Oh Friends Of The Only Sport That Counts, Please, Please Help Me

Discussion in 'Introductions Board' started by FutbolFace1961, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. FutbolFace1961

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    Nov 13, 2004
    Luna Pier, Michigan
    Greetings mates and mateettes, how are you all. I'm in HELL. I mean a living, breathing HELL. I've been searching for an AFFORDABLE (money being the keyword here) KIT for the Canaries, just a bleedin' jersey, and I finally found some little website, probably a one-room operation, with ONE lightbulb, that runs 24/7 and pays a cigarette per day. ONE ****** PER WORK DONE...disgusting. Normally I wouldn't even CONSIDER giving a place like that my bub. BUT LORD KNOWS, I've been looking so long for an affordable canaries jersey (Those of you in the know, know that Norwich WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE but NORWICH to sell their goods, meaning, since I'm second generation and I live in the good old US of A (and the meaning of those letters are certainly open to interpetation) I have to worry about conversion rates...eg. the USD is worth .53 cents in UK right now...disgusting...VAT taxes, etc., etc., etc. ergo, Norwich has got quite the SCAM going on as far as selling their goods. Put it this way, to purchase a real, long sleeve jersey from their site, with conversion and all that rot, it would cost me close to $80 USD, and thats for ONE ITEM which is supposedly onsale for L15. It cost facking $40USD just to ship the ******** here.....So, shall I ask them to bend over next time so it slides in easier OR DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANYWHERE, KNOCK-OFF OR NOT, where I can buy a Canary JERSEY without having to sell my SOUL. PLEASE HELP ME, I'm FRIGGIN' DYING HERE. I talked my wife into getting the Dish Network, just so I could spend $300USD and buy the entire EPL season, plus we get GOL tv, and Fox Sports World, and ESPN Desportiva, and all sorts of wonderful football stations we didn't get before, so in that area I'm in heaven, but my blood runs GREEN and YELLOW, and I swear, if I don't find something affordable sooon, I'm going to die a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE death, choking on someone else's vomit (okay I know...that's derative but so what)...PLEASE, any CLUES, SUGGESTIONS, anything that anyone knows. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I have no doubts we'll get better as time goes on. Remember that in the early 80
    s they called the detroit Red Wings the dead wings, and now, they're like the Yankees of hockey, so, don't worry about Norwich, we're there's the will, and a TON of money, there's a way. THANK YOU ALL and I'm so glad to be a part of this I could just ********. And I mean that in a loving, fuzzy way.
    please email me anytime...night, day, day or night at cherylrandall@chartermi.net, since I'm a web designer/graphic artist, I work out of my office at home.
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    yeah, that's what shirts cost. They are not £15. It's not a scam. Rip-off, most certainly, but not a scam. Incredible but true.

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