Official DC United-Metrostars Playoff Leg 1 Postmatch Thread [R]

Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by SABuffalo786, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. SABuffalo786

    SABuffalo786 New Member

    May 18, 2002
    Buffalo, New York
    DC United-2 (Stewart, Eskandarian)

    Confrence Finals here we come.

    No way the scum win 3-0 in our house.

    No flames, No trolls.
  2. Barbara

    Barbara BigSoccer Supporter

    Apr 29, 2000
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    That went a lot better than I had feared. :)
  3. Footer Phooter

    Jul 23, 2000
    Falls Church, VA
    Great win. Was Stewart offsides on his goal? I don't see how he could have gotten that far behind the defense.
  4. sch2383

    sch2383 New Member

    Feb 14, 2003
    Northern Virginia
    Great effort, by everybody. I was unsure about Stewart starting but he proved me wrong. Dema seriously needs to be sent to finishing school, he had a few great chances, but hit them all at Walker. The backline and Rimando were huge tonight, I don't see how there can be any more Nicky-doubters after the saves he made tonight.

    One other thing, I don't want to say the Scum were diving, but there sure were a lot of "emblishments" out there tonight.
  5. Sanguine

    Sanguine Member

    Jul 4, 2003
    Reston, VA
    well, 3-0 isn't the only potential result that sinks us, but yeah, we don't look like we'll lose by two or more to this team. Esky's goal was massive, in addition to it's aesthetic quality.
  6. futbolrey

    futbolrey New Member

    Dec 20, 2002
    Burke, Va
    great props to la norte, screaming eagles, and barra brava

    you guys sounded great on tv

    let go for a fourth championship!
  7. sch2383

    sch2383 New Member

    Feb 14, 2003
    Northern Virginia
    That and watching Johnny Walker flip out after Esky scored.
  8. tiagok

    tiagok New Member

    Sep 27, 2000
    Centreville, VA
    That was an awesome game. And to make it even better, New England beat Columbus 1-0. If New England can manage to eke out a win or a tie in Columbus next week, then that would give us home field advantage for the conference finals.
  9. ignatz

    ignatz New Member

    Jun 3, 2001
    Washington, DC
    What was the crowd? It looked like the kind we'd get on a rainy Wednesday night friendly against an A League team. The biggest group appeared to be the DC United contingent behind the goal.
  10. jason1551

    jason1551 Member+

    Apr 9, 2003
    Columbus, GA
    DC United
    With the Crew playing like crap, the Revs gimpy, and the Metros reeling, DC is looking pretty damn good right now. Great ROAD win (can't emphasize that enough), and now next week's job is a helluva lot easier.
  11. gnat

    gnat New Member

    Oct 1, 2003
    Much. Either the Mutts really stepped up a good portion of the match, or we fell off how we have been playing. I spent most of the game cringing because we could maintain possession to save our lives. And the fouls near the box.

    Stepped through the post game view of Earnie's goal. The Mutt fans can whine all they want, but it looks like Eddie and two other Mutts at the far side kept him on. Have to love Walkers "what do I do now" expression as Stewart came at him. (dude needs to learn about a comb though) :D

    And did we just sit the first game that Freddy sat on the bench the whole time? Simply amazing ;)

    And besides the Woly dive in the box, the only fans I could pick out were ours. You all rocked that place :D

  12. Saltenya94

    Saltenya94 Member

    Jul 29, 2003
    DC United
    Stewart offsides?

    All is fair in Soccer and refereeing. Game started like a slow tug-of-war. could have gone either way. but Rimando looked like a blue MEGAMAN! out there. and we got the key 1st goal. after that CUP final here we come.

    DCU Supporters - you sounded and looked great out there. Especially singing "Whose your Daddy?"

    GAME 2 should be a party. i'm making the 6 hr. trip to be there in person
  13. Shark

    Shark Member

    Mar 12, 2004
    Leesburg, VA
    Nowak's smartest move.....

    Starting Stewart. Veteran over a rookie (Gros) in a first round away game. Showed the grit and determination (and even notched a goal) needed to weather the expected pressure and come away with a 2-0 winner.

    Hell yeah....

  14. SABuffalo786

    SABuffalo786 New Member

    May 18, 2002
    Buffalo, New York

    Yeah, the midfield just didn't click until the second half.
  15. Bambule GK

    Bambule GK New Member

    Aug 16, 2000
    The ATL
    1) Wow.

    b) MAJOR MAJOR props to the supporters. Just jaw droppingly awesome and inspiring. Sounded great. Looked great. The end of the game celebration with the players was just beautiful.

    iii) The Comcast crew seemed to think Earnie was onside. Whatever. Dos a cero.

    Delta) Very very nice play by DCU tonight. A bit ragged, but I attribute that to the surface and to an overall focus on D from both squads.

    cinco) Despite my overall misgivings, Nicky had a very good game tonight. Only moment of concern was his flapping at that corner, and Woly's shot that he snared. A lot of folks may not realize how lucky we were on that.... It was upper 90 and the fact that Nick was "out of of position" actually turned into a blessing when he snared that shot.

    Sign of the beast minus 2) Winnah winnah chicken dinnah.
  16. jason1551

    jason1551 Member+

    Apr 9, 2003
    Columbus, GA
    DC United
    I think the best part about this game is that a veteran stepped up. Stewart played great, and that goal was a thing of beauty. The timing, the shot, the celebration-this is what we were missing in the playoffs last year. Gotta love the dramatic turnaround!
  17. dcuni_ted

    dcuni_ted Member

    Jul 16, 2000
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Wow! what a great game. United clearly are a theart to win MLS Cup 2004. Could we possibly be the hottest team right now in MLS?
  18. Winoman

    Winoman Drinkin' Wine Spo-De-O-De!

    Jul 26, 2000
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Golazos by Earnie and Alecko. I, too, thought that Earnie's shot would wind up in Row ZZ, but what do I know?

    And the replays were inconclusive as to whether Earnie was off-side or not. There MUST have been someone out of the picture keeping him on. Could MLS refs be that bad to miss that bad an off-side call, that is, if he was truly off-side?

    Embellishments, hell. Glen was diving every time someone came close to him. I think he is in close competition with El Pissed-a-frito for "Diver of the Year" award.
  19. IncaEnclave

    IncaEnclave Member

    Aug 24, 2000
    Alexandria, VA
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    when i said megaman i was referring to gros b/c of his cast reminded me of megaman's cannon.....but we should find up another name for rimando :D :D
  20. gnat

    gnat New Member

    Oct 1, 2003
    Actually CSN had a good one after the game. With the yard lines on the field, you can see Earnie is at the 39yrd line when the ball is kicked. As the camera panned you catch Eddie just standing still at the 36/37 with his arm up. Then as it continues to pan you see two more Mutts that were farther back, though they were moving so it is harder to say about them.

    There is rarely a perfect view of an offsides call, but i'd lay money on at least Eddie keeping him on.

  21. griffin1108

    griffin1108 BigSoccer Supporter

    Dec 5, 2003
    Well, Earnie certainly didn't miss that sitter did he? What a nice finish and props to Esky for the second, I thought Walker would pop a vein after the second goal.

    Comcast interviewed both Stewart and Nelsen after the match. Stewart is such class, he congratulated Nelsen for the pass to him and mentioned the sick daughter of a friend in Holland. When Nelsen was asked about Glen and his constant head-holding, he just smiled and said must have been a strong gust of wind, seemed to be dropping all the Metros tonight.

    This really is like a reverse replay of last year, the higher seed comes into town and gets a late second goal to put the lower seed in a world of hurt.

    Oh yeah, did any Metros' fans show up tonight? All I could hear on TV was the Barra, SE and La Norte. How sweet!
  22. Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood Member+

    Dec 23, 2003
    Somerville, MA
    FC Dallas
    Awesome Win. I want to also congratulate the travelling DC fans. I watched the game on the Metros broadcast (MSG) and it was great hearing them throughout the game. It seemed like a pretty good turnout, and all you could hear was DC United chants.

    I never saw a good angle on the Earnie stewart offside controversy. The right back might have kept him on. It was the Esky goal that'll sink the Metros, though. That was big.

    Also, it seems Guevara has taught his teammates how to be whiny brats. Cornell Glenn went down twice as if he'd been hit in the head with a bat. Replays showed he was barely touched both times. There's only one player I respect on that team, Eddie Pope.
  23. Cweedchop

    Cweedchop Member+

    Mar 6, 2000
    Ellicott City, Md
    Fantastic result which should pave the way to the Conference Final. With NE going up 1-0 tonight, there stands a decent chance of us hosting the final at RFK in two weeks.. That would be incredible all things considered about two months ago..

    Two players who have been much maligned this season came up large.. Stewart and Rimando.. I hope they gave a few of us at least a little helping of crow.. Stewart scoring that goal almost makes up for his lack of goal production thru two seasons now..

    I was almost positive that I would come on to this board and see thousands of posts denigrating Nowak for starting Stewart over Gros, but in this instance, it worked like a charm.. Also throw in the fact that Mr. Adu didn't even get his warmups off either..

    Wow, didn't see any of those moves coming..

    Again, great result in a match that was plain bad to watch at times (it will be a great day when that crappy type of Field Turf is a thing of the past - it's simply kills the Beautiful Game).. This game was played tactically to a T..

    Now we just have to go out and finish this thing off.. Play your game and it's a done deal..
  24. Arisrules

    Arisrules Member

    Feb 19, 2000
    Washington, DC
    First time Glenn was hit in the face by Gomez. Second time was bull. You can like Eddie all you want, but he certainly wasn't even close to earning his paycheck this season.
  25. vivzig

    vivzig New Member

    Oct 4, 2004
    The OC
    THAT was truly a memorable moment.

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