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Discussion in 'Australia' started by NEKSoccer, Sep 12, 2003.

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    Does anyone know why Perth Glory are going to play most of their first few games on the road this year and will play their home games (the first couple, anyway) at Arena Joondalup? I see where they will play at something called "Multi-Purpose Stadium". Is this a new stadium that I did not hear about? Could somebody please let me know what's going on? Would appreciate much. Thanks.
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    Apr 11, 2003
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    They are playing 2 at Joondalup because SA has said they MUST play 2 home games between then. (2 byes and 10 away games) the 10 home games will be at Perth Oval (Why call it an oval it is rectangular now!) from December 6 vs Sydney Utd. The stadium will also play Rugby, Lacrosse, Hockey, Gaelic and yeah i forgot FOOTBALL with the GLORY!!!! :D

    It is called "Multi-Purpose-Stadium" because i heard that Crazy John's were interested in the naming rights after the stupid AFL here in wa chucked a sad over tradition and how Crazy John is a silly name. well 6 million down the drain for the WAFL and 10 million for the GLORY hopefully!! the southern stand will be called the DVG Family stand and the Shed will be directly behind the north goals about 15 metres away in fact! The grandstand will have 2 ball/function rooms attacted on the 2nd floor. The Arena will be the original holy turf since 1996!

    The Arena Joondalup is the WORST ground for any sport. the same volume of cheering at perth 'oval' is just a whisper at joondalup due to the bowl design that makes sure sound vaporises! the banks are too shallow to see! and the wind is effing terrible. the keepers tried not to kick it more than 10 metres off the ground otherwise the cyclone winds would pick it upand go everywhere.

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