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Discussion in 'Columbus Crew' started by fidlerre, Nov 4, 2004.

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    Oct 10, 2000
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    Ratings for the final game of the season are up.

    I'd like to take a moment to thank Paul for his work all season long. It was a nice read every week after a game to see what others thought of the work of the team on a play-by-play basis. Hopefully he'll be willing to do this again next season!
  2. Ch(Elsey)

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    I got to disagree completely with Paule's rating. Boy did he just slow down our attack.. I love the guy, but did he really belong out on the field on Sunday? I don't believe so.
  3. Grouchy

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    I'll second the thanks to PV for his efforts...
  4. myshap

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    Jun 19, 2002
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    Yep, PV is awsome. Often times I've changed my opinions on players performaces based on his analysis. Crew fans are lucky to have him.
  5. TheImposter

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    Jun 15, 2002
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    Hear, hear.
  6. Eggy

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    May 28, 1999
    Yep, Thanks Paul.

    I agree with Washington as well. He' not cut out for this league.

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