Oh for a greased post or two

Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by MouseyTongue, Oct 27, 2003.

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    How close were the Revs to the domestice treble?

    Well, had TFIII done his job and greased the posts in NJ then the Revs might have been battling Chicago in the Open Cup Final.

    And take back the final ten minutes of the two horrid give aways at home and thus get back those six points and all of a sudden the Revs have the same record as SJ and just two points away from the Supporter's Shield.

    And with those twenty minutes of nightmare erased, the Revolution would not only be the most prolific scoring team in the league (which they are anyway with 55 goals...how shocking is that for long-time jaded fans like us?) but they would also have the best goal differential. As it is the best GD is shared by Chi and SJ with +10 followed by the Revs at +8 (only KC +4 and DC +2 join in positive GD).

    Finally, IMHO the Revs are on track to a repeat as Eastern Conference Champs. Face it, we OWN the Mutts and I like our chances against Chicago, even in Chicago. Not only would that book a ticket to the final, but it would keep Chicago from the Treble.

    I am never comfortable going too far out on a limb, but I predict right now that the Revs will win one piece of MLS hardware next year...to go with the MLS Cup they are going to hoist on Nov. 23 :D
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    I agree 100%. There should be no excuse why the Revs shouldn't make the final. And next year we'll have Twellman back and having him paired up with Noonan will create what i think is the lethalists forward duo in the league.
  3. brianzappa

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    While I share your belief in our Revs, I hate to get my hopes too high.
    That being said, I feel great about the idea of going up against Metros/Fire for the conference championship. Of all Eastern Conference teams, we seem to have the biggest issues with DC.
    If the Revs play like we all know they can, we can take the Fire in Chicago.

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