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Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by Locoloco, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. I think it's going to be a very interesting match. Most DC players like el diablo, Moreno, Quintanilla, Olsen, Pope, etc... are very popular in the metropolitan area. We should have a nice crowd this coming Sunday.
  2. mscheffel

    mscheffel New Member

    Jul 29, 1999
    NJ, US
    So, everyone back except Ramos (Balboa doesn't count). Should be very interesting. I would personally like to see three (Newguy, Petke, Jolley) in the back, Mathis attacking mid and Williams coming in from the right. Faria and Diallo up front, Davis out left. Moore and Paule rounding out the middle.
  3. Arisrules

    Arisrules Member

    Feb 19, 2000
    Washington, DC
    Are we playing a 3-5-2?

    In many ways that would probably be the better lineup for the Metrostars. I would see it shaping up like this. (Mathis has to play up front though. however, OZ won't do that)





    I like Paule in the role of a holding midfielder. I see him the way Bishop was in Miami last year. I think we have to be careful with Milton and olsen attacking our left flank. Davis can't handle that. Olsen isn't in top game shape, but he seems to be playing smarter then a few years ago. back then he would just run around, the other week against SJ, he definately had purpose on the field. That's scary in my view. Convey also seems to be in fine form.

    Honestly, DC United is a good team. They have a top flight defense, complemented by a very good midfield that is finally playing up to the level it shoudl. They have probably the best combination in terms of wing play in Olsen and Convey. I don't think any team can match that. Maybe I'm wrong. Etch also seems to be playing much better. Running hard, etc. Now if their forwards..... They would be challenging SJ in my opinion.

    Hudson is a good coach. He's brought in a couple of good players. Reyes is great, as is Prideaux which was a smart trade for them. Quintanilla seems like a good pickup. He's improved the team, I think. I know they had that horrendous streak, but I think that was because of player injuries.

    I'm worried and excited. I'm bringing a couple of people to the match. It has all the makings of being the best match in MLS this year.
  4. Haig

    Haig Member+

    May 14, 2000
    Between the second-worst and third-worst teams, both of which have been on horrible form lately. I'm looking forward to it, because if we lose, we know just how screwed we are.
  5. jamison

    jamison Member

    Sep 25, 2000
    First, a small golf clap for a pre game thread not started by an out of towner asking where the pre-game thread is.

    Metros win 3-1.
  6. topcow

    topcow New Member

    Nov 23, 2000
    New York
    Actually, this is the most important match for OZ this season.

    We are in a really bad losing streak with the playoffs coming up. Our opponent wants that last playoff spot as well.
    If OZ used team health as an excuse before, he must now show us he can win a game at home with a relatively healthy squad.
    3 point difference if we lose, 9 if we win. It’s do or die for the metros.
    If OZ wants to turn the team around, then this is the game. If the metro loses, then I don’t see him staying.
  7. Brownswan

    Brownswan New Member

    Jun 30, 1999
    Port St. Lucie, FL
    Metro pre-game report probable lineup has Cletus and Big Mama starting on top; Davis, Paule, Moore and Williams in mf; usual suspects in D with Timmy

    Let's see how Zaide does vs. his 'old team.' Unfortunately, they know right-back is not his best position. I think he will be pressured often.

    Here's hoping Clint n' Mama rip DC wide open.
  8. Soccernuthost

    Soccernuthost New Member

    Dec 7, 2000
    According to the Metrostars Pre-Game report, no. Our usual lopsided 4-4-2



    1) Chrono is starting at left back. This will probably cost us a goal based on what's happened in the last 10 games or so.

    2) Ziadie is in defense, not midfield (right wing) where he belongs.

    3) We are still playing with 2 mids as defenders, meaning they'll push up and leave just Petke/Jolley back. This may cost us a goal (as it has 14-15 times this year).

    4) No real right wing.

    5) Both Moore and Paule playing together. Should be one or the other. Most likely Paule.

    Hopefully Mathis/Diallo/Williams/Davis will combine to score some goals and we'll just outscore DC because you know this defensive unit is a proven failure and will let in a few (averaging 3 per game over the last couple of games).

    I predict we'll win 4-3.
  9. MetroFever

    MetroFever Member+

    Jun 3, 2001
    New York Red Bulls
    Nat'l Team:
    I'd like to be optimistic, but there's nothing I've seen lately that makes me think otherwise. Look for DC to run through the Metros POORous defense:


    P.S. Great idea by Metros to give out 5,000 FM radios. This way, if we can't make it to Mitchell Field for the playoff games, we can listen to it on radio. Ooops! Aren't Metro games on AM radio? :(
  10. SABuffalo786

    SABuffalo786 New Member

    May 18, 2002
    Buffalo, New York
    The 2nd worst team is on a great run currently. Giving the league leaders a run for their money is proof enough for me.

  11. copaantl98

    copaantl98 Member

    Apr 9, 2002
    You actually still want Faria up front and Mathis in the middle?
  12. Soccernuthost

    Soccernuthost New Member

    Dec 7, 2000
    Just how do you DC bozos define a "great run"?

    In DC's last 9 games they have: 0 Wins, 5 Losses, 4 Ties

    They've scored a grand total of 4 goals in those 9 games.

    Before the SJ game, went through a 536-minute scoreless streak.

    DC haven't won a game since June.

    If that's what you DC scum fans consider a great run, then you really are a pathetic bunch.
  13. SABuffalo786

    SABuffalo786 New Member

    May 18, 2002
    Buffalo, New York
    We showed good form at San Jose with Moreno, Etch, Benny, et al healthy for once. We take what we get metrodog
  14. Arisrules

    Arisrules Member

    Feb 19, 2000
    Washington, DC
    Don't forget about the game against KC. They definately raped KC, but an unlucky call did them in.

    The point is that last Saturday, they played better soccer then I've seen from the metros in a long, long time. You can't always look at the numbers. You have to look between them, and this is one such occasion. If anything, DC should be favored to win this, and we are the underdogs.

    Their team is loaded, and it finally seems to be coming into form.
  15. SABuffalo786

    SABuffalo786 New Member

    May 18, 2002
    Buffalo, New York
    thank you
  16. Haig

    Haig Member+

    May 14, 2000

    DC were okay on Saturday, but San Jose controlled play for most of the game. The MLSnet match report tends to confirm this: San Jose outshot DC 16-9 (8-5 on goal), and a 9-1 advantage in corners. San Jose put a header off the bar in extra time that should have won the game.

    DC is loaded with has-beens and overhyped never-weres. Only in the deluded minds of DC fans do two goals in one game-- after nearly nine scoreless hours of soccer-- mean that the team is on form.

    The Metros have sucked lately. So has DC. Both teams deserve their places in the standings.
  17. SABuffalo786

    SABuffalo786 New Member

    May 18, 2002
    Buffalo, New York
    In all fairness, Moreno's open net should have been a goal, giving DC the win.
  18. Haig

    Haig Member+

    May 14, 2000
    Why should he have scored that? The way he's playing, that should have been what it was, a miss. So what's the basis for your claim that DC is on great form?

    By the same measure, if Faria and others had finished their simple chances (some on open nets), the Metros wouldn't be in 8th place. Point being, the Metros and DC are both playing awful soccer.
  19. True. But try to think of it this way, the least awful in four matches will get to name this the Memorial Cup. :)

    The Metro are underachieving this season. I believe Nick and OZ have done better than the nadir of 1999. That isn't good enough. Just being better than Charlie S and Subnotnick wasn't the objective. I am convinced that OZ will not take us any higher. Someone else needs to be at the helm and the sooner the better.
  20. TheFallen29

    TheFallen29 New Member

    Nov 25, 2001
    New York City
    We'll do the business tomorrow.

    Metros 3, Tottenham West 2
  21. Sorry, I forgot to add . . . I hate DC.
  22. Arisrules

    Arisrules Member

    Feb 19, 2000
    Washington, DC
    I have to disagree on the SJ match. Both sides took control of the match for various periods of play.

    Whether or not Moreno's shot should have been a goal, you have to agree that DC took it to SJ. I'm a Metros fan, but I am not confident at all for this match. I felt they played some great ball. Whether or not they can bring it on tomorrow depends on them.
  23. Soccernuthost

    Soccernuthost New Member

    Dec 7, 2000
    I saw the DC-SJ game and thought DC looked alright. Not great. SJ outplayed them for the majority of the game.

    In this case, the DC clown here was talking about DC's "great run". Great runs are definately about the numbers. 0-5-4 in their last 9 games with just 4 goals and 536-scoreless minutes cannot under any circumstances be considered a "great run". Many coaches around the world have been fired over "great runs" like this.

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