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    It is the turn of Paul Stalteri to fall under the spotlight as he gives his answers to the questions sent in by you via the website...

    What was it like to score the winning goal against West Ham in stoppage time? Josh Gray
    It was a great feeling because we’d fought back from a 2-0 deficit so to come back to 2-2 and then go 3-2 down right near the end, we were thinking we were going to be on the wrong end of a great game. To change all that in the last five minutes was something spectacular.

    I remember you as a youngster playing up front for the Toronto Lynx. Do you still get the urge to play there and are the players surprised when you score a few goals in the five-a-sides? Steve Medwin, Canada
    Yes, I used to play in more forward areas and I do get the odd goal now and again in training, but over the last seven, eight years I’ve always played at the back and I’m used to that now. I’m not so sure if the lads are surprised when I do score, even at West Ham, but then again, anyone could have scored that goal! [NOTE: So modest, so self-effacing, so Stalteri.]

    How do you rate your goals – by quality or importance? For example, your goal against Leicester City in the FA Cup last season was a superb strike, but we lost, whereas the goal at West Ham was a tap in and we won. What was the best? Chris White
    The more important goals are the ones that help the team towards a victory and the West Ham goal was therefore more important in terms of our season than the goal against Leicester. When you look back at your career there are memorable goals in there but the important ones are the goals that help you win, so without a doubt it’s West Ham.

    Winning the Gold Cup for Canada in 2000 must have been a great moment but in a nation where ice hockey is the number one sport do you think you received the recognition you deserved? Shin Bir, Vancouver
    At the time there was a real buzz around the national team because we kept advancing from round to round. We got a lot of praise during the tournament but the problem is after the tournament, two or three months down the road it’s all forgotten. We did well though, we beat Mexico in the quarter-finals, Trinidad in the semis and then Columbia in the final. That is our equivalent of the European Cup.

    What advice do you have for any aspiring Canadian kids wanting to chase the dream you are living? Gary Channer, Ontario
    The most important thing is to work hard and enjoy it. Eventually youngsters will come to an age and there will be a key moment where they will either be good enough or not. Until then, you have to have fun.

    Growing up in Canada with ice hockey being your national sport, who was your favourite team and did you go to see them play? And what made you choose football as your sport? Graham Monnier
    I was an Edmonton Oilers fan but never really went to watch them play. At the time, Wayne Gretsky was with the Oilers and every time he played in Toronto it was next to impossible to pick up tickets. As for choosing football, when we were young ice hockey was so expensive to play, my brothers all wanted to but it was too expensive for us.

    What has been your most memorable Spurs match so far? Richard Mandy
    I would say definitely this season it would be West Ham, otherwise the first half against Arsenal at home last season and in the first hour against Arsenal at Highbury last season, we were outstanding.

    Steak and chips or spaghetti? Richard Mandy
    Spaghetti. [NOTE: Staying true to his Italian heritage.]

    It must be difficult in the defence this season after so many injuries to different players – how has this been covered in training? Victor Thompson
    This season has been different in training because when you play so many games a week, sessions tend to be lighter than when you are playing week to week. It’s all about preparation and recovery and that’s been the hardest thing in terms of having to play different back fours.

    How does the Premiership compare to the Bundesliga? Mark Wiltshire
    There are a few more goals scored in the Bundesliga, it’s a little more open but the Premiership is more physical and the biggest thing is that the referees allow that. The biggest problem in Germany at the moment is the stop-start nature of it all, and that can kill a game. They let it run a lot smoother here.

    How are you finding it living in London and what hobbies do you have outside football? Jo Brooks
    My family enjoy it. We don’t live right in London and the only negative thing people say about London is the traffic, so when we do go in we have fun but we also have the benefit of being outside and not having that hectic daily life of a metropolitan city. That’s a big advantage. As for hobbies, I like other sports like playing golf, watching movies and spending time with my family.

    Are you scared of anything? What is your favourite book? And what’s the best thing about living in Canada and living in England? Victoria Traynor
    No, I’m not scared of anything. I don’t really have a favourite book as such, but I enjoyed the Da Vinci Code. The best thing about Canada is that you have everything – nature, big cities, it’s such a massive country as well and that’s both an advantage and disadvantage. In England, sticking with football, it’s the passion the fans have for the game, you don’t see that in any other country.

    Who would play you in a film of your life? Were you any good at other sports when you were young? And if your house was on fire and you could only save one of your personal possessions, what would it be? Dan Carney
    Who would play me? That’s a tough one – I’d have to go with a younger Sylvester Stallone! I was okay at a number of sports, volleyball, basketball, golf and a bunch of school sports. The possessions I would save are the photos and dvds of my daughter Izabella.

    What do you miss most from Ontario? Craig Hankin
    I would have to say my family and friends.

    Being a Canadian, are you fluent in French as well as English? Do you have a favourite film? Eileen Peacock.
    I took French in school, but I must have been sleeping during those lessons! A number of people can speak it though, my wife can, I can just remember a few words, I’m nothing near being fluent. I have a couple of favourite films, Braveheart and Shawshank Redemption are two of them. They would certainly be in my top five.

    Is football getting more popular in Canada or is everyone just mad about ice hockey? Victoria Traynor
    Right now, Toronto has a team in the MLS and there is a lot of talk about it. They are two games into the season, Mo Johnston is in charge and they have a couple of players who have been playing in England, Jim Brennan and Carl Robinson. If the team is successful, I think the goal is to get another couple of teams into the league from Vancouver and Montreal and build from there. The popularity is there, without doubt. In terms of numbers in the amateur game, it outnumbers ice hockey. I think over a million kids play soccer now, it’s just about taking it to the next step.


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    So no-one asked him what he was thinking with that flub against Sunderland last year? ;)

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    nice interview. :p

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