Philadelphia Charge: November 20, 2000-September 15, 2003

Discussion in 'NWSL' started by Charge!, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. Charge!

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    May 7, 2001
    BSG 75
    Rest in peace, gang...I go on vacation and everything goes to hell. :( :(

    The cybercafe I'm posting this from has only 15 minutes left before it closes for the night, so I'll drop my thoughts on what happened tomorrow, OK? Except why now? Why 4 days before the WWC?

  2. MichaelR

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    Jun 12, 2003
    Thanks to the players for a wonderful ride these past three years. Thanks to Coach K. and Pia for building a brilliant side.

    The bitterest thing is that 2004 was such a promising season for the Charge. When they were healthy, they could have been the league's best team in 2003. I will always cherish the last week of this season, when an out-of-contention Philly Charge side blew out the teams that would go on to the Founders' Cup final. That's pride and determination, folks.

    Having said that, I am so looking forward to seeing Marinette play in the WWC! Who knows when she may play in the States again?

    Let's keep the team board open for a while so we can swap memories: best games, best players, best goals, best saves.

    Au revoir.
  3. Chargecard5

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    Jul 17, 2002

    So sad.
  4. dcajedi

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    Jul 16, 2001
    I have nothing to say. I just can't put my feelings into words. I think all I can do is simmer this week and let it all out when we gather on Saturday, Sunday, and Thursday next.
  5. dcajedi

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    Jul 16, 2001
    Well, after saying that...

    I had the pleasure of attending two Charge games at Villanova stadium this season with Adam Zebrowski and his fellow cowbell-ringers. I had a wonderful time despite being Of The Enemy. I only wish that this league had marketed itself as soccer first; if so this team would have been a rallying point for soccer in the region and constant, well-connected support would have convinced MLS of Philadelphia's worthiness long ago.

    I will also harbor fond memories of countless Freedom-Charge clashes, in particular last year's playoffs-- for my money the best fan atmopshere a WUSA game has ever generated-- and the 4-2 Freedom win in the downpour this summer.

    If we ever get a league again it is my deep hope that these local rivalries are once again fostered in depth, for city loyalty will bring fans to the stadiums better than any one player in my opinion.

    My thanks to you all for your hospitality in the 'burbs this year. Let's make a point of meeting again over this winter to make plans for the future, perhaps over MLS Cup, food, and drink at Tir Na Nog or some such place.
  6. Charge!

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    May 7, 2001
    BSG 75
    The mourning after....

    I'm old school in a lot of ways; namely, handwriting stuff down before typing it on a computer terminal. As is the case here. As I handwrote this, it was around 9:30PM in Wildwood Crest, NJ, and I'm looking out into the darknes, where an ocean goes through its paces, where a m-f'er of a hurricane less than 60 hours away from pounding this 'burg left, right and sideways.

    It's been 16 hours or so since the WUSA joined its kindred sister, the ABL, as part of a smashed landscape of pro sports leagues that formed - and ultimately dies - due to self-inflicted wounds, done upon it over and over again.

    But I'm a Charge fan, first and foremost, and even though the end seemed near, for it to happen FIVE F'N DAYS BEFORE THE WWC OPENER is the equivalent of taking the knife in the back and twisting it 360 degrees just for kicks. I can say we as fans did our part; turned out in droves, in the rain, when the injury bug and the worst karma I've ever seen handed to a local Philly team in 30+ years of being a sports fan. Yet the team never stopped trying, never quit. Even as we lamented on this board at every point of this year's death spiral.

    Which ultimately, this story is about - death. From the time anything and one is born, the clock begins ticking as to its demise. One of the tres' sucky things about life. Now that it's over, there is regret galore; that there won't be a chance for standings redemption in 2004, with all hands on board, healthy and ready to rock, and armed with a #1 draft pick, be she Reddick, Nandi Pryce, Maggie Tomecka or Alyssa Ramsey. The fact that Anna Bimbo-kova continues to reap the financial benefits of her genetics in a sport where she stains its reputation every time she steps onto the playing field while Heather Mitts, Kelly Smith, Marinette Pichon, Jenny Benson etal are now unemployed grates a whole lot.

    But that anger is overwhelmed by the stone fact I never, not one time, felt cheated as a fan at a Charge game. The players, front office and coaching staff went above and beyond the call eight ways from Sunday to spread the gospel about the WUSA and the fact a team called the Philadelphia Charge existed in the first place. I got to know most of the players on a first-name basis, and they welcomed me as if I was one of their friends at a game or at a meet and greet. They are all, players past and present included, from Tim Murphy to the maintenance engineer and every last one in between, people of good character and that I'm proud to call them a second family. And even though things didn't turn out the way we hoped, I never, not one time, regretted the financial investment I made in throwing my support behind them. The Charge paid me back in spades, with triple-digit interest.

    The Charge, bottom line, were the ONLY, REPEAT, THE ONLY REASON to be a Philadelphia sports fan for three succesive springs and summers. As the city's other four major pro teams stumbled, fumbled and bumbled their way on and off the field, all was right with my world, since there was a Charge game on the horizon, be it at 'Nova, or any of the other 7 cities to look forward to.

    So what now, aside from my belief than when the WUSA died, this town's last best hope for a major pro sports title anytime soon died with it? To say thanks.

    To Tim Murphy, Mark Krikorian, Tomi Markovski, Ken Pollard, Deliah Arrington, Jenny Benson, Alexa Borisjuk, Emily Burt, Lorrie Fair, Karyn Hall, Melanie Hoffmann, Rachel Kruse, Trina Maso de Moya, Mary McVeigh, Erin Misaki, Heather Mitts, Melissa Moore, Marinette Pichon, Pavlina Scasna, Kelly Smith, Hope Solo, Jennifer Tietjen-Prozzo and Stacey Tullock, as well as the players who wore the red and gold from the get-go now no longer with us, you gave me and the WUSA's best and most loyal fan base a lot of good memories in the end. And in the end, that's what counts. May all of you land on your feet, wherever those feet take you, to live long and prosper. All of you deserve nothing less.

    To our lone representative (active roster, before anyone says Zhao Lihong) who we will see Saturday; kick Norway ass as only you can. May you and Les Bleues make it to for the quarterfinals, be it in Foxboro or elsewhere.

    To those who stepped up in the forum and posted here, with only a couple of exceptions, I thank you for contributing here. Your input was appreciated and welcomed, even if it was disagreed with sometimes. And DCA, I'd like to take you up on your meeting offer in-between games Saturday :)

    As I finish this, it's 10:40AM, after a peaceful night's sleep, with a cloudless sky, where you can see the ocean almost clear to the horizon.

    To all of you - thanks for the memories. Thank you so much.

    Paul Hanlin Jr.
    SB, 19, 1
  7. DennisM

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    Dec 10, 2000
    Nya Sverige
    This is from tonight's Soccernet Chat.

    Mark (Boston, MA): In your interview with Cat Reddick you said you thought she would have a league to play in next year. As a Breakers season ticket holder I hope you're right, but what makes you believe that?

    Marc Connolly: Mark, I know that there are some things going on behind the scenes to revive/reorganize the league. Some companies have already come calling, too. And I expect that number to grow after the tournament. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a league in place for at least an abbreviated summer season next year.
  8. Adam Zebrowski

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    May 28, 1999
    "To those who stepped up in the forum and posted here, with only a couple of exceptions"

    hopefully I'm one of the exceptions...

    way too much drama paul....
  9. cachundo

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    Feb 8, 2002
    Genesis 16:12...He shall be a wild ass among men
    Manchester United FC
    I also hope I'm on Paul's sh!t list. :p Since Paul treats the Philadelphia Charge forum on BS as his personal blog, participation is by invitation only. LOL. It would be a great honor if I were an "exception".


    Wonderful eulogy.

    Bashing other Philly teams is really no better than the soccer-bashers in general, & the women's soccer-haters in particular.

    Funny how Paul proclaims he never felt cheated as a fan of the Charge. I have to dig through the threads, as I do recall having read a post lamenting how he upgraded to premium tickets, & only to regret it as the team piled up the losses.

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