second POTW this year, his prior POTW appearance was in week 9 for his hattrick versus the Revs.

    Chicago Fire now has 4 of the 19 POTW awards on the season, more than any other team.
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    best player this week, eh? JackenTy didn't even rate him best player in the GAME. sigh.

  3. jmeissen0

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    not saying anything about who should or shouldn't have been awarded potw, but the voting is done by guys that pretty much just look at the boxscore

    so taking into it that i haven't seen the game on tv, i missed a bunch of it when i was there (i always miss large chunks of the match when i am there), jacknty, and what i first stated here... i haven't a clue

    although it was a great 3 points :)

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