Phish Late Fall Tour

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    Jun 26, 2001
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    Phish Fall Tour Dates
    11.2811.28.03 Nassau Coliseum - Sold Out
    11.29.03 Wachovia Spectrum - Sold Out
    Philadelphia, PA
    12.01.03 Pepsi Arena - Sold Out
    Albany, NY
    12.02.03 Fleet Center - Sold Out

    12.28.03 - 12.31.03 American Airlines Arena
    Miami, FL

    All shows are sold out....

    You can also see Trey on tour with Dave Matthews

    Fri, December 12 / Bryce Jordan Center / University Park, PA
    Sat, December 13 / Dunkin' Donuts Center / Providence, RI
    Mon, December 15 / Wachovia Center / Philadelphia, PA
    Tue, December 16 / Fleet Center / Boston, MA
    Wed, December 17 / Madison Square Garden / New York, NY
    Fri, December 19 / Hartford Civic Center / Hartford, CT
    Sat, December 20 / Blue Cross Arena / Rochester, NY
    Mon, December 22 / Allstate Arena / Rosemont, IL
    Mon, January 12 / Key Arena / Seattle, WA
    Wed, January 14 / Cox Arena / San Diego, CA
    Thu, January 15 / Staples Center / Los Angeles, CA
    Fri, January 16 / Oakland Arena / Oakland, CA
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    When Jerry Garcia died, it was a glorious day.

    When Trey Anastasio follows that lead into the fiery pits of hell, it will be an equally glorious day.
  3. ricv56

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    Jan 4, 2003
    Q. What's red and orange and looks good on Deadheads and Phish fans alike?

    A. Fire

  4. obie

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    Phish have exceedingly talented musicians (especially Anastasio and McConnell), but they're so enamoured with their own chops that they forgot to make songs that people enjoy. Their lyrics are asinine, their concept endeavors ("Gamehenge", anyone?) are total garbage, and their fans are the rock music equivalent of a Star Trek convention where the only "deserving" fans are the ones who have written dissertations on the subtle intricacies of Fishman playing the electric vacuum cleaner.

    Phish are the American version of Emerson Lake & Palmer, or a more popular Primus. It's not a coincidence that three of the four members did a lot more interesting stuff musically when Phish were on hiatus.
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    I will give you Oysterhead & Trey Anastasio band and maybe Gordon/Kottke, but Pork Tornado and Vida Blue sucked.

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