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    Dec 26, 2004
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    As a PM trainer I am buying players that are in the inad to passable stamina range that are wingers or IM's and plan on selling them in 2 weeks after training stamina. Anyone else do this? Any experience?
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    I did a little of this when I first got my team 4 seasons ago with very limited funds. I got the idea from reading it in one of the many newbie guides I read. I was only dealing in Passable/PM's :eek:

    Overall I did make a profit even with the agent fees AND I kept what I considered the best IM's with Exc/Stam for my team. I think that was the exact reason I was able to win my DVI series and promote (by luck) after my first season. I had the most consistent MF in my series that season. ;)
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    I still do it, but didn't this season as my attention was elsewhere. I also didn't plan to do stamina this offseason. I've got a qually and will train PM once more this season as well as squeeze in a bit o passing training too I think. I figure if you're training stamina anyway, you might as well, just be sure you buy players that are desirous and get them cheap enough.

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