Pardew named manager of the season

Discussion in 'Newcastle United' started by tigerdave, May 11, 2012.

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    Story here.

    I'll hold my hand up, didn't think he was the caliber of manager we needed going forward. But he's been immense for keeping Hughton's team spirit, letting the fans know what was going on without sounding like a total yes-man and managing the big characters in the team. Well deserved.
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    I'm in the same boat. I loved Hughton. But Pards has exceeded expectations.
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    Regardless of what happens on Sunday, he's been the best by far. He's up there with SBR for what he's done this season.
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    Many congratulations to Pards. He's done a great job and Newcastle can only get stronger from here.

    I would have loved him to stay at the Valley but the Charlton board panicked and sacked him. Our loss is your eventual gain. But I'm not bitter.... I wish him the very best and I can only say Newcastle are going to get stronger the longer he stays there.

    The Champions League place was not to be.... I think it would have been too soon, in truth. You're not ready for it yet and would only have been whipping boys had you progressed to the group stage, and nobody wants that.

    As a neutral who only wants to see English teams do well in Europe, I have to say it's for the best that Spurs and Arsenal took 4th and 3rd places. That doesn't take one little bit away from Pardew's achievement this season..... you should all be proud that you stayed in the hunt until the last day of the season.

    Congratulations, Pards...... We still hold you in high esteem back "home" in SE7. We're all pleased at what you're doing up there in the frozen north. Regards.

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