P40 Graduates Announced

Discussion in 'MLS: News & Analysis' started by swedcrip34, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. swedcrip34

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    Mar 17, 2004
    subtley, with exp draft rules

    clarifications of rules
    1. retiring players don't count;out-of-contract players do
    2. TI's that'll be SI's in 2005 count as SI's
    3. Dev players don't count, doesn't indicate anything about those due to "graduate" to senior roster by age counting

    no surprises except maybe Trembly. reportedly Countess may have "asked" to graduate (may want to be taken in expansion draft)
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    Sep 19, 2003
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    Those 11 would actually make a nice team, no?
  3. numerista

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    Mar 21, 2004
    Hey Swed ... thx for posting the info. Now that it's more-or-less clear who's be eligible, any chance you'd mind sharing your team-by-team projections?

    Incidentally, I'm still surprised that Ryan Cochrane isn't on the list. Has anyone else ever started semi-regularly for a playoff team and not graduated P-40?
  4. swedcrip34

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    Mar 17, 2004
    here's my breakdown of minutes played

    my prediction

    all 9 of my firm guesses graduated

    only 1/4 of my probable list did (Akwari) and 3 didn't (Lewis and Cochrane) though Stone retired. In the past p40s that were waived, were "graduated" at the same time regardless of age/minutes played. But since he didn't play much and might reconsider MLS in a year or two, maybe they're holding out the chance of his reentering MLS as a developmental player.

    of my "been around forever" group (Barclay and Trembly), I guess 6 seaspns is enough for Trembly (signed and didn't play late season 1999). He had fewer minutes than teammate Lewis. He actually could go to a "developmental" contract next year being only 22 years old now. Barclay
    is likely entering his 5th and final p40 season. Maybe the reserve league will allow for him to get a full match's worth of minutes over the course of next season.

    Note that Adu got more minutes than Akwari (reason I didn't list him as a firm guess).

    By minutes played (less than 1600) (format: name, age for 2005, minutes)

    Cochrane 22, 1459 (only 18 games, injured)
    Adu 16, 1440
    Akwari 23, 1400 (graduated)
    Lewis 23, 1144 (289 with COL, 855 more with LA)
    Grabavoy 22, 928 (injury saved p40 status?)
    Trembly 23, 761 (graduated)
    Capano 20, 440
    Stokes 23, 410
    Alvarez 20, 374
    (Szetela: something like an Adidas p40, 18, 374)
    Stone 21 (retired), 145
    Gonzalez 19, 114
    Barclay 22, 72
    Thompson 24 (though 23 until MLS Cup), 60
    Gardner 23, 25
    Bradley 18, 0

    Countess 23, 180 (played more last season IIRC)
    Cronin 22, 0

    maybe Trembly asked to be graduated or there is a 5-6 season policy
    otherwise 1200-1600 minutes seems about the cutoff with the reasonable Adu exception and Akwari graduating over Cochrane (1 year younger, 1 season vs 3)

    TI's that were also developmental likely will stay so for the draft: Stephenson, Dorman, and Gilberto Flores
  5. swedcrip34

    swedcrip34 New Member

    Mar 17, 2004

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