ONLINE VOTE: FIRE SIGI? KEEP SIGI? (3 forums involved)

Discussion in 'LA Galaxy' started by LA Aztecs OG, Oct 7, 2003.

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    May 28, 2003
    You are requested to participate in a vote at World Voting Booth, the FREE online voting service. Simply go to and follow the instructions below.
    Here is the question to be voted on along with the answer selections.

    Question: Fire Sigi?
    1. YES

    2. NO

    Site registration. The first step is site registration at WVB Registration.

    Vote registration. Next, register for the particular vote question above. This must be done between 10/07/03 and 10/17/03. At WVB, select Vote Registration. Enter the vote question number ( 2123 ) and the vote password (galaxyvote) for this vote. Your first and last name and email address will be made available to the sponsor of this vote for verifying registration. If the registration cannot be verified, the vote sponsor may remove the registration until it is properly verified.

    Opinions. You can enter your opinion on the voting issue up until the end of voting and you can review others opinions at any time.

    Vote. Go to WVB between 10/07/03 and 10/17/03, do site sign in and vote sign in, then select Ballot. Polls are open 24 hours per day on the days specified. No one (not even the vote sponsor) will know how anyone cast their vote. No vote notification is sent to the sponsor.

    Review results. Return to WVB after the close of polls to obtain the final vote tally. Or, check back earlier to see how many people have voted. Then, why not try sponsoring a vote yourself? It's easy, just go to Vote Setup.

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