Pavon,Martino,Vagenas OFFICIALLY !

Discussion in 'LA Galaxy' started by Flagreekguy, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Flagreekguy

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    Aug 13, 2007

    These guys proved tonight that they are simply not worth a 5 dollar bill for their services.

    Vagenas lost his second game in a row for LAG by fumbling around with the ball in midfield and shocking his entire team to just standing there in awe at how retarded vagenas looks trying to play soccer.
    Question, is there another player in MLS that looks like more of a booger eater?

    Matrino did a great job tonight fumbling 3 positions he put himself in, he breaks away from his defender and makes it into the box. He watches Klein or Gordon come around him and he slides the ball IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Then he does his "Leave it to beaver" impression by swinging his hand around his body in dissapointment with himself and under his breath saying "Aww shucks"

    Pavon is 110 years old. Seriously, we just found this out tonight by balboa on HDNET. -Balboa- "What is he doing on the field? gordon's been on the field the entire game and pavon's only been on for 10 minutes and he's already out of breath and unable to run?

    Get rid of these guys, pick up three 8 year olds from the local park who know how to run and kick things and we've just upgraded the team
  2. ssanchez

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    The entire team has problems trapping and controling the ball. It seems that the coaching staff does not bother with fundamentals and feels it is not important. Or at least that is what it would appear.
  3. RedCard2

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    Aug 7, 2007
    Ottawa, Canada
    I can't understand why Yallop keeps playing Martino - the guy is really bad. He should be taken off the starting line until he gets his game together.

    I also have to question Xavier - his passes always get intercepted - that's what lead to the 2nd goal tonight, in my opinion. I hold my breath every time he gets the ball. Also he doesn't seem to have enough speed when he needs to get back quickly.
  4. Flagreekguy

    Flagreekguy New Member

    Aug 13, 2007
    I honestly think most of the team played an excellent game.
    The entire 1st half was great, if we can get some solid forwards who know how to finish then we're in good shape.

    P.S. i'm sorry about my post on friday about harmse, he's quite better then i thought.

    It's seriously the things that those 3 people do (or don't do) that are causing us issues.

    It's like a field full of adults players. But on LAG's side they have a mentally handicapped forward who drools faster then he runs. (Pavon)

    A booger eating nerd (Vagenas) who isn't quite sure whether he needs to be kicking a ball for a living or decoding a Star trek episode in hopes to finding out if it's really "Real"

    and then theres martino, good ole martino. he's able to play the ball until he's somewhat responsible for a possible goal. then you might aswell just step away from the ball and give it to the defender cause he aint able to do anything after that point.

    Anyone else notice the irony in the initial equalizer being from our former player?
  5. MLS1FAN

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    Because Yallop is really bad and the Galaxy won last place!

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