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    For the money, the Atari 2600 was a landmark gaming system in the pioneer days. It had great titles w/o the expense of the Commador 64, Intelivision or the Calicovision.

    2nd Generation saw the Nintendo Entertainment System was popular w/ revolutionary graphics but had slow game play and was too role play oriented. The ssytem did feature the biggest name titles at the time, including Zelda, Mario Bro's, & Techmobowl(the best sports game of its day). Comador's Amiga was drop dead beautiful but NOBODY could afford it or it's bad arsed title Outrun. Turbographics had Splatter House & the Atari 7800 sped up 2600 games like Choplifter. Both were doomed to fail. Sega Master System had Rambo, Space harrier(the sole reason I bought one), & Shinobi. the graphics were more precise and the play was 3x as fast as the NES'. Overall, w/ 8bit cards & 16bit cartidges it was the better choice for that era. Though NES had more familiar games.

    3rd Generation saw the induction of the Sega Genesis, which by then had become the standard bearer for gaming. It had scrolling 16meg graphics and the best fast action paced characters available and stereo like sound for <than $300. When you plugged in Sonic the Hedge Hog, the system sang proudly,"SEGA!" This sytem saw the best sports games publisher of all time, EA Sports, gave us NBA Action, John Maddens football(the ultimate in sports games) and an early version of FIFA Soccer (its stiff and dull play was nothing like the game it tried to mimic). Sega rocked w/ Super Street Fighter II (the best arcade game of all time) Mortal Combat, Dessert Storm, Blue Thunder, Afterburner and many other games that dominated the landscape until Nintendo finally gave us their answer to SEGA’s challenge, the Super NES. It had a lot of great games, including Final Fantasy & Super Mario bro spin offs. The gaming world was clearly defined and life was good. Those who wanted speed and more PPI went for the SEGA, those that wand big name games and fluid scaling graphics got a Super NES. Neo Geo was 4yrs ahead of its time in graphics and gmae play. It was rivaled only by 256htz computers but provided more vivid colors. But it carried a heafty price tag that sealed its fate.
    Then everything went haywire when Sony took the world by storm and flattened Nintindo & tried to bankrupt Sega w/ the Play Station. It had every popular game that Sega offered on the Saturn but it came w/ 2 controllers. It had the smooth scaling, scrolling & 3-D graphics of the Super NES but w/ far improved game play. It introduced cult favorites Grand Theft Auto, Tony Hawk Pro Skating (a favorite for a, old thrasher like myself), Grand Tourismo, Ridge Racer, Twisted Metal, Metal Gear, Doom, & improved vesions of Final Fantasy. Great titles & better marketing combined w/ Sony’s refusal to let Gaming Publishers sell SEGA the same titles avail on the PS1 sent the old giant lumbering back to Japan. The Dreamcast had unusual play but had the best fighting game ever, Ultimate Fighting Championship, feat real characters w/ their best moves and tendencies intact. Atari had the Jaguar & Lynx. N64 was a failed attempt to better the Dreamcast but also suffered from weird play.
    Now we have 3 entrants: Microsoft’s X-box, Nintento’s Game Cube. Sega pulled itself off the shelves & out of the arcades completely & went back to its roots of producing quality titles for other systems. Ironically, they are now aiding the same company that put them out of business, Sony. The PS2 has good & familiar titles, it has an adaptor for PS1 games, lets you watch DVD’s, albiet w/ the sound barely audible). But I think the media giant has truly met a bigger better competitor in the X-Box. Time will tell.

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