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    Bum-keun Cha, the Asian Player of the Century, was arguably the best Asian football player ever.

    He played at Frankfurt and at Leverkusen. Bringing the UEFA Cup trophy for both teams. He is the only player in Bundesliga that has been the member of two different UEFA Cup winning teams. When he first went to Leverkusen, Leverkusen wasn't the Leverkusen of today. The mid-level team rose to today's Leverkusen because of Cha's performance.

    He won the MVP of the Bundesliga in 85~86 season, and until the record broke in 1999, he held the most goals scored by a foreigner title in the Bundesliga.

    His name is Bum-keun Cha, but because the German fans couldn't call his name well, they simply called this "Brown bomber" as "Cha Boom."


    Here are some of his memorable moments:


    >>> 1977 Park's Cup. Cha scored 3 goals in 5 minutes when S.Korea was down 1:4 to Malaysia.

    >>> Cha goes to Frankfurt in August 1979. Bundesliga was the strongest league in the world at the time and at a game against Dortmund, Cha starts the game and assists a goal. Voted as the weekly best-11 by the most prestigious football magazine at the time, KICKER.

    >>> 3rd game: Against Stuttgart. Scores a game-winning header and gets voted as the goal of the week.

    >>> 4th game: Against Munich, Cha scores another goal.

    >>> 5th game: Against Borussia MG, Cha scores another goal. Magazine KICKER first uses the term "Cha Boom." Boom was an onomatopoeia of Cha's striking scoring ability. (He was also called as the "brown bomber.")

    >>> Against Hamburg, Cha scores one through an assist, scores another one through an header, and scores the third one through long-range shot. First hat-trick for him.

    >>> Against Koln where Japan's Okudera was playing, Cha scores 2 goals and Frankfurt wins 3:1. Okudera misses 7 critical chances.

    >>> One of Korea's major sports newspapers, Ilgan Sports treats Cha's news as top news by now. MBC starts showing Cha's taped games.

    >>> First UEFA Cup tournament for Cha after he went to Europe 4 months ago. First game against Real Madrid. Cha scores a goal, but the game is tied 1-1.

    >>> Second game was against AC Milan and Cha's shot trembles the goal post for over 5 seconds. That news becomes a major headline. Frankfurt wins 3:2.

    >>> March 1980, UEFA Cup finals. First game against Borussia MG. 20 year old Matthaus called the "German soul" (as well as an MVP of WC'90) marks Cha Boom. "Mark Cha Boom!!" was the headline for many newspapers. Matthaus successfully marks Cha Boom.

    >>> UEFA Cup finals second game. Matthaus again marks Cha Boom but this time Cha Boom rocked. Cha assists a goal and becomes the Man of the Match. Frankfurt wins the UEFA Cup for the first time in its history.

    >>> Matthaus' interview after the game: "I am young. Cha is the best attacker in the world."

    >>> 7th in scoring in 79~80 season. Ranked 4th in the World's most improved player. Also voted as one of the World's best-11. Earns the third largest salary in the Bundesliga.

    >>> The German FA tries to naturalize Cha but it fails.

    >>> Cha makes the front page of the magazine Kicker's new year edition.

    >>> In 1981 Cha suffers a huge injury by Gelsdoff's tackle at a game against Leverkusen. Frankfurt fans traveled to Leverkusen and starts a riot threatening to kill Gelsdoff. Police arrives to stop the riot.

    >>> Traded to Leverskusen in 1983. Frankfurt fans protests in agony.

    >>> Cha becomes the MVP of 85~86 season and ranks 4th in scoring. At age 32, Cha gets picked up by the Korean National Team one month before the World Cup and goes to WC86.

    >>> Another UEFA Cup finals for Cha in 1988. Cha scores a dramatic equalizer against Espanol to tie the game 3:3. 50,000 fans chant "Cha Boom." Leverkusen wins at PK shootout and wins the UEFA Cup.

    >>> One of the headlines of the newspapers: "Best player on earth: Cha Boom."

    >>> KICKER magazine: "Cha Boom, brings first ever UEFA Cups to two different teams. Hero of both Frankfurt and Leverkusen as well as the biggest star in the Bundesliga."

    >>> Cha sets two records in Bundesliga.

    1. Most games played by a foreigner.
    2. Most goals scored by a foreigner.

    Cha played 308 games and scored 98 goals while he played 10 years at Bundesglia.

    (note: Cha's most goals scored by a foreigner was broken by a Swiss player in 1999 with 106 goals.)
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    Apr 21, 2001
    some of the spellings are terrible up there.
    Help me out if you can.
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    Aug 13, 2002
    spelling seems to look fine to me. just curious but how come the German FA failed to naturalize Cha? If I was Cha Doo Ri, I'd feel like ************, i'd always be trying to break out of my fathers shadow of achievements.
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    Apr 21, 2001
    Bum-keun Cha refused.
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    Apr 21, 2001
    >>> The French magazine Mieux votes Cha as the best footballer of the 80s.

    >>> The German magazine Stteren(outrageously terrible spelling here) put Cha as 1 of 4 "World's top 4 rising people" along with Mother Teresa.

    >>> West Germany's famous sports editor Titter Kuerton said "if Cha Boom was German, the West German National team's attacking problem would have been fixed right away."

    >>> Even TODAY, Schalke 04's owner frequently says that the biggest mistake he's ever made in his life is not bringing Cha to Schalke 04.

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    Apr 21, 2001

    Does anybody here know what this balcony is called?

    I read it somewhere but I forgot.

    There's this balcony in the big square in Frankfurt where mass rallies were held.

    When hitler made speeches, he did it at this balcony.

    It's an historic place(not because of Hitler but a lot of other things) and when Frankfurt won the UEFA Cup, the players celebrated at the balcony infont of the huge crowd.

    Cha Boom is the only Asian EVER to have been there.
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    should be stuttgart not sttutgart.
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    Yeah...Doori Cha is a Leverkusen player loaned to Bielefeld and Bum-keun Cha keeps saying to him "when I first went to Leverkusen, it wasn't such a good team either" and he encourages to shine at the mid-level team like Bielefeld.

    But to be honest, Doori Cha is not the same caliber as father Cha. He's just a bit bigger than his father. Probably similar in speed. But for now, he lacks in finishing too much.
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    Re: Official ASIAN PLAYER OF THE CENTURY thread

    Man, I'd love to see that shot!
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    I've only heard stories about Cha Bum-keun. I now remember in Dong Bu Ichon-dong (thats where I live and also where Cha Bum-keun lives) I was eating ddukbokki in a shopping mall with my mom and right next to me was Cha Bum-keun and his wife Oh Eun-mi along with Cha Du-ri were eating Ohdeng. My mother was like "that's Cha Bum-keun" and I was like "whatever.." (I was in the 5th grade). Oh SO HOW I REGRET THAT! 2 years later that exact man became the national coach of the Korean team. And it was only then I realized what a great man this dood was. I am such a dumb@ss!
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    it's all right essvee...they probably wanted some privacy anyways.
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    Apr 21, 2001
    the first post of this thread was translated from the document posted at

    It is the best Korean site dealing with Euro football IMHO.
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    Jan 30, 2002
    its more amazing Cha played in Bundesliga for 10 years, he was 27yrs old when he went there.
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    Aug 7, 2001
    He was 27 when he started? So he played until he was 37? He must of been real good if he could play so well at an old age.

    Rezaei is 27 now and he is starting his second season of Serie-A. Maybe he can last as long as Cha did. I hope.

    Also, who broke his record for most scored goals in 1999? I think it was Elber, but I may be wrong.
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    Apr 21, 2001
    I think he has hope since he's a defender. They tend to last slightly longer than attackers.

    It was a Swiss guys named Sapuija(horrible spelling...this is why I didn't want to post it! :D). His name is PRONOUNCED Sa-pui-Ja. He scored 106.
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    Sep 4, 2002
    Duri could be better

    I look at Duri, and I think he has the physical tools to be even better than his dad. The guy has the structure to battle it out with European and S. American players.

    About Cha Bum-keun, as kid I thought he was popular in Korea because he was good enough to go to Germany. But I did not realize how good he actually was until recently.
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    Jan 1, 2001
    Real Madrid
    Nat'l Team:
    Stephane Chapuisat.
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    It was a very big deal when Cha made it to Germany at the age of 26 (not 27).
    Even the president Park got involved because of his military service status.

    Soon after he started to settle in Germany, a bunch of Korean newspaper men came rolling into Germany and asked for food, lodging, money, etc.

    Cha couldn't accomodate them because he had neither time nor money. In essence, they were asking to be bribed or else.

    Well, else, they delivered.
    Those reporters returned to Korea and started writing how arrogant Cha became, etc.
    And he was pretty much banished from sports pages.

    Most of his spectacular successes were never shown on Korean TV, either, probably because Korea was still pretty poor and couldn't pay for broadcasting rights.

    To this day, he is much better appreciated in Germany then in Korea.
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    Jan 16, 2002
    fullerton, ca
    the great player expected more than I thought

    Lucky to see Beum Keun Cha playing in 70-80's.

    I travel many different countries, and now I am in Mexico.
    I met a German(a man of 40's) in Mexico, and surprising, he knows more about Cha-than I(I thought I got the all the info. of Cha). He was talking about Cha more than 3 hours-I was little late for my appointment. Many Mexican friends(soccer fanatics) also know Cha as well.

    BK Cha gained respect from German people not only by playing great soccer, but also from his life in Germany-his character as well.

    When I met Doori Cha, he confessed me that his father still out run in 1000meter in full speed-BK Cha is now almost 50.

    Many youngster do not know how good he was.
    Many youngster compare him with other players-including Hwang and other, but i think Cha is several levels up(only his position I am talking about). His style was truly like a boomer. All his goals were field goals-no penalty kick.

    I personally think his play got better after he plays in Germany-specially his understanding of the game as the whole.

    Still remember the game against Malaysia 4-4 tie in Parks cup.

    He is the true pride of Asian soccer history.

    To help him, let us support his youth soccer school.
    He is the one who opened the first youth soccer school in Korea-before kids learnt soccer in school team or from others.
    I truly respect him-his character/way he lives.

    Alas, Cha was the hero in my youth, and still now then.
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    ÈÄÃß¿¡¼_ ÆۿԴµ¥ Á¶~±Ý ±æ¾î¿ä

    ÀϺ» ½ºÆ÷Ã÷ ÀâÁö Áß¿¡¡¸ÁÖ°£ »çÄ¿ ´ÙÀÌÁ¦½ºÆ®¡¹¶ó´Â Ã౸Àü¹® ÀâÁö°¡ ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù. ÀÌ ÀâÁö¿¡ [Great Player ¿_Àü] À̶ó°í ÇÏ´Â Äڳʰ¡ ÀÖ´õ±º¿ä.

    ÀÌ Äڳʴ ¿ª´ë ¼¼°è Ã౸°è¸¦ ÁÖ¸§ Àâ¾Ò´ø ¿¾½ºÅ¸µéÀÇ Àü¼º½ÃÀýÀ» ȸ»óÇÏ´Â ÄÚ³ÊÀε¥ Á¦ 6ȸ °[Great Player ¿_Àü]¿¡ ¿ì¸® Â÷¹ü±Ù °¨µ¶ÀÌ ¼Ò°³µÇ¾î ÀÖ¾ú ½À´Ï´Ù.(Áö³_ 5¿ù Áß¼øÀΰ¡ ¸» °æ¿¡ ³ª¿Â ÀâÁö¿¡ ¼Ò°³µÇ¾î ÀÖ¾ú¾î¿ä.)

    Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ UEFAÄÅ ¿ì½Â(88³â ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨ ¿ì½Â ¶§) Æ®·ÎÇǸ¦ µé°í ȯȣÇÏ´Â »çÁø°ú ÇÔ²² Â÷¹ü±Ù¿¡ ´ëÇØ ÆòÇÑ ±ÛÀÌ ½Ç·ÁÁ® ÀÖ´õ¶ó±¸¿ä.

    [Great Player ¿_Àü]À» ¼Ò°³ÇÏ´Â »ç¶÷Àº ´Ù¸§¾Æ´Ñ µ¶ÀÏÀÇ À¯¸í Ã౸ Æò·Ð°¡ÀÎ ÄïÆ®³×óÀÔ´Ï´Ù.(ÄïÆ®³×ó¿¡ °üÇؼ_´Â ¹Ø ºÎºÐ¿¡ ¼³¸í ÇØ µå¸®°Ú½À´Ï´Ù.)

    ±× ÀâÁö¿¡ ½Ç¸° ÄïÆ®³×óÀÇ [Great Player ¿_Àü] - Â÷¹ü±Ù Æí - À» Á¦°¡ ¼_Åõ¸£ Áö¸¸ ¹ø¿ª ÇØ ºÃ½À´Ï´Ù. ÄïÆ®³×ó°¡ ±â°íÇÑ ÀÌ ±ÛÀº ¾Èµµ ¸¶»çÁî¹Ì(äÌÔöïáâí)¶ó ´Â ºÐÀÌ ÀϺ»¾î·Î ¹ø¿ªÇØ ³õÀº °ÍÀε¥ ±×°ÍÀ» Á¦°¡ ´Ù½Ã ¿ì¸® ¸»·Î ¿Å±ä °ÍÀÔ´Ï´Ù.


    Á¦ 6 ȸ ÄïÆ®³×óÀÇ[Great Player ¿_Àü]

    - Â÷¹ü±Ù Æí-

    ¼¼°è °¢Áö¿¡¼_ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀ» ¸¸³¯ ¶§¸¶´Ù ±× ½ÃÀý¿¡ ¿Ö Â÷¹ü±Ù°ú Àο¬ÀÌ ¾ø¾ú À»±î? ÇÏ°í ÀÚÃ¥ÇÏ°ï ÇÑ´Ù.

    ±× ½ÃÀýÀ̶ó°í ÇÏ¸é ³»°¡ ÇԺθ£Å©SVÀÇ ¸Å´ÏÁ®¸¦ ÇÏ°í ÀÖ¾úÀ» ¶§ÀÌ´Ù. »õ·Î¿î ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿¸¦ ¿µÀÔÇØ Àü·ÂÀ» °_È_ÇÏ·Á°í ÇßÀ» ½Ã±â´Â ÇԺθ£Å©°¡ ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡ èÇǾð ŸÀÌƲÀ» ÁöÅ°°í, À¯·´ÄÅ ¾ÆÅ×³× ½ÃÇÕ¿¡¼_ À¯º¥Åõ½º¸¦ ²ª°í ³_ ¹Ù·Î µÚ¿´´Ù.

    ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿ È帷Π°Å·Ð µÈ Àι°Àº ÇÁ¶ûũǪ¸£Æ®ÀÇ Â÷¹ü±Ù°ú Àå·¡¼ºÀÌ ÀÖ´Â ÀþÀº µ¶Àϼ±¼ö µÎ ¸íÀ̾ú´Ù. ¹Ú·ÂÀÖ°í ¿îµ¿·® dzºÎÇÑ »þÆ® ½´³ªÀÌ´õ¿Í ¶Ù¾î³_ µå¸®ºí ´É·ÂÀ» °¡Áö°í ÀÖÀ¸¸ç °¡¿îµ¥, Ãø¸é ¾î´ÀÂÊ¿¡¼_ µç ÈǸ¢ÇÑ Æнº¿Í ¼¾Å¸¸µÀ» ±¸»çÇÒ ¼ö ÀÖ´Â º¼ÇÁ¶÷ ǪƮÄÉ°¡ ¹Ù·Î ÀÌ µÎ ÀþÀº µ¶Àϼ±¼öµéÀ̾ú´Ù.

    ³ª´Â Â÷¹ü±ÙÀ» ÅÃÇÏ°í ½Í¾ú´Ù. Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ´ç½Ã ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡ °ø°Ý¼ö Áß¿¡¼_ ¾î´À ´©±¸º¸´Ù °_ÇÏ°í ¿ì¼öÇÑ ¼±¼ö¿´´Ù. ±× ¶§ ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡´Â ¼¼°è ÃÖ°_ÀÇ ¸®±×¿´´Ù.

    ±×·¯³ª ¸¶À½ ÇÑ ºÎºÐ¿¡¼_ ¶Ç ´Ù¸¥ ²¿µæÀÓÀÌ ÀÖ¾ú´Ù.
    '³Ê´Â ÀÌ¹Ì À¯·´ èÇǾð ÆÀ ¸Å´ÏÁ®·Î¼_ ¹Ý³âÀ̶õ ¼¼¿ùÀ» º¸³ÂÀݾÆ! ÆÀ¿¡´Â ±¹Á¦ °æÇè dzºÎÇÑ ¼±¼ö°¡ ³²¾Æµ¹ Á¤µµ·Î ¸¹ÀÌ ÀÖ°í..... ±×·¯´Ï ÀþÀº ¼±¼ö µÑÀ» ÅÃÇضó. º£Å׶û ¼±¼öµéÀÌ ±× ÀþÀº ³à¼®µéÀ» ¸ÚÁö°Ô Å°¿ö ÁÙ °ÍÀÌ´Ù.'

    ±× ÈÄ¿¡, ±×°ÍÀÌ Å« ½Ç¼ö¿´´Ù´Â °É ¾Ë°Ô µÇ¾ú´Ù. Çö´ë Ã౸¿¡ ÀûÀÀÇÒ ¼ö ¾ø¾ú´ø µÎ ÀþÀº ¼±¼ö¿¡ ÀÇÇؼ_ ±×Åä·Ï °_Çß´ø ÆÀÀÌ ºñÂüÇÏ°Ô ¸Á°¡Á® ¹ö¸®°í¸¸ °ÍÀÌ´Ù. ÇԺθ£Å©´Â ÀÌ ÈÄ ¿ì½ÂÀº ¹°·Ð, ¿ì½Â ´ÙÅù Á¶Â÷µµ ÇÒ ¼ö ¾ø°Ô µÇ¾ú´Ù.

    ±× ¶§ Ȧ½ºÆ® Èķ纣½¬¿Í ¶ö½º ¹Ù½ºµ¹ÇÁµîÀÇ °ø°ÝÁø¿¡ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀ» ²ø¾îµå·Á Æ丯½º ¸¶°¡Æ®¿Í ¸¸ÇÁ·¹µµ Ä®Ã÷ÀÇ Æнº¿Í ¼¾Å¸¸µÀ» ¹Þ¾Æ ÁÖ¾ú´Ù¸é ÇԺθ£Å©´Â 3¹ø° ¸®±×¿ì½ÂÀ» Â÷ÁöÇÒ ¼ö ÀÖ¾úÀ» °ÍÀÌ´Ù.

    ºñÃ÷ÆçÆ®¿Í ¿¡ÈÓ º£¸£Å© ÄÞºñ·Î ¼º°øÀ» ÀÌ·é ¹ÙÀÌ¿¡¸¥ ¹ÀÇî°ú °°Àº Ȳ±Ý±â¸¦ ¿ì¸®µµ ´ç½Ã¿¡ ±¸°¡ÇÒ ¼ö ÀÖ¾ú´Ù°í Áö±Ýµµ ³ª´Â È®½ÅÇÏ°í ÀÖ´Ù. ³ª´Â ¸Å´ÏÁ®·Î¼_ ±×°ÍÀ» ´Þ¼ºÇÏÁö ¸øÇß´Ù. ¿À·ÎÁö 'Àå·¡¼º' Çϳª¸¸ º¸°í Â÷¹ü±Ù°ú °°Àº'¾ÈÀüÆÐ(äÌîïø«)'¸¦ ¹ö·È´ø °ÍÀÌ´Ù.

    Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ½Å·ÚÇÒ ¼ö ÀÖ´Â ¼±¼öÀÇ Ç¥º»ÀÌ´Ù. Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº Äɺó Å°°Ç°ú ÇÔ²² ºÐµ¥½º ¸®°¡¸¦ ´ëÇ¥ÇÏ´Â ¸ð¹üÀûÀÎ ¿Ü±¹ÀÎ ¼±¼ö¿´´Ù. ÄÁµð¼ÇÀÇ ±âº¹ÀÌ °ÅÀÇ ¾ø¾ú°í, Áö¹æÀÇ Ä£¼± ½ÃÇÕ°ú °°Àº °ÔÀÓ¿¡¼_ Á¶Â÷ Àü·ÂÀ» ´ÙÇØ Ç÷¹ÀÌÇß´Ù. ´ç½Ã ¾Æ½Ã¾Æ Ãâ½Å ¼±¼ö°¡ ±×Åä·Ï ¿À·£ ±â°£¿¡ °ÉÃÄ ¼¼°èÀÇ Á¦ 1¼±¿¡¼_ È°¾à ÇÑ
    ´Ù°í ÇÏ´Â °ÍÀº ÀÌ·ÊÀûÀÎ ÀÏÀ̾ú´Ù.

    Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº À¯·´¿¡¼_ È°¾àÇÑ ÃÖÃÊÀÇ ¾Æ½Ã¾ÆÀÎÀ̾ú´Ù. Â÷¹ü±Ù Á¤µµ¶ó¸é ¼¼°èÀÇ ¾î´À Ŭ·´, ¾î´À °ø°ÝÁø¿¡ µé¾î °¡´õ¶óµµ ÁÖÀü ¸â¹ö·Î È°¾àÇßÀ» °ÍÀÌ´Ù. Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº °ñÀ» È®½ÇÇÏ°Ô ÅͶ߷ÈÀ» »Ó¾Æ´Ï¶ó µ¿·áµé¿¡°Ô ¼Û°÷°ú °°Àº ¾î½Ã½ºÆ®¸¦ Á¦°øÇß´Ù.
    ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿·Î¼_ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ÈìÀâÀ» ¶§°¡ ÀüÇô ¾ø¾ú´Ù.

    ÇöÀç±îÁö ¾Æ½Ã¾Æ¿¡¼_ Â÷¹ü±Ù Á¤µµÀÇ Ç÷¹À̾î´Â ¹èÃâµÇÁö ¾Ê°í ÀÖ´Ù. »ç½Ç, ´ç½Ã¿¡ ÀϺ»¿¡´Â °¡¸¶¸ðÅä ±¸½Ã´Ï°Ô¶ó´Â ÈǸ¢ÇÑ ¼¾Å¸Æ÷¿Àµå°¡ ÀÖ¾ú´Ù. µ¥Æ®¸¶¸£ Å©¶ó¸Ó°¡ ³î¶úÀ» Á¤µµ·Î Àç´ÉÀÖ´Â ¼±¼ö¿´´Ù. ±×·¯³ª ±× ´ç½Ã ÀϺ»À» ¶°³ª ÀüÇô ´Ù¸¥ ¹®È_±ÇÀÇ ³ª¶ó¿¡¼_ ÇÁ·Î Ã౸¼±¼ö·Î È°¾à
    ÇÑ´Ù´Â °ÍÀº ¸Å¿ì ¾î·Á¿î ÀÏÀ̾úÀ» °ÍÀÌ´Ù.

    ±×·± ¸é¿¡¼_ ºÃÀ» ¶§ ÇöÀç ³ªÄ«´Ù È÷µ¥Åä½Ã°¡ À¯·´¿¡¼_ ¾î´À Á¤µµÀÇ ·¹º§±îÁö °¥ ¼ö ÀÖÀ»Áö ±ÍÃß°¡ ÁÖ¸ñµÈ´Ù. °ú¿¬ ³ªÄ«´Ù°¡ 10³â°£ À¯·´ ¹«´ë¿¡¼_ ´ëÈ°¾àÇÑ Â÷¹ü±Ù°ú °°Àº ¼öÁØÀÇ ½ÇÀûÀ» ¿Ã¸± ¼ö ÀÖÀ»Áö ¸Å¿ì Èï¹Ì·Î¿î ÀÏÀÌ ¾Æ´Ò ¼ö ¾ø´Ù. µ¡ºÙ¿©¼_ ¸»Çϸé, Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ¼¼°è Ã౸ Àü¹®°¡µé·ÎºÎÅÍ [20¼¼±â ¾Æ½Ã¾Æ ÃÖ°íÀÇ ¼±¼ö]·Î ¼±Á¤µÆ´Ù.

    Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº Ç÷¹ÀÌ ¸é¿¡ ÀÖ¾î¼_ »Ó¸¸ ¾Æ´Ï¶ó, ÇÑ Àΰ£À¸·Î¼_µµ µ¿·áµé°ú Æҵ鿡°Ô Å« ¿µÇâÀ» ³¢ÃÆ´Ù. ¾Æ½Ã¾ÆÀÎÀÎ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ÈÄ¿¡ ºê¶óÁú¿¡¼_ µ¶ÀÏ·Î °Ç³Ê ¿Â ¼±¼ö µéÀÌ º»°ÝÀûÀ¸·Î ÀüÆÄÇÑ ±âµ¶±³ ¿îµ¿ÀÇ ¼±±¸Àû ¿ªÇÒÀ» Çß´Ù. ±âµ¶±³ ¼±±³»ç·Î¼_µµ
    È°µ¿ÇÑ Â÷¹ü±Ù¿¡°Ô ¿µÇâÀ» ¹ÞÀº ¼±¼öµé, ºê¶óÁúÀÇ ÁÒ¸£Áö´¢, ÆÄ¿ï·Î ¼¼¸£Áö¿À, ¶ÇÇÑ ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨ ÆÀµ¿·á¿´´ø Á¦ È£º£¸£Åä ·çÄ¡¿À¶ó°í ÇÏ´Â ¼±¼öµîÀº ½ºÅ¸µð¿ò ¾È¿¡ ¼_µµ ´Ã ½Å¾ÓÀÇ ¸ð¹üÀ» º¸¿´´Ù.

    1980³âÀÇ ÀÏÀ̾ú´Ù. ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨ÀÇ DF À¯¸£°Õ °Ö½ºµ¹ÇÁ´Â ±× ÇØ UEFAÄŠèÇǾ𿡠¿À¸¥ ÇÁ¶ûũǪ¸£Æ®ÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿ Â÷¹ü±Ù¿¡°Ô °æ±â µµÁß, µî µÚ¿¡¼_ ½ÉÇÑ ÅÂŬÀ» °¡ÇØ Å« ºÎ»óÀ» ÀÔÇû´Ù. °Ö½ºµ¹ÇÁÀÇ ÆÄ¿ïÀº ³Ê¹«³ªµµ ÀÜÀÎÇß´Ù. Å×·¹ºñ¸¦ ÅëÇØ ±× Àå¸éÀ» ¸ñ°ÝÇÑ µ¶ÀÏ Ã౸Æҵ鵵 °æ¾ÇÇß´Ù.

    Â÷¹ü±Ù ÁÖÄ¡ÀǴ¡¸Á¦ 2 ¿äÃß °ñȾ µ¹±âºÎ °ñÀý¡¹À̶ó°í Áø´Ü ³»·È´Ù. Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ º´¿ø¿¡¼_ ¼±¼ö »ýÈ°ÀÇ »çÈ°À» °É°í Ä¡·á¿¡ Àü³äÇÏ°í ÀÖÀ» ¶§ ÇÁ¶ûũǪ ¸£Æ®´Â ¸Å½ºÄÄÀ» ÅëÇØ ÀÌ¿Í °°Àº ³»¿ëÀÇ ¹®¼_¸¦ ¹ßÇ¥Çß´Ù. ¡¸Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº [Áõ¿À°¡ ¾Æ´Ñ ¿ë¼_] ¶ó°í ÇÏ´Â ±âµ¶±³Àû ½Å³ä¿¡ ÀÔ°¢ÇØ °Ö½ºµ¹ÇÁ¿¡ ´ëÇÑ Çü»ç °í¹ßÀ» °ÅºÎÇÕ´Ï´Ù.¡¹¶ó°í.

    ÀÌÈÄ 3 ³â µÚ, Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨À¸·Î ÀÌÀûÇß´Ù. ±× ù³¯ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº °Ö½ºµ¹ÇÁ¿¡°Ô ´Ù°¡°¡ ¼ÕÀ» ³»¹Ð¾ú´Ù. ±× ³¯ ºÎÅÍ µÑÀº Ä£ÇÑ Ä£±¸°¡ µÇ¾ú´Ù. ±× ¹«·Æ ÀÖ¾ú´ø
    ÀÎÅͺ並 ³ª´Â Áö±Ý±îÁö ±â¾ïÇÏ°í ÀÖ´Ù.

    µµ¸¦ ³Ñ¾î¼± °_ÇÑ ÅÂŬ°ú ÁöÁ®ºÐÇÑ Ç÷¹ÀÌ·Î ´ýº_µå´Â »ó´ë¿¡ ´ëÇØ ´ç½ÅÀº ¾î¶»°Ô ´ëó ÇÏ°í Àִ°¡? ¶ó´Â Áú¹®¿¡ ´ëÇؼ_ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ÀÌ·¸°Ô ´äÇß´Ù.¡¸±×·¯ÇÑ »ó´ë¿¡°Ô´Â 'ÀÌ°ÍÀº ·ê À§¹ÝÀÌ°í ÆÄ¿ïÀÌ´Ù. ¶ÇÇÑ Ç°°Ý¾ø´Â ÇàÀ§´Ù' ¶ó°í ¾Ë·ÁÁÖ°í ÀÖ´Ù. ±×·¯³ª ´ëºÎºÐÀÇ ¼±¼öµéÀº ¹«½ÃÇÕ´Ï´Ù.¡¹¶ó°í.

    Ç°°ÝÀÖ´Â Â÷¹ü±Ù¿¡°Ô ÀÖ¾î¼_´Â 'º¸º¹ ÇàÀ§' ¶ó´Â °Ç ÀÖÀ» ¼ö ¾ø´Â ÀÏÀ̾ú´Ù. Â÷¹ü±Ù ó·³ ½ºÇǵ尡 ÀÖÀ¸¸é Æä³ÎƼ ¿¡À̸®¾î ¾È¿¡¼_ ±× ¹ÎøÇÔÀ» »ì·Á Æä³ÎƼű À» ÀÚÁÖ ¾ò¾î³¾ ¼ö ÀÖÁö ¾Ê¾Ò°Ú´À³Ä? ¶ó´Â Áú¹®¿¡ ¾ðÁ¦³ª ¿ôÀ¸¸é¼_±×´Â ÀÌ·¸°Ô
    ¾ê±âÇß´Ù. "³ª´Â ±×·± ÇൿÀº ¾ÈÇÕ´Ï´Ù. ±×°ÍÀº ±âµ¶±³ ½ÅÀڷμ_ÀÇ ÀÚ¼¼°¡ ¾Æ´Õ´Ï´Ù." ¶ó°í.

    Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨¿¡¼_ ¼±¼ö»ýÈ°À» ¸¶Ä¡°í Çѱ¹À¸·Î µ¹¾Æ°¥ ¶§ µ¶ÀÏÀÇ ¾î´À ±âÀÚ°¡ ÀÛº°ÀÇ ¸Þ½ÃÁö¸¦ º¸³Â´Ù.
    ±× ¸Þ½ÃÁöÀÇ Å¸ÀÌƲÀº ´ÙÀ½°ú °°´Ù.

    ¡¸¼ö¶óÀå(áóÔþíÞ)À» ¸Ç¹ß·Î ¶Ú 10³â. ±× ¼ö¶óÀå(áóÔþíÞ)À̶ó°í ÇÏ´Â °÷Àº ¹Ù·Î ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡ÀÇ Æä³ÎƼ ¿¡À̸®¾î ¾ÈÀ̾ú´Ù.¡¹

    - ÀÌ»ó - (ÄïÆ®³×ó ±ÛÀº ¿©±â±îÁö ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.)

    ¹®ÀåÀÌ Á¶±Ý µüµüÇÏ°í ¾î»öÇÑ °ÍÀº Á¦ ÀϺ»¾î ½Ç·ÂÀÌ ºÎÁ·Çؼ_ÀÌ°í ¾Æ¿ï·¯ ¿ÏÀüÈ÷ Á÷¿ªÀ» Ç߱⶧¹®¿¡ ±×·± °ÍÀÌ´Ï ÀÌ ºÎºÐ¿¡ °üÇؼ_´Â ³Ê±×·¯ÀÌ ¾çÇØÇØ Áֽñ⠹ٶø ´Ï´Ù.

    ±×·³ ÀÌ ÀâÁö¿¡ [Great Player ¿_Àü]À» ½Æ°í ÀÖ´Â µ¶ÀÏÀÇ ÄïÆ®³×óÀÇ ÇÁ·ÎÇʵ ´ëÇؼ_ ¸»¾¸À» µå¸®µµ·Ï ÇÏÁö¿ä.

    ÄïÆ® ³×ó(GUNTER NETZER): 1944³â»ý. 9¿ù 14ÀÏ»ý.
    ¼±¼ö½ÃÀý Æ÷Áö¼Ç: ¹ÌµåÇÊ´õ
    ¼Ò¼ÓÆÀ: º¸¸£½Ã¾Æ MG(63³â ~ 73³â) - ·¹¾Ë ¸¶µå¸®µå(73 ~ 76) - ½ºÀ§½º ±×¶ó½º
    È£ÆÛ(76 ~ 77³â)
    ¿ùµåÄÅ ÃâÀü: 74³â ¹ÀÇî ¿ùµåÄÅ.

    Á¦°¡ ÄïÆ®³×óÀÇ È°¾à»óÀ» ÀüÇô º» ÀûÀÌ ¾ø±â ¶§¹®¿¡ ¹¹¶ó°í ÀÚ¼¼È÷ ÆòÇÒ ¼ö´Â ¾ø°í ±×Á® Á¦°¡ ¾Ë°í ÀÖ´Â ºÎºÐ¸¸ ¸»¾¸ µå¸®°Ú½À´Ï´Ù.

    ÄïÆ®³×ó´Â ÇöÀç µ¶ÀÏ¿¡¼_ Ã౸ Æò·Ð°¡°â Çؼ³Àڷμ_ ¸í¼ºÀ» ¶³Ä¡°í ÀÖ´Â Àι° ÀÔ´Ï´Ù. ÀÏÂî±â ÄïÆ®³×ó´Â µ¶ÀÏÀÌ ³ºÀº ºÒ¼¼ÃâÀÇ ÃµÀç ¹ÌµåÇÊ´õ¿´´Ù°í ÇÏ´õ±º ¿ä.(Àü¼º±â´Â 60³â ´ë ¸» ~ 70³â ´ë Áß¹Ý) ¿ª´ë µ¶ÀÏ ¼±¼ö Áß °¡Àå âÁ¶ÀûÀÎ Ç÷¹À̸¦ Çß´ø ¹ÌµåÇÊ´õ°¡ ÄïÆ®³×ó¿´´Ù°í ÇÕ´Ï´Ù.

    72³â µ¶ÀÏÀÌ À¯·´ÄÅÀ» Â÷ÁöÇÒ ¶§ º£Ä˹ٿì¾î¿Í ¼¼·ÃµÈ ÄÞºñ Ç÷¹À̸¦ ÆîÄ£ °É·Î À¯¸íÇÕ´Ï´Ù. ±×·¯³ª ÄïÆ®³×ó´Â Á¤ÀÛ ¿ùµåÄÅ¿¡¼_´Â Å« È°¾àÀ» ¸øÇß´Ù°í ÇÕ´Ï´Ù. ±× ÀÌÀ¯´Â °°Àº ¼¼´ëÀÎ º¼ÇÁ°_ ¿Àº£¶óÆ®¶ó°í ÇÏ´Â ¹ÌµåÇÊ´õ¿¡°Ô ´ëÇ¥ÆÀ ÁÖÀü ÀÚ¸® ¸¦ »©¾Ò°å´Ù°í ÇÕ´Ï´Ù.

    âÁ¶ÀûÀÎ Ã౸¸¦ ±¸»çÇÏ´Â ÄïÆ®³×ó¿¡ ¹ÝÇؼ_ ¿Àº£¶óÆ®´Â Å°´Â ÀÛÁö¸¸ ¾öû³_ ±âµ¿·ÂÀ» ¹ÙÅÁÀ¸·Î ÅõÀï½ÉÀÌ ´ë´ÜÇß´ø ¼±¼ö¿´´Ù°í ÇÕ´Ï´Ù.

    72³â À¯·´ÄÅ¿¡¼_ µ¶ÀÏÀÌ ¿ì½ÂÇÒ ¶§ ÄïÆ®³×ó°¡ ¿ö³« ¹ß±ºÀÇ ±â·®À» ¹ßÈÖ Çß¾ú±â ¶§¹®¿¡ 74³â ¹ÀÇî ¿ùµåÄÅ¿¡¼_µµ ´ëÈ°¾àÀÌ ±â´ë µÆ¾ú´Âµ¥ °á±¹ ¿ùµåÄÅ¿¡¼_´Â ¿Àº£¶óÆ®¿¡°Ô ¹Ð¸®°í ¸»¾Ò´ä´Ï´Ù.
  21. Korean Football

    Korean Football New Member

    Apr 21, 2001
    I got some too.

    foreverjunjun got the Gunter Netzer's praise on Cha so I'll start off from the end of his line. I got it from SoccerWorld's board but it was originally from Hoochoo.

    BTW, the above one from Gunter Netzer is basically about how he always regrets not picking Cha when Netzer was a manager for Hamburg SV. He says how Cha was one of the best players on earth and how he thinks he ruined Hamburg SV's dominance in Bundesliga by not taking Cha from Frankfurt. He says "Cha was better than any other attackers in the Bundesliga at the time" and also adds "Along with Kevin Keegan, Cha was the most inspiring and well-behaving foreigners in the Bundesliga."

    He also added "Until this day no other Asian player has come to Cha's level."

    so mine is continued from foreverjunjun's post.

    º¼ÇÁ? ¿Àº£¶óÆ® ÇÁ·ÎÇʵµ Á¶±Ý¸¸ ¼Ò°³ ÇØ µå¸®°í ³Ñ¾î°¥²²¿ä.

    º¼ÇÁ? ¿Àº£¶óÆ®(WOLFGANG OVERATH): 1943³â»ý. 9¿ù 29ÀÏ »ý
    Æ÷Áö¼Ç: ¹ÌµåÇÊ´õ.
    ¼Ò¼ÓÆÀ: FCÄ븥(1963³â ~ 1977³â)
    ¿ùµåÄÅ ÃâÀü: 66³â, 70³â, 74³â ¿ùµåÄÅ.

    (À¯·´ Ã౸¸¦ °øºÎÇÏ°í °è½Ã´Â ÈÄÃßÀÎ ¿©·¯ºÐµéÀº ÄïÆ®³×ó¿Í ¿Àº£¶óÆ®¸¦ ¹Ýµå½Ã
    ¾Ë¾Æ µÎ½Ã±â ¹Ù¶ø´Ï´Ù.)

    Á¦°¡ ¾Ë±â·Î´Â 70³â ´ë ÃÊ, ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡ÀÇ ¸í¹® º¸¸£½Ã¾Æ MG°¡ Çѱ¹¿¡ ³»ÇÑÇÑ ÀûÀÌ
    ÀÖ´Ù°í µé¾ú½À´Ï´Ù. ¹°·Ð ÄïÆ®³×óµµ ¿Ô´ä´Ï´Ù.
    ±× ´ç½Ã º¸¸£½Ã¾Æ MG¿Í Çѱ¹ ´ëÇ¥ÆÀÀÌ Æò°¡ÀüÀ» °¡Á³´Âµ¥ ±× ¶§ ÄïÆ®³×ó°¡ ÄÚ³Ê
    űÀ» Á÷Á¢ °ñ·Î ¿¬°á½ÃŲ ÀûÀÌ ÀÖ´Ù°í µé¾ú½À´Ï´Ù. ´ë½Å È®½ÇÇÑ °ÍÀÌ ¾ÆÏ°?
    ¾îµð¼±°¡ ±Íµ¿³ÉÀ¸·Î µéÀº °ÍÀ̱⠶§¹®¿¡ ´õ ÀÌ»óÀº ¸»¾¸À» µå¸± ¼ö°¡ ¾ø´Â °ÍÀÌ
    ÀÌ ºÎºÐ¿¡ °üÇØ?´Â ¿ì¸® ±è¿µ°É ´Ô²²? ÀÚ¼¼È÷ ¾Ë°í °è½Ç°Í °°Àºµ¥¿ä?

    (ÄïÆ®³×ó¿Í ¿Àº£¶óÆ®ÀÇ ÇÁ·ÎÇÊÀº Á¦°¡ °¡Áö°í ÀÖ´Â ÀϺ»¾î·Î µÈ À¯·´Ã౸ Àü¹®
    ?Àû¿¡? ¹ßÃéÇÑ °ÍÀÌ°í, ³ª¸ÓÁö´Â °³ÀÎÀûÀ¸·Î Á¦°¡ Á¶±Ý ¾Ë°í ÀÖ´Â °ÍÀ» ¸»¾¸
    µå¸° °ÍÀÔ´Ï´Ù.)

    Âü°í: À§ÀÇ [Great Player ?Àü] ³»¿ë Áß¿¡ 'Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº À¯·´¿¡? È°¾àÇÑ ÃÖÃÊÀÇ
    ¾Æ½Ã¾ÆÀÎÀ̾ú´Ù' ¶ó°í µÇ¾î ÀÖ´Â ºÎºÐÀÌ Àִµ¥ »ç½Ç Â÷¹ü±Ù ÀÌÀü¿¡ ÀϺ»ÀÇ
    ¿ÀÄíµ¥¶ó°¡ Â÷¹ü±Ù º¸´Ù 2³â ¸ÕÀú(77³â) ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡¿¡ ÁøÃâÇß½À´Ï´Ù.

    ±×·±µ¥ ÄïÆ®³×ó´Â Â÷¹ü±ÙÀ» 'À¯·´¿¡? È°¾àÇÑ ÃÖÃÊÀÇ ¾Æ½Ã¾ÆÀÎ' À̶ó°í Ç¥ÇöÇß´õ
    ¶ó±¸¿ä. ÀÌ°ÍÀº Á¦°¡ º¼ ¶§ ÄïÆ®³×ó°¡ ¿ÀÄíµ¥¶ó¸¦ ¸ô¶ó?, ¾Æ´Ï¸é ±Û ¾²´Â µµÁß
    ¿¡ Àá½Ã Âø°¢À» ÇØ? ±×·± °ÍÀÌ ¾Æ´Ï¶ó ¿ö³« Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÇ À§»óÀÌ ´ë´ÜÇ߱⿡ ±×·¸°Ô
    Ç¥ÇöÇÑ °ÍÀÌ ¾Æ´Ñ°¡ º¸¿©Áý´Ï´Ù.


    Áö±Ý±îÁö µ¶ºÐºñ°ü¿¡ ¿Ã¶ó¿Â ¼ö¸¹Àº ±Û Áß¿¡? Â÷¹ü±Ù °¨µ¶¿¡ °üÇÑ ±Ûµµ »ó´ç
    ¼ö ÀÖ¾ú´ø °ÍÀ¸·Î ±â¾ïµË´Ï´Ù.

    Àú ¿ª½Ãµµ Â÷¹ü±Ù °¨µ¶¿¡ °üÇÑ ±ÛÀ» ¸îÂ÷·Ê ¿Ã·È´ø ÀûÀÌ ÀÖ¾ú´Âµ¥ ±×·² ¶§ ¸¶´Ù
    ¿ì¸® ÈÄÃß °¡Á· ¿©·¯ºÐµé²²? ¸¹Àº È£ÀÀÀ» ÇØ Áּ̾úÁö¿ä.
    ±×·±µ¥ °Â Áß¿¡´Â ÀÌ·± ±Ûµµ ¸î °³ ÀÐÀº ±â¾ïÀÌ ³³´Ï´Ù.

    * Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº °ú¿¬ ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼öÀΰ¡? ¾Æ´Ñ°¡?

    * ³»°¡ ¾Ë°í ÀÖ´Â »ç¶÷ÀÌ ±×·¯´Âµ¥ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ¼ÖÁ÷È÷ º°°Í ¾Æ´Ï¶ó°í ÇÏ´øµ¥?

    * Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ¼Ò¼ÓÇØ ÀÖ´ø ÇÁ¶ûũǪ¸£Æ®¿Í ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨Àº ´ç½Ã ¾àÆÀÀ̾ú±â¿¡ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÇ

    ½Ç·ÂÀ» Á¦´ë·Î Æò°¡ ÇÒ ¼ö ¾ø´Â °Í ¾Æ´Ñ°¡?

    * Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ÇöóƼ´Ï ¶Ç´Â ÁöÄÚ ¼öÁØÀÇ ¼±¼ö°¡ ¾Æ´Ï±â¿¡ ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö¶ó°í Çϱâ

    ¿¡´Â Á¶±Ý.......?

    * Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº °³ÀαⰡ ¾ø´Ù?

    * Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ±¹³» ¸Å½ºÄÄÀ» ÅëÇØ °ú´ë Æ÷Àå µÈ ¼±¼ö¶ó°í ´©°¡ ±×·¯´øµ¥?

    ´ë·« ÀÌ·± ½ÄÀÇ Áú¹®¼º¿¡ °¡±î¿î ±ÛµéÀ̾ú´ø °Í °°Àºµ¥ »ç½Ç Á¦°¡ ÀÌ·¯ÇÑ
    Áú¹®ÀÌ ÀÖÀ» ¶§¸¶´Ù °ð¹Ù·Î ´äº¯À» ÇØ µå¸±±î ÇÏ´Ù°¡ ±×³É ³Ñ¾î °¬¾ú½À´Ï´Ù.
    ±â¿ÕÀÌ¸é ³¯ Çѹø Àâ¾Æ ¿©±â¿¡ ´ëÇÑ ´äº¯ ³»Áö´Â ¹Ý¹ÚÀ» Á¦´ë·Î(?) Çѹø ÇØ
    µå¸®·Á°í¿ä.(¼ÖÁ÷È÷ ÀÚ°ÝÀº ¾øÁö¸¸......^&^)
    ±× ³¯ÀÌ ¹Ù·Î ¿À´ÃÀÎ °Í °°½À´Ï´Ù.

    Áö±ÝºÎÅÍ Á¦°¡ ÀÌ ºÎºÐ¿¡ °üÇÑ ±ÛÀ» ¿Ã¸®µµ·Ï ÇÏ°Ú½À´Ï´Ù.
    Áú¹®¿¡ ´äÇÏ´Â ½ÄÀ¸·Î ±ÛÀ» Ç®¾î ³ª°¡µµ·Ï ÇÒ²²¿ä.


    * Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº °ú¿¬ ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼öÀΰ¡? ¾Æ´Ñ°¡?

    ÀÌ Áú¹®¿¡ °üÇØ?´Â º¸´Â »ç¶÷ÀÇ ½Ã°¢°ú »ý°¢ÇÏ´Â ¹æ½Ä¿¡ µû¶ó? °¢±â ´Ù¸¥ ÀÇ°ß
    ÀÌ ÀÖÀ» ¼ö ÀÖ´Ù°í »ý°¢ÇÕ´Ï´Ù. ±×°Íµµ ´Ù¸¥ ³ª¶ó°¡ ¾Æ´Ñ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÇ ¸ð±¹ Çѱ¹À̶ó
    ´Â ³ª¶ó¿¡? ¸»ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    ½±°Ô À̾߱â ÇØ?, Â÷¹ü±ÙÀ» ÁÁ¾ÆÇÏ´Â »ç¶÷µé Ãø¿¡?´Â 'µÎ ¸»ÇÒ ÇÊ¿ä¾øÀÌ Â÷¹ü±Ù
    Àº ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö´Ù!' ¶ó°í ÀÎÁ¤ÇÏ°í ÀÖ´Â °ÍÀÌ°í, ¹Ý¸é¿¡ Â÷¹ü±Ù¸¸ ºÁµµ ±¸¿ªÁúÀÌ
    ?´Ù´Â »ç¶÷µé Ãø¿¡? ºÃÀ» ¶§´Â 'Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ¿ì¼öÇÑ ¼±¼öÀ̱ä ÇÏÁö¸¸ °áÄÚ ¼¼°èÀû
    ¼±¼ö´Â ¾Æ´Ï´Ù' ¶ó°í »ý°¢ÇÏ°í ÀÖ´Â °Í °°½À´Ï´Ù.

    ºñ±ØÀûÀÎ Çö½ÇÀÎÁö´Â ¸ô¶óµµ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÇ 'Ã౸ ½Ç·Â' Àº Çѱ¹ Ã౸ÀÎµé º¸´Ù À¯·´
    Ã౸Àε鿡°Ô ´õ È®½ÇÇÏ°Ô ÀÎÁ¤ ¹Þ°í ÀÖ´Â °Ô »ç½ÇÀÎ µí ÇÕ´Ï´Ù.
    Á¦°¡ º¼ ¶§ ÀÌ°ÍÀº Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÇ Ã౸ ½Ç·Â°ú À¯·´¿¡?ÀÇ È°¾à»óÀ» ±¹³» Àü¹®°¡µéÀÌ
    Àß ¸ô¶ó?°¡ ¾Æ´Ï¶ó, ÇԺηΠ¸Ó¸®¸¦ ¼ö±×¸®Áö ¾Ê´Â Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ²Ã°°Áö ¾ÊÀ¸´Ï±î
    ¾ÆÀÌ¾ß ÀÎÁ¤À» ¾ÈÇÏ·Á µå´Â °ÍÀ̶ó°í º¸¿©Áý´Ï´Ù. (ÀÌ·¯ÇÑ ÀϺΠÃ౸°è »ç¶÷µé°ú
    °°Àº »ý°¢À» ÇÏ°í ÀÖ´Â Æҵ鵵 ºÐ¸íÈ÷ Á¸ÀçÇÏ°í ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù.)

    ±×·¸´Ù¸é °ú¿¬ ¾î¶² ¼±¼ö¸¦ °¡Áö°í ¡¸¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö¡¹¶ó°í ÇØ¾ß ÇÏ´Â °ÍÀϱî¿ä?
    Àú´Â ÇÑ ¸¶µð·Î, ¼¼°èÀûÀÎ ¼±¼ö¶õ?
    ¼¼°èÀûÀÎ Ã౸ ½ÃÀå(¾Æ¹«·¡µµ À¯·´ ¹«´ë¶ó°í ºÁ¾ß°ÚÁö¿ä.) ¿¡? ±× Ç÷¹ÀÌ°¡ ¿Ïº®
    ÇÏ°Ô ÅëÇÏ¸é ±×°ÍÀº °ð¡¸¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö¡¹¶ó°í ºÒ¸®¿ì´Â °ÍÀ̶ó°í »ý°¢ÇÕ´Ï´Ù.
    ÀüÇô ±íÀÌ »ý°¢ ÇÒ ÇÊ¿ä ¾øÀÌ¿ä.

    Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº µ¶ÀÏ¿¡? 10³âÀ̶õ ±ä ¼¼¿ù µ¿¾È ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡¸¦ ´ëÇ¥ÇÏ´Â °ø°Ý¼ö·Î ¸ÍÈ°¾à
    Çϸç À¯·´ Àü¹®°¡µé·Î ºÎÅÍ 'ÃÖ°íÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿´Ù' ¶ó°í ÀÎÁ¤À» ¹ÞÀº Àι°ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
    ¶ÇÇÑ ´©±¸³ª°¡ ´Ù ¾Ë°í ÀÖµíÀÌ °á°ú±îÁö ³Â±¸¿ä.
    ±×·¸´Ù¸é Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ¼¼°èÀûÀÎ ¼±¼öÀÓ¿¡ Ʋ¸²¾ø´Â °Í ¾Æ´Ï°Ú½À´Ï±î.

    Â÷¹ü±Ù¿¡ ´ëÇØ ±× ÂÊ Àü¹®°¡µéÀÌ '¼¼°èÀû ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿' , ȤÀº 'ÃÖ°íÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶ó
    ÀÌÄ¿' ¶ó°í ±ØÂùÇÑ °ÍÀº Ã౸ ÈÄÁø±¹ÀÇ ¼±¼ö°¡ Ã౸ ?±¹ÀÎ µ¶ÀÏ¿¡ ¿Í? 10³â °£
    ?½ÉÈ÷ ¶Ù¾úÀ¸´Ï±î ¿¹ÀÇ»ó °¡º±°Ô ¸³ ?ºñ½º¸¦ ÇÑ °Í¿¡ ºÒ°ú ÇÒ±î¿ä?

    À¯·´ Ã౸ ½ÃÀåÀÌ ¹«½¼ À뱂 ´Üü ÀԴϱî? Ã౸ ÈÄÁø±¹ ¼±¼öÇÑÅ× ±×·¸°Ô Ä£ÀýÀ»
    º£Ç®°Ô! ±×¸®°í ÇÁ·Î ¼¼°è°¡ ±×·¸°Ôµµ ÀÎÁ¤ÀÖ°í Ǫ±ÙÇÑ »ç¶÷µéÀÌ ¸ð¿© ÀÖ´Â Áý´Ü
    ÀԴϱî? ´õ±º´Ù³ª À¯·´ ¹«´ë°¡?

    À§ÀÇ ÄïÆ®³×ó ±Û¿¡? Ϻ»À?°¡¸¶¸ðÅä ±¸´Ï½Ã°Ô (ݼÜâÛÀÙò) ¾ê±â°¡ ³ª¿Ô´Âµ¥
    ÀϺ»¿¡?´Â °¡¸¶¸ðÅ並 ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö·Î ÀÎÁ¤ÇÏ°í ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù. ´Ùµé ¾Æ½Ã´Ù½ÃÇÇ °¡¸¶
    ¸ðÅä´Â 68³â ¸ß½ÃÄÚ ¿Ã¸²ÇÈ¿¡? ÀϺ»ÀÌ µ¿¸Þ´ÞÀ» ȹµæÇÒ ¶§ ÀϺ» ´ëÇ¥ÆÀ ÁÖÀü
    ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿¿´À¸¸ç ¾Æ¿ï·¯ ´ëȸ µæÁ¡¿Õ(6 °ÔÀÓ¿¡? 7 µæÁ¡)±îÁö Â÷ÁöÇÑ Àι°ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
    ÀϺ»¿¡?´Â °¡¸¶¸ðÅä¿¡ ´ëÇØ »ó´çÇÑ ÀںνÉÀ» °®°í ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù.

    ±×·¯¸é?µµ ÀϺ» Ã౸°è¿¡?´Â °¡¸¶¸ðÅ並 '¿ª´ë ¾Æ½Ã¾Æ ÃÖ°íÀÇ ¼±¼ö' ȤÀº
    '¿ª´ë ¾Æ½Ã¾Æ ÃÖ°íÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿' ·Î ºÎ¸£´Âµ¥´Â ÁÖÀúÇÏ°í ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù.
    °¡¸¶¸ðÅä°¡ ¸ß½ÃÄÚ ¿Ã¸²ÇÈ¿¡? µæÁ¡¿Õ±îÁö Â÷ÁöÇß´ø À¯´ÉÇÑ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿Àε¥µµ
    ºÒ±¸ÇÏ°í ¸»ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    ¿Ö ±×·± ÁÙ ¾Æ½Ê´Ï±î?
    ±×°ÍÀº ¹Ù·Î Çѱ¹¿¡ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀ̶ó´Â '°Å¸ñ' ÀÌ ¹öƼ°í Àֱ⠶§¹®ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
    '¿ª´ë ¾Æ½Ã¾Æ ÃÖ°íÀÇ ¼±¼ö', '¿ª´ë ¾Æ½Ã¾Æ ÃÖ°íÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿' ´Â ÀϺ»ÀÇ °¡¸¶¸ð
    Åä ±¸´Ï½Ã°Ô°¡ ¾Æ´Ñ Çѱ¹ÀÇ Â÷¹ü±Ù À̶ó´Â °É ÀϺ»µµ Àß ¾Ë°í Àֱ⠶§¹®ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    ÈÄÃßÀÎ ¿©·¯ºÐ!
    ÀÚÁ¸½É ?ÇÑ ÀϺ» ³ðµéÀÌ ¿Ö °¡¸¶¸ðÅä º¸´Ù Â÷¹ü±ÙÀ» ÇÑ ¼ö À§·Î Æò°¡ÇÏ´Â ÁÙ ¾Æ
    ½Ã°Ú½À´Ï±î? ±× ÀÌÀ¯´Â ´Ü ÇϳªÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
    Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº À¯·´ ¹«´ë¿¡? È®½ÇÇÑ °ËÁõÀ» ¹ÞÀº ¼±¼öÀ̱⠶§¹®ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
    ºñ·Ï °¡¸¶¸ðÅä°¡ ¿Ã¸²ÇÈ¿¡? µæÁ¡¿ÕÀ» Â÷ÁöÇß´Ù°í´Â ÇÏÁö¸¸ ±×°Í Çϳª °¡Áö°í´Â
    Â÷¹ü±ÙÇÑÅ× ¾ÈµÈ´Ù´Â °ÍÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    ÀÌ°ÍÀº Á¦°¡ Áö¾î³»? ÇÏ´Â ¸»ÀÌ ¾Æ´Õ´Ï´Ù. ÀϺ» Ã౸ Àü¹®°¡µéÀÌ ±×·¸°Ô ¾ê±æ
    ÇÏ°í ÀÖ°í, ¶ÇÇÑ ÀϺ» Ã౸ Àü¹® ?ÀûÀ̳ª ÀâÁö ¿¡?µµ ÀÌ¿Í°°ÀÌ Æò°¡ÇÏ°í ÀÖ´Â
    °ÍÀ» Á¦°¡ ¿©·¯ºÐµé²² ¸»¾¸ µå¸®´Â °Ì´Ï´Ù.
    ÀϺ»¿¡?´Â Â÷¹ü±ÙÀ» '¾Æ½Ã¾ÆÀÇ È£¶ûÀÌ(«¢«¸«¢ªÎûÛ)'¶ó°í Ç¥ÇöÇÏ°í Àְŵç¿ä.

    (Âü°í: ÀϺ»ÀÇ °¡¸¶¸ðÅä ±¸´Ï½Ã°Ô¿¡ ´ëÇØ?´Â Á¦°¡ ¿¹Àü¿¡ µ¶ºÐºñ°ü¿¡ 'Â÷¹ü±Ù
    Àº ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿°¡ ¾Æ´Ï¶ó±¸?' ¶ó´Â Á¦¸ñÀÇ ±ÛÀ» ¿Ã·ÈÀ» ¶§ Á¶±Ý ´Ù·é ÀûÀÌ ÀÖÀ¸´Ï
    Âü°í ÇÏ½Ã±æ ¹Ù¶ó°Ú½À´Ï´Ù.)

    Àú´Â Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö³Ä? ¾Æ´Ï³Ä? ¶ó´Â ¾ê±â¸¸ ³ª¿À¸é Á¤¸» ÇÇ°¡ ²¨²Ù·Î ¼Ú
    ´Â µíÇÑ ´À³¦À» ¹Þ½À´Ï´Ù. µµ´ëü ÀÌ ³ª¶ó »ç¶÷µéÀº(¹°·Ð ÀϺÎÀÌ°ÚÁö¸¸) ¹«½¼ ³ð
    ÀÇ ÇÇÇØ ÀǽÄÀÌ Àֱ淡 Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÇ ½Ç·Â°ú ¸í¼ºÀ» ¹ÏÀ¸·Á ÇÏÁö ¾Ê´Â °ÇÁö µµ¹«Áö
    ¾Ë ¼ö°¡ ¾ø½À´Ï´Ù .

    ¹¹°¡ ±×·¸°Ô µÎ·Á¿î °ÍÀԴϱî? Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö¶ó´Â °Ô µÎ·Á¿î °ÍÀԴϱî?
    ¾Æ´Ï¸é Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ Çѱ¹ Ã౸ ¼±¼ö¿´´ø°Ô ÂÊÆȸ° °Ì´Ï±î?
    À¯·´ÀÇ '°ËÁõ µÈ' Ã౸ Àü¹®°¡µé¿¡°Ô ¹«·Á 10³â µ¿¾È °ËÁõÀ» ¹ÞÀº Ã౸ ¼±¼ö°¡
    ¿ì¸®ÀÇ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÔ´Ï´Ù. ´õ ÀÌ»ó¿¡ ¾î¶² °ËÁõÀÌ ¶Ç ÇÊ¿äÇÏ´Ü ¸»ÀԴϱî?

    Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö³Ä? ¾Æ´Ï³Ä? ´Â ´õ ÀÌ»ó µýÁö¸¦ °É ÇÊ¿ä°¡ ¾ø½À´Ï´Ù.
    Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº '¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö' ÀÓÀÌ ºÐ¸íÇÒ »Ó¾Æ´Ï¶ó ¿ì¸®´Â ÀÌ ºÎºÐ¿¡ ´ëÇØ? Å«
    ÀںνÉÀ» °®¾Æµµ ¹«¹æÇÒ °ÍÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    * Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ¼Ò¼ÓÇØ ÀÖ´ø ÇÁ¶ûÅ© Ǫ¸£Æ®¿Í ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨Àº ´ç½Ã ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡ÀÇ ¾àÆÀÀÌ

    ¾ú±â¿¡ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÇ ½Ç·ÂÀ» Á¦´ë·Î Æò°¡ ÇÒ ¼ö ¾ø´Â °Í ¾Æ´Ñ°¡?

    ¿¹Àü¿¡ µ¶ºÐºñ°ü¿¡ ¿Ã·ÁÁø Â÷¹ü±Ù¿¡ ´ëÇÑ ºñÆÇ(?)ÀÇ ±Û Áß ÀÌ¿Í °°Àº ³»¿ëµµ
    ¿Ã·ÁÁ® ÀÖ´ø ÀûÀÌ ÀÖ¾ú½À´Ï´Ù.(¿¹¸®ÇÑ ÁöÀûÀ̱ä ÇÏÁö¸¸ ¼ÖÁ÷È÷ ¾îµò°¡ ¸ð¸£°Ô
    Á¶±Ý ¾ßºñÇÑ °¨ÀÌ µì´Ï´Ù.)

    ³×, ±×·¸½À´Ï´Ù. ¸Â½À´Ï´Ù.
    »ç½Ç ¾ÆÀÎÆ®¶óÇÏÆ® ÇÁ¶ûũǪ¸£Æ®¿Í ¹ÙÀÌ¿¤ ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨Àº Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ È°¾àÇÒ ´ç½Ã¿¡
    ?ÆÀÀº ¾Æ´Ï¾ú½À´Ï´Ù.

    ÇÁ¶ûũǪ¸£Æ®´Â 1963³â ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡°¡ â¼³µÉ ¶§ ÇԺθ£Å©SV, FCÄ븥, Ä«ÀÌÁ®½º
    ¶ó¿ìÅ׸¥°ú ÇÔ²² °°ÀÌ Ãâ¹ßÇß´ø ¸í¹® ÆÀÀ̾úÁö¸¸, Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ÀÔ´Ü ÇßÀ» ¶§´Â
    Áß, »óÀ§±Ç¿¡ ¼ÓÇÏ´Â ÆÀÀ̾úÁö, ¸·?ÇÑ Àü·ÂÀÇ ÆÀÀº ¾Æ´Ï¾ú½À´Ï´Ù. ±×·¸´Ù°í
    ¾àÇÑ ÆÀÀº °áÄÚ ¾Æ´Ï¾ú½À´Ï´Ù. ´ç½Ã ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡ ÃÖ?ÆÀÀº ¹ÙÀÌ¿¡¸¥ ¹ÀÇî°ú
    ÇԺθ£Å©SV ¿´Áö¿ä.

    ´ë½Å ÇÁ¶ûũǪ¸£Æ®¿¡´Â À¯¸íÇÑ ¼±¼ö°¡ ²Ï ¸¹ÀÌ ¼Ò¼Ó µÇ¾î ÀÖ¾ú¾î¿ä.
    74³â ¹ÀÇî ¿ùµåÄÅ ¿ì½ÂÀÇ ÁÖ¿ªÀÎ ±×¶óº¸½ºÅ°¿Í ÈÔþ¹ÙÀÎ. ±×¸®°í µ¶ÀÏ´ëÇ¥ °æÇèÀÌ
    ÀÖ´Â ´ÏÄÌ, ³ëÀ̺£¸£°ÅµîÀÌ ÀÖ¾ú½À´Ï´Ù.

    ¿©±â¿¡ ´ç½Ã ¼¼°è ÃÖ°íÀÇ Áß¾Ó ¼öºñ¼ö Áß ÇÑ ¸íÀ̾ú´ø '¿À½ºÆ®¸®¾ÆÀÇ Àü±â
    öÁ¶¸Á' ºê¸£³ë ÆäÂ÷À̵µ ÇÁ¶ûũǪ¸£Æ® ¼Ò¼ÓÀ̾úÁö¿ä. ¹é³Ñ¹ö 5¹øÀ̾ú´ø
    ÆäÂ÷ÀÌ´Â ÇÁ¶ûũǪ¸£Æ®ÀÇ °£ÆÇ ¼±¼ö¿´½À´Ï´Ù.(ÆäÂ÷ÀÌ´Â Áö±Ý ͺìÑÀÔ´Ï´Ù.)

    ÆäÂ÷ÀÌ´Â Çö Æ÷¸£Åõ°¥ ´ëÇ¥ Áß¾Ó ¼öºñ¼öÀÎ ÈѸ£?µµ ÄÚ¿ìÅä¿Í ¾ÆÁÖ ºñ½ÁÇÑ
    À̹ÌÁöÀÇ ¼öºñ¼ö¿´½À´Ï´Ù. Ç÷¹ÀÌ ½ºÅ¸ÀÏÀ̳ª Çì¾î ½ºÅ¸ÀÏ ¸ðµÎ¿ä.
    ÆäÂ÷ÀÌ ¸Ó¸®°¡ Á¶±Ý ´õ °ö½½°Å¸®±ä ÇÕ´Ï´Ù¸¸......

    ±×¸®°í µ· ¸¹Àº ±¸´ÜÀ¸·Î ¾Ë·ÁÁ® ÀÖ´Â ¹ÙÀÌ¿¤ ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨Àº Áö±Ý°ú ´Þ¸® ´ç½Ã¿¡´Â
    ÇÏÀ§±Ç¿¡ ¼ÓÇÏ´Â ÆÀÀ̾ú´Âµ¥, Â÷¹ü±ÙÀ» ¿µÀÔÇϸé? ºÎÅÍ ÁßÀ§±ÇÀ¸·Î µµ¾àÀ» Çß½À
    ´Ï´Ù. ´ç½Ã ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨Àº µ¶ÀÏ ´ëÇ¥°¡ ÇÑ ¸íµµ ¾ø¾úÀ» »Ó¾Æ´Ï¶ó ¿ùµåÄÅ º»¼±¿¡ ÃâÀü
    ÇÑ ¼±¼ö°¡ Â÷¹ü±Ù ÀÌÀü¿¡ ´Ü ÇÑ¸íµµ ¾ø¾úÀ» °Ì´Ï´Ù. Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ¾Æ¸¶ ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨ ±¸´Ü
    »ç»ó ¿ùµåÄÅ¿¡ óÀ½À¸·Î ÃâÀüÇÑ ¼±¼ö¿´À» ²¨¿¡¿ä.

    ±×·±µ¥ Á¦ »ý°¢¿¡´Â ¾î¶² ¿îµ¿ ¼±¼öµçÁö ¹Ýµå½Ã ¸í¹®ÆÀ ȤÀº ?ÆÀ¿¡? ¶Ù¾î¾ß¸¸
    ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö·Î ÀÎÁ¤ ¹Þ´Â °ÍÀº ¾Æ´Ï¶ó°í º¾´Ï´Ù. ¾î´À ¼±¼ö°¡ ¾àÇÑ ÆÀ¿¡ ¼Ò¼Ó
    µÇ¾î ÀÖ´Ù°í ÇØ? ±× ¼±¼ö¸¦ Æò°¡ÀýÇÏ ÇØ?´Â ¾È µÈ´Ù´Â ¾ê±âÀÌÁö¿ä.

    ¿©±â? ÀúÀÇ °ßÇظ¦ µÞ¹Þħ ÇØÁÙ ¼ö ÀÖ´Â ¿¹¸¦ ±ò²ûÇÏ°Ô Çϳª µé¾î µå¸®°Ú½À´Ï´Ù.

    'ÇϾá Æç·¹' ·Î ºÒ¸®¿î ºê¶óÁúÀÇ Ã౸ ¿µ¿õ ÁöÄÚ(Çö ÀϺ» ´ëÇ¥ÆÀ °¨µ¶)´Â ÀÌŸ®
    ¿¡? È°¾à ÇÒ ´ç½Ã ¼Ò¼ÓÆÀÀÌ ¿ìµð³×Á¦¿´¾ú½À´Ï´Ù. ¿ìµð³×Á¦´Â ¿¹ÀüÀ̳ª, Áö±ÝÀÌ
    ³ª ´Ã SERIE-A ¸®±× Áß,ÇÏÀ§±ÇÀ» ¸Éµµ´Â ÆÀÀÌÀó¾Æ¿ä.

    ¾Æ¸£ÇîƼ³ªÀÇ Ä«ºê¸®¿¤ ¹ÙƼ½ºÅõŸ ¿ª½Ã AS·Î¸¶·Î ÀÌÀûÇϱâ Àü±îÁö SERIE-A ¸®±×
    Áß, ÇÏÀ§±ÇÀÎ ÇÇ¿À·»Æ¼³ª¿¡? ¶Ù¾úÁö ¾Ê½À´Ï±î. Æ÷¸£Åõ°¥ÀÇ ·çÀÌ ÄÚ½ºÅ¸(Çö AC¹Ð¶õ)¿Í ÇÔ²²¿ä.
    ´õ±º´Ù³ª ÇÇ¿À·»Æ¼³ª´Â ¹ÙƼ½ºÅõŸ°¡ ÀÖÀ» ¶§ 2ºÎ ¸®±×·Î ¶³¾îÁø Àûµµ

    ¶ÇÇÑ 94³â ¹Ì±¹ ¿ùµåÄÅ ¿ì½ÂÀÇ ÁÖ¿ªÀÎ ºê¶óÁúÀÇ µÕ°¡°¡ ¿ùµåÄÅ ¿ì½ÂÀ» Â÷Áö ÇÒ
    ´ç½Ã ¼Ò¼ÓÆÀÀÌ ¾îµð¿´¾ú½À´Ï±î? ¹Ù·Î µ¶ÀÏ ½´ÅõÆ®°¡¸£Æ®¿´½À´Ï´Ù.
    90³â ´ë Áß¹Ý °æÀÇ ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡ ¶ó¸é Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ È°¾àÇÒ ´ç½Ã¿Í ºñ±³ÇßÀ» ¶§ º¸´Ù´Â
    ¼ÖÁ÷È÷ ·¹º§ÀÌ ¸¹ÀÌ ¶³¾îÁø´Ù´Â °ÍÀº ÈÄÃßÀÎ ¿©·¯ºÐµéÀÌ Àúº¸´Ù ´õ Àß ¾Æ½Ç °Ì´Ï´Ù.

    ±×·¸´Ù¸é ÁöÄÚ¿Í ¹ÙƼ½ºÅõŸ, µÕ°¡´Â ¸í¹® ÆÀ(?ÆÀ)¿¡? ¶ÙÁú ¾Ê¾Ò±â ¶§¹®¿¡
    '¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö' ¶ó°í º¸±â ¾î·Á¿î °É±î¿ä?

    Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ´ç½Ã ?ÆÀ¿¡? ¶ÙÁú ¾Ê¾Ò±â ¶§¹®¿¡ ±×ÀÇ ½Ç·ÂÀ» Á¦´ë·Î ÆÇ´ÜÇÒ ¼ö
    ¾ø´Ù´Â ³í¸®´Â ÂüÀ¸·Î ¾îÀÌ°¡ ¾ø´Â À¯Ä¡ÇÑ ¾ïÁö¿¡ ºÒ°úÇÕ´Ï´Ù. ¿ÀÈ÷·Á ¾àÆÀÀÇ
    ÁÖÀü ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿·Î? ?ÆÀµé°ú ¸Â? ±×·¸°Ô³ª ¸¹Àº µæÁ¡À» ¿Ã·È´Ù´Â °Í¿¡ ´õ ¸¹Àº
    °¥Ã¤¿Í ¹Ú¼ö¸¦ º¸³»¾ß ¸¶¶¥ÇÑ °ÍÀÌ ¾Æ´ÑÁö¿ä? Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ½×¾Æ¿Ã¸° ±× ±â·Ï°ú ±× ¸í
    ¼ºÀº ´Ù ?ÆÀµé°ú ½Î¿ö? ÀÌ·ç¾î³½ À§´ëÇÑ ¾÷ÀûÀÎ °ÍÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    'Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ¾î¶°ÇÑ ¸®±×, ¾î¶°ÇÑ ÆÀ¿¡ °¡´õ¶óµµ ÁÖÀü ÀÚ¸®¸¦ Â÷ÁöÇÒ ¼ö ÀÖ´Â
    ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿´Ù.'¶ó°í ÄïÆ®Å×óµµ ¸»ÇÏÁö ¾Ê¾Ò½À´Ï±î. ´õ±¸³ª ´ç½ÃÀÇ ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡´Â
    ¼¼°è ÃÖ°íÀÇ ¸®±×¿´´Ù°í ÇÏÁö ¾Ê¾Ò½À´Ï±î!
    ÄïÆ®³×ó°¡ ¼ú Ãĸ԰í, ±×³É Çê¼Ò¸® ÇÑ °ÍÀϱî¿ä?

    Â÷¹ü±Ù °¨µ¶ ¸í¿¹ÀÇ Àü´ç ÀÎÅͺ信µµ ³ª¿ÀÁö¸¸ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ÇÁ¶ûũǪ¸£Æ®¸¦ ³ª¿Ã
    ¶§ ¹ÙÀÌ¿¡¸¥ ¹ÀÇî¿¡?µµ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀ» ¿µÀÔÇÏ·Á°í Çß´ÙÁö ¾Ê½À´Ï±î.
    Á¦°¡ ¾Ë±â·Î´Â ÀÌŸ® AC¹Ð¶õ°ú ³ªÆú¸®¿¡?µµ ´ç½Ã Â÷¹ü±Ù¿¡°Ô ÀÔ´Ü Á¦ÀǸ¦ ÇÑ °É
    ·Î ¾Ë°í ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù.(ÀÎÅÍ ¹Ð¶õÀÌ ¾Æ´Ï¶ó AC¹Ð¶õÀ̶ó? ¾È °¬´Ù´Â ¸»ÀÌ ÀÖÁö¿ä?)

    ±×·±µ¥ ½Å¾ÓÀÇ ¹®Á¦µµ ÀÖ°í ÀÌ·± Àú·± »çÁ¤ÀÌ ÀÖ¾î? ÀÌŸ®·Î ¾È°¡°í µ¶ÀÏ¿¡ ³²Àº °ÍÀ̶ó°í Àú´Â ¾Ë°í ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù. ¾Æ¹«·¡µµ ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨ÀÌ Á¦½ÃÇÑ Á¶°ÇÀÌ °¡Àå ÁÁ¾Ò¾ú°Ú

    À§ÀÇ ÄïÆ®³×ó ¹Ù¶÷´ë·Î ´ç½Ã¿¡ ¸¸ÀÏ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨À¸·Î ÀÌÀûÇÏÁö ¾Ê°í
    ?ÆÀÀÎ ÇԺθ£Å©SV·Î ÀÌÀûÀ» Çß¾ú´Ù¸é Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ·¹¹öÄíÁ¨¿¡? º¸´Ù´Â ÈξÀ ´õ
    º¼À» ¼ö¿ùÇÏ°Ô Âû ¼ö ÀÖ¾úÀ» °Ì´Ï´Ù.

    ÄïÆ®³×ó°¡ À§ÀÇ ±Û¿¡? °Å·ÐÇÑ Èķ纣½¬³ª ¸¶°¡Æ®, ±×¸®°í Ä®Ã÷´Â ´ç½Ã µ¶ÀÏ ´ëÇ¥
    ÆÀÀÇ ÁÖÀü ¸â¹öµéÀ̾ú´Âµ¥ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ À̵é°ú ÇÔ²² ÇԺθ£Å©SV ¿¡? È£ÈíÀ» ¸ÂÃß¾ú´Ù¸é ¾Æ¸¶µµ ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡ Åë»ê 120°ñ Á¤µµ´Â Á·È÷ ¶°¶ß¸®Áö ¾Ê¾ÒÀ»±î »ý°¢µË´Ï´Ù.
    ¹°·Ð 98°ñµµ ´ë´ÜÇÑ °ÍÀÌÁö¸¸¿ä.

    ´ç½ÃÀÇ ÇԺθ£Å© Àü·ÂÀº µ¶ÀÏ¿¡? »Ó¾Æ´Ï¶ó À¯·´¿¡? ¼Õ ²ÅÈ÷´Â ?ÆÀÀ̾ú¾î¿ä.
    Èķ纣½¬, Ä®Ã÷, ¸¶°¡Æ® ÀÌ ¿Ü¿¡µµ ÁÁÀº ¼±¼öµéÀ» »ó´çÈ÷ ¸¹ÀÌ º¸À¯ÇÏ°í ÀÖ¾ú½À´Ï´Ù. (À×±Û·£µåÀÇ Äɺó Å°°Çµµ ÇԺθ£Å©SV ¿¡ ¸ö´ã¾Ò´ø ÀûÀÌ ÀÖ¾úÁö¿ä.)

    À̾߱⠳ª¿Â ±è¿¡ Ȧ½ºÆ® Èķ纣½¬, Æ丯½º ¸¶°¡Æ®, ±×¸®°í ¸¸ÇÁ·¹µµ Ä®Ã÷¿¡ ´ë
    ÇØ? ¸»¾¸ µå¸±²²¿ä. (¿¹Àü¿¡ Á¦°¡ Èķ纣½¬¿¡ ´ëÇØ?´Â Á¶±Ý ´Ù·é ÀûÀÌ ÀÖ´Â °Í

    Èķ纣½¬´Â ½ÅÀåÀÌ 190cm °¡±îÀÌ µÇ´Â Àå½Å ¼±¼ö¿´½À´Ï´Ù. ¹é³Ñ¹ö´Â 9¹øÀ̾ú´Âµ¥
    ´ë´ÜÈ÷ ¶Ù¾î? Çìµù ´É·ÂÀ» ±¸»çÇß´ø °øÆ÷ÀÇ ¼¾ÅÍÆ÷¿ÀµåÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
    º°¸íÀÌ 'Çìµù±«¹°' À̾ú¾î¿ä. º°´Ù¸¥ Å×Å©´ÐÀº ¾ø¾úÁö¸¸ ½ºÄÉÀÏÀÌ Å« Ã౸¸¦ Çß´ø

    82³â ½ºÆäÀÎ ¿ùµåÄÅ ÁØ°á½Â¿¡? µ¶ÀÏÀº ÇÁ¶û½º¿Í ½ÂºÎÂ÷±â±îÁö °¡´Â Á¢Àü ³¡¿¡
    5 ´ë 4 ·Î À̱ä ÀûÀÌ ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù. ÇÁ¶û½º¿ÍÀÇ ½ÂºÎÂ÷±â ´ç½Ã µ¶ÀÏ ´ëÇ¥ÆÀÀÇ ¸¶Áö
    ¸· űĿ°¡ Èķ纣½¬¿´½À´Ï´Ù. Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ±× ½ÃÀý¿¡ ÇԺθ£Å©SV·Î °¬¾ú´Ù¸é
    Èķ纣½¬¿Í ÅõÅéÀ» ÀÌ·ç¾úÀ» °Ì´Ï´Ù.

    Èķ纣½¬´Â Áö? À¯·Î 2000 ¿¡? µ¶ÀÏ ´ëÇ¥ÆÀÀÇ ÄÚÄ¡·Î½á ¸®º¤ °¨µ¶À» º¸ÁÂÇÏ
    ´õ±º¿ä.(Âü°í: Èķ纣½¬´Â ¿ø·¡ '·çº£½¬' ¶ó°í ¹ßÀ½ÇØ¾ß ¸Â´Â °ÍÀ̶ó°í Àü¿¡
    ±è¿µ°É ´Ô²²? °¡¸£ÃÄ Áּ̽À´Ï´Ù.)

    ¸¶°¡Æ® ¿ª½Ã 82³â ½ºÆäÀÎ ¿ùµåÄÅ¿¡? µ¶ÀÏ ´ëÇ¥ÆÀÀÇ ¿Þ ÂÊ À®À¸·Î ¶Ú ¼±¼öÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
    ¹é³Ñ¹ö 10¹øÀÇ ¸¶°¡Æ®´Â ½ºÇǵå¿Í ÆäÀÎÆÃÀÌ ¾ÆÁÖ ÁÁÀº ¼±¼ö¿´½À´Ï´Ù.
    »ý±è»õ°¡ ºê¶óÁúÀÇ ºí¶ûÄÚ(94³â ¿ùµåÄÅ ¿ì½Â ¸â¹ö)¿Í Èí»çÇÕ´Ï´Ù.
    Á¦°¡ ¾Ë±â·Î´Â Â÷¹ü±Ù °¨µ¶ÀÌ Çª½º¹ß·¹·¯(ºÐµ¥½º¸®°¡ ÆÀÀ» ¸ÃÀ» ¼ö ÀÖ´Â ÄÚÄ¡ ÀÚ°ÝÁõ)ÄÚ½º¸¦ ¹âÀ» ¶§ ¸¶°¡Æ®µµ ÇÔ²² ¼ö¾÷À» ¹ÞÀº °É·Î ¾Ë°í ÀÖ¾î¿ä.

    Ä®Ã÷´Â 70³â ´ë Áß¹Ý ~ 80³â ´ë ÃʱîÁö ¼¼°è ÃÖ°íÀÇ ¿À¸¥ ÂÊ Ç®¹éÀ¸·Î ¸í¼ºÀ»
    ³¯·È´ø À¯¸íÇÑ ¼öºñ¼öÀÔ´Ï´Ù. ¹é³Ñ¹ö´Â ´ëÇ¥ÆÀ¿¡?´Â 20¹øÀ» ´Þ¾Ò°í, ÇԺθ£Å©¿¡?´Â 2¹øÀ̾ú¾î¿ä.184cmÀÇ Àå½Å¿¡ ¹Ù°¡Áö ¸Ó¸®¸¦ ÈÖ³¯¸®¸ç ¿À¸¥ ÂÊ Ãø¸é °ø°ÝÀ» ¾ÆÁÖ ¸¹ÀÌ Çß´ø ¼±¼öÀÔ´Ï´Ù. '¿À¹Ù·¡ÇÎÀÇ ¿øÁ¶' °¡ ¸¸ÇÁ·¹µµ Ä®Ã÷¶ó°í º¸½Ã¸é ÁÁÀ» °Í
    °°½À´Ï´Ù.(Á¦°¡ ¸¸ÇÁ·¹µµ Ä®Ã÷ÀÇ Á÷ÇÊ ½ÎÀÎÀ» °¡Áö°í ÀÖ´ä´Ï´Ù. ¹°·Ð Á÷Á¢ ¹ÞÀº °Í
    ÀÌÁö¿ä. ^*^ ºê¸£³ë ÆäÂ÷ÀÌ ½ÎÀεµ ÀÖ±¸¿ä. Á¦°¡ ÀÌ µÎ ¼±¼ö¸¦ ¹«Ã´ ÁÁ¾ÆÇ߰ŵç¿ä.)
  22. Korean Football

    Korean Football New Member

    Apr 21, 2001
    82³â ½ºÆäÀÎ ¿ùµåÄÅ À̾߱Ⱑ ³ª¿ÔÀ¸´Ï±î ÈÄÃßÀÇ ÀþÀº ºÐµé(ƯÈ÷ À¯·´ Ã౸¸¦
    °øºÎÇϽô ºÐµé)À» À§Çؼ_´ç½Ã µ¶ÀÏ ´ëÇ¥ÆÀ¿¡¼_ ÁÖÀüÀ¸·Î ¶Ù¾ú´ø ¼±¼öµéÀ»
    Á¦°¡ ±â¾ï³ª´Â ´ë·Î ¼Ò°³ ÇØ µå¸®Áö¿ä.(°ýÈ£ ¾ÈÀº ¼Ò¼ÓÆÀÀÔ´Ï´Ù.)

    ½´¸¶Ä¿(FC Ä븥)

    Ä®Ã÷(ÇԺθ£Å©SV), ºê¸®°Ö(Ä«ÀÌÁ®½º ¶ó¿ìÅ׸¥), B Ç£¸£½ºÅÍ, KH Ç£¸£½ºÆ®(½´ÅõÆ®
    °¡¸£Æ®), ½ºÅÚ¸®°Ô
    (Âü°í: ÁÖÀü ½ºÀ§ÆÛ¿´´ø ½ºÅÚ¸®°ÔÀÇ ¼Ò¼ÓÆÀÀ» Á¦°¡ Áö±Ý±îÁö ¸ð¸¨´Ï´Ù. ¾çÇØÇØ
    ÁֽʽÿÀ. ±×¸®°í B Ç£¸£½ºÅÍ, KH Ç£¸£½ºÆ®´Â ½Öµ¿ÀÌ ÇüÁ¦ÀÔ´Ï´Ù. BÇ£¸£½ºÅÍ°¡

    ¸®Æ®¹Ù¸£½ºÅ°(FC Ä븥), ºê¶óÀÌÆ®³Ê(¹ÙÀÌ¿¡¸¥ ¹ÀÇî), µå·¹ ¹Á·¯(µå·¹ ¹Á·¯ ¼Ò¼ÓÆÀ
    µµ ¸ð¸£°Ú³×¿ä.)

    ·ç¸Þ´Ï°Ô(¹ÙÀÌ¿¡¸¥ ¹ÀÇî), ÇǼÅ(¼£ÄÉ 04), Çѽº ¹Á·¯(½´ÅõÆ®°¡¸£Æ®), Èķ纣½¬,
    ¸¶°¡Æ®(ÇԺθ£Å© SV)µî ´ë·« ÀÌ Á¤µµ ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    (ÀÌµé ¼±¼öµé À̸§ º¸½Ã¸é ±è¿µ°É ´Ô²²¼_ °¡Àå ±â»µ ÇÏ½Ç °Í °°±º¿ä.^0^)

    ±¦È÷ À̾߱Ⱑ µ¶ÀÏ ¼±¼öµé ÂÊÀ¸·Î ºüÁø µí Çѵ¥,
    ´Ù½ÃÇѹø °_Á¶Çؼ_ ¸»¾¸µå¸®Áö¸¸ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ¼Ò¼Ó ÇØ ÀÖ´ø ÇÁ¶ûũǪ¸£Æ®¿Í ·¹¹ö
    ÄíÁ¨ÀÌ °_ÆÀÀÌ ¾Æ´Ï¾ú±â ¶§¹®¿¡ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÇ ½Ç·Â¿¡ Àǹ®À» °®´Â´Ù°í ÇÏ´Â °ÍÀº
    ¸»µµ ¾ÈµÇ´Â ¾ïÁöÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    * Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ ÇöóƼ´Ï¿Í ÁöÄÚ ¼öÁØÀÌ ¾Æ´Ñµ¥ ¾î¶»°Ô ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö¶ó´Â °ÍÀΰ¡?

    ÀÌ¿Í ºñ½ÁÇÑ ±Ûµµ µ¶ºÐºñ°ü¿¡¼_ ÀÐÀº ±â¾ïÀÌ ³ª´Âµ¥ Á¤¸» ³Ê¹« ÇÏ´Ù´Â »ý°¢ ¹Û¿¡
    ´Â ¾Èµé´õ±º¿ä.(ÀÌ ±Û ¿ª½Ãµµ '´©°¡.....±×·¯´øµ¥?' ½ÄÀÇ Áú¹®À̾ú´ø °Í °°½À´Ï´Ù.)

    ±×·¸´Ù¸é ÀÌ¿Í°°Àº ³í¸®¸¦ ÁÖÀåÇÏ°í ÀÖ´Â »ç¶÷µéÇÑÅ× Á¦°¡ ¹¯°í ½ÍÀº °ÍÀÌ Àִµ¥
    ±× ½ÃÀý(70³â ´ë ¸» ~ 80³â Áß¹Ý)¿¡ ¼¼°èÀûÀ¸·Î ¸í¼ºÀ» ¶³Ä¡°í ÀÖ´ø ¼±¼ö Áß¿¡¼_
    ÇöóƼ´Ï, ÁöÄÚ¿Í ¾î±ú¸¦ ³ª¶õÈ÷ ÇÒ ¼ö ÀÖ´Â ¼±¼öµéÀÌ °ú¿¬ ¸îÀ̳ª µÆ´ÂÁö ÇÑ ¹ø
    Àú¿¡°Ô ¸»¾¸À» Á» ÇØ ÁáÀ¸¸é ÁÁ°Ú½À´Ï´Ù.

    Æú¶õµåÀÇ º¸´Ï¿¡Å©. µ¶ÀÏÀÇ ºê¶óÀÌÆ®³Ê, ¾Æ¸£ÇîƼ³ªÀÇ ¸¶¸®¿À Ä·Æ佺, ¹ß´Ù³ë.
    ºê¶óÁúÀÇ ¼ÒÅ©¶óÅ×½º, ÆÈÄ«¿À. ÇÁ¶û½ºÀÇ Æ¼°¡³ª, Áú·¹½º, ÀÌŸ®ÀÇ ½Ã·¹¾Æ,
    ºê¸£³ë ÄÜƼ, ÆÄ¿ï·Î ·Ô½ÃµîÀÇ ¼öÆÛ½ºÅ¸µéµµ ÇöóƼ´Ï¿Í ÁöÄÚÀÇ ½Ç·Â°ú ¸í¼º
    ¾Õ¿¡¼_´Â ÃʶóÇØ º¸ÀÏ Á¤µµÀÔ´Ï´Ù.(À¯ÀÏÇÏ°Ô µ¶ÀÏÀÇ Ä®ÇÏÀÎÃ÷ ·ç¸Þ´Ï°Ô¸¸ÀÌ
    ÀÌ µÎ ¼±¼ö¿Í °°Àº ·¹º§ÀÇ ¼±¼ö·Î Æò°¡ ¹Þ¾Ò½À´Ï´Ù.)

    ÀÌµé ¼¼´ë¸¦ ÀÕ´Â ¿ì·ç°úÀÌÀÇ ÇÁ¶õ½Ã½º Äݸ®, µ¶ÀÏÀÇ ÇÇ¿¡¸£ ¸®Æ®¹Ù¸£½ºÅ°,
    ³×´ú¶õµåÀÇ ·çµå ±¼¸®Æ®, ÇÁ¶ûÅ© ¶óÀÌÄ«¸£Æ®, ÀÌŸ®ÀÇ ÇÁ¶ûÄÚ ¹Ù·¹½Ã,
    º§±â¿¡ÀÇ ¿£Á¶ ½ÃÆ÷, ·ç¸¶´Ï¾ÆÀÇ Çϱâ, ÇÁ¶û½ºÀÇ ¿¡¸¯ Ä_Å䳪, Àö ÇÇ¿¡¸£ ÆÄÆØ,
    µ§¸¶Å©ÀÇ ¶ó¿ìµå·Ó ÇüÁ¦, À×±Û·£µåÀÇ °Ô½ºÄÚÀÎ, À¯°íÀÇ ½ºÅäÀÌÄÚºñÄ¡,
    ±×¸®°í Áö±ÝÀÇ º£ÄÄ, È÷¹Ù¿ìµµ, º£·Ð, ÅäƼµîµµ ÇöóƼ´Ï, ÁöÄÚÇÑÅ×´Â ¾ÈµË´Ï´Ù.
    ÇDZ¸³ª Áö´Üµµ ÀÌ µÎ ¼±¼ö¸¦ ´É°¡ÇÑ´Ù°í ÀÚ½ÅÀÖ°Ô ¸»À» ÇÒ ¼ö°¡ ¾ø¾î¿ä.

    Á¦°¡ ¹«Ã´ ÁÁ¾ÆÇϴ õÇÏÀÇ ·Îº£¸£Åä ¹ÙÁö¿Àµµ ÀÌ µÎ ¼±¼öÇÑÅ×´Â ¼ÖÁ÷È÷ ¿ªºÎÁ·ÀÔ
    ´Ï´Ù. ¹ÙÁö¿À°¡ ¾î¸± Àû ºÎÅÍ °¡Àå Á¸°æÇÏ°í ¶Ç º» ¹Þ°í ½Í¾î Çß´ø Ã౸¼±¼ö°¡
    ´©±¸ÀÎÁö ¾Æ½Ê´Ï±î? ¹Ù·Î ÁöÄÚ¿¹¿ä. ÁöÄÚ!!

    ¹ÙÁö¿À°¡ ÁöÄÚÀÇ Ç÷¹À̸¦ Èä³» ³»¸é¼_ ¼ºÀåÇß´Ù°í ÇÕ´Ï´Ù. ¹ÙÁö¿À ¾ê±â·Î´Â ÁöÄÚ
    ¿¡ ´ëÇÑ Á¸°æ½ÉÀº ¿¹³ª Áö±ÝÀ̳ª º¯ÇÔÀÌ ¾ø´Ù°í ÇÏ´õ±º¿ä. ÁöÄÚ Ã³·³ º¼À» Â÷°í
    ½ÍÀºµ¥ ±×°Ô Àß ¾ÈµÆ´Ù°í ÇÕ´Ï´Ù.
    (»ç½Ç Àú´Â ÁöÄÚ¸¦ ÀüÇô ÁÁ¾ÆÇÏÁú ¾Ê½À´Ï´Ù. ¿¾³¯ºÎÅÍ ÀÌ»óÇÏ°Ô Á¤ÀÌ ¾È°¡´õ¸¸¿ä.)

    ±×¸®°í, ¹ÙÁö¿À°¡ 90³âÀΰ¡ ÇÇ¿À·»Æ¼³ª¿¡¼_ À¯º¥Åõ½º·Î ÀÌÀû ÇÏÀÚ¸¶ÀÚ 10¹øÀ» ´Þ
    ¾Ò´Ù´Â °ÍÀº ¿©·¯ºÐµé²²¼_ Àß ¾Ë°í °è½Ã¸®¶ó º¸´Âµ¥ ±× ÀÌÀü±îÁö À¯º¥Åõ½º 10¹øÀº
    ÇöóƼ´Ï¿´½À´Ï´Ù. ±× ´ç½Ã ¹ÙÁö¿À°¡ °ÔÀÓ Áß¿¡ Á¶±ÝÀÌ¶óµµ ºÎÁøÇÑ ¸ð½ÀÀ» º¸À̱â
    ¸¸ Çϸé ÇöóƼ´Ï¸¦ ¸ø Àؾî ÇÏ´Â À¯º¥Åõ½º ÆÒµéÀÌ '¹ÙÁö¿À´Â 10¹øÀÌ ¾Æ´Ï¶ó 9.5¹ø ¼±¼ö´Ù!' ¶ó°í ºñ¾Æ³É °Å·ÈÀ» Á¤µµ¿´¾î¿ä. ÇöóƼ´Ï°¡ ±×·± ¼±¼ö¿´½À´Ï´Ù.

    ÇöóƼ´Ï¿Í ÁöÄÚ´Â ¼¼°è Ã౸ ¿ª»ç»ó °¡Àå ÈǸ¢ÇÑ ¼±¼ö·Î Ãß¾Ó¹Þ°í ÀÖ´Â ¿äÇÑ
    Å©·çÀÌÇÁ, º£ÄË ¹Ù¿ì¾î¿Í, ÁÒÁö º£½ºÆ®, º¸ºñ ðưµî°ú °ÅÀÇ °°Àº ±ÞÀÇ Àι°À̶ó
    °í Çصµ °ú¾ðÀÌ ¾Æ´Õ´Ï´Ù.

    ¿ª´ë ÀÌ µÎ ¼±¼ö¸¦ ´É°¡ ÇÒ ¼ö ÀÖ´Â Àι°À» ÀÚ½ÅÀÖ°Ô »Ì¾Æ º¸¶ó°í ÇÑ´Ù¸é Æç·¹¿Í
    µð¿¡°í ¸¶¶óµµ³ª ÀÌ¿Ü¿¡´Â ¾ø½À´Ï´Ù.
    (ÀúÀÇ °æ¿ì¿£ ¸¶¶óµµ³ª¸¦ Ã౸ ¼±¼ö·Î º¸Áú ¾Ê½À´Ï´Ù. 'ãê'À¸·Î º¸°í ÀÖÁö¿ä.)

    ÀÌ·¯ÇÑ Àü¼³ÀûÀÎ Àι°µé°ú Â÷¹ü±ÙÀ» ²À ºñ±³Çؼ_ ÆïÇÏÇØ¾ß ¼ÓÀÌ ÈÄ·ÃÇÑ °Ç°¡¿ä?
    ±×·± °Ç°¡¿ä?
    ±Ø´ÜÀûÀ¸·Î µûÁ®¼_ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ÁöÄÚ, ÇöóƼ´Ï ±ÞÀÇ ¼±¼ö´Â ºÐ¸í ¾Æ´Õ´Ï´Ù.
    ±×·¯¸é ÁöÄÚ³ª ÇöóƼ´Ï ±ÞÀÌ ¾Æ´Ñ ¼±¼ö´Â ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö¶ó°í ÇÒ ¼ö ¾ø´Â °ÍÀԴϱî?

    ¿¹¸¦µé¾î ÇöÀç(2002³â ¿ùµåÄÅ Àü±îÁö)È£³ª¿ìµµ, ºñ¿¡¸®, ¹ÙƼ½ºÅõŸ¸¦ ¼¼°è 3´ë
    ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿¶ó°í Ĩ½Ã´Ù. ±×·¸´Ù¸é ÀÌ ¼¼ ¼±¼ö¸¦ Á¦¿ÜÇÑ ³ª¸ÓÁö ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿µéÀº
    ¼¼°èÀû °ø°Ý¼ö ȤÀº ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö°¡ ¾Æ´Ï¶ó´Â °ÍÀԴϱî?

    ÀÌŸ®ÀÇ ÀÎÀð±â, ¿ì·ç°úÀÌÀÇ ·¹ÄÚ¹Ù, Æú¶õµåÀÇ ¿Ã¸®»çµ¥º£, ½ºÆäÀÎÀÇ ¸ð¸®¿£Å×½º, Ä¥·¹ÀÇ »ì¶ó½º, ÅÍÅ°ÀÇ ÇÏÄ_ ¼öÄí¸£ ±ÞÀÇ ¼±¼ö´Â È£³ª¿ìµµ³ª ¹ÙƼ½ºÅõŸ ±ÞÀÌ ¾Æ´Ï
    ´Ï±î ¼¼°èÀû °ø°Ý¼ö°¡ ¾Æ´Ï¶ó´Â °Ç°¡¿ä?

    ÁöÄÚ, ÇöóƼ´Ï¿Í °°Àº ½Ã´ë¿¡ À̵é°ú ¾î±ú¸¦ ³ª¶õÈ÷ ÇÒ ¼ö ÀÖ¾ú´ø ¼±¼ö´Â µ¶ÀÏÀÇ Ä® ÇÏÀÎÃ÷ ·ç¸Þ´Ï°Ô ¹Û¿¡´Â ¾ø¾ú´Ù°í À§¿¡¼_ Á¦°¡ ¸»¾¸À» µå·ÈÁö¿ä. ´ç½Ã ³²¹Ì¿¡
    ¸¶¶óµµ³ª¿Í ÁöÄÚ°¡ ÀÖ´Ù¸é À¯·´¿¡´Â ·ç¸Þ´Ï°Ô°¡ ÀÖ´Ù°í ÇÒ Á¤µµ·Î ´ë´ÜÇß´ø ¼±¼ö
    ¿´½À´Ï´Ù. ¾Æ¸¶ Çѱ¹ Ã౸ ÆÒµé »çÀÌ¿¡¼_´Â ÇöóƼ´Ïº¸´Ù´Â ¿ÀÈ÷·Á ·ç¸Þ´Ï°Ô°¡ ´õ
    ÀÎÁöµµ°¡ ³ôÀ» µí ÇÕ´Ï´Ù.

    ±×·±µ¥ µ¶ÀÏ¿¡¼_´Â Â÷¹ü±ÙÀ» ·ç¸Þ´Ï°Ô¿Í °ßÁÙ ¸¸ÇÑ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿·Î ÀÎÁ¤À» Çß½À´Ï´Ù.
    Á¦°¡ ±×·¯´Â °Ô ¾Æ´Ï¶ó µ¶ÀÏ Ã౸ÀεéÀÌ ±×·¸°Ô ÀÎÁ¤ÇÑ °Ì´Ï´Ù.
    Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÇ ÇÁ¶ûũǪ¸£Æ® ½ÃÀý °¨µ¶À̾ú´ø ºÎÈ常ÀÌ ´ç½Ã¿¡ ÀÌ·¸°Ô ¾ê±æ Çß´ÙÁö
    '³ªÇÑÅ×´Â Â÷ºÕ ³×°¡ Ä®ÇÏÀÎÃ÷ ·ç¸Þ´Ï°Ô º¸´Ù ´õ ¼ÒÁßÇÏ´Ù.' ¶ó°í ¸»ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    ÀÌ ±ÛÀ» ÀÐÀ¸½Ã´Â ÈÄÃßÀÎ ¿©·¯ºÐµé Áß, Á¦ °ßÇØ¿¡ ³³µæÀ» ¸øÇϽðųª ºÒ¸¸À» °¡Áö
    °í °è½Å ºÐµéµµ »ó´ç ¼ö °è½Ã¸®¶ó »ý°¢ µÇ´Âµ¥, Ȥ½Ã ±×·± ºÐµé Áß¿¡¼_ 'ÁöÄÚ³ª
    ÇöóƼ´Ï Á¤µµ´Â µÇ¾ß ÁøÁ¤ÇÑ ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö´Ù ' ¶ó°í ÁÖÀå ÇϽô ºÐÀÌ °è½Ã´Ù¸é
    µ¶ºÐºñ°ü¿¡ ±ÛÀ» ²À ¿Ã·Á Áֽñ⠹ٶø´Ï´Ù.

    ±×·³ Á¦°¡ ¿Ã¶ó¿Â ±ÛÀ» ¼ºÀǸ¦ ´ÙÇØ ÀÐ°í »ó´çÈ÷ Àϸ®°¡ ÀÖ´Ù°í ÆÇ´ÜµÇ¸é ¸ÚÁö
    °Ô ÃßõÇϳª ´_·¯ µå¸®°Ú½À´Ï´Ù. Àú´Â ¹«Á¶°Ç Á¦ °ßÇØ°¡ ¸Â´Ù°í ´«±ò È©¶ß°í ¿ì°Ü
    ´ë´Â ±×·± °íÁý ºÒÅëÀÇ Àΰ£Àº Àý´ë ¾Æ´Ï°Åµç¿ä.
  23. Korean Football

    Korean Football New Member

    Apr 21, 2001
    * Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ¿ùµåÄÅ¿¡¼_ Å« È°¾àÀ» ¸øÇ߱⠶§¹®¿¡ ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö¶ó°í ºÎ¸£±â¿£


    Á¦°¡ ¿¹Àü¿¡ ¡¸86³â ¸ß½ÃÄÚ ¿ùµåÄÅ°ú Â÷¹ü±Ù¡¹À̶ó´Â Á¦¸ñÀÇ ±ÛÀ» µ¶ºÐ ºñ°ü¿¡
    ¿Ã·ÈÀ» ¶§ ÀÌ ºÎºÐ¿¡ °üÇؼ_ ¾ÆÁÖ ÀÚ¼¼ÇÏ°Ô ´Ù·ç¾ú±â ¶§¹®¿¡ ±»ÀÌ ¿©±â¼_´Â ±ä
    ¸»¾¸Àº ¾È µå¸®°Ú½À´Ï´Ù.(Àü¿¡ ¿Ã·È´ø ÀúÀÇ ±ÛÀ» ¸ø ÀÐÀ¸½Å ºÐµé²²¼_´Â ³ªÁß¿¡
    ¶óµµ ½Ã°£ ³ª½Ã¸é ã¾Æ¼_ Àоî ÁֽʽÿÀ.)

    ´Ù¸¸, ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼öÀÇ ÆÇ´Ü ±âÁØÀ» ¿À·ÎÁö ¿ùµåÄÅ¿¡ ÃâÀü Çß´À³Ä? ¶Ç´Â ¿ùµåÄÅ¿¡
    ³ª°¡¼_ °ñÀ» ±â·ÏÇß´À³Ä? ·Î µÎ¾î¼_´Â ¾È µÈ´Ù´Â ¸»¾¸À» µå¸®°í ½Í½À´Ï´Ù.

    Á¦ ¾Æ¹«¸® ¶Ù¾î³_ ¼±¼ö¶ó Çصµ °³°°Àº(?) ³ª¶ó¿¡¼_ ž¸é ¿ùµåÄÅ¿¡´Â ¿µ¿øÈ÷
    ³ª°¥ ¼ö°¡ ¾ø´Â °Í ÀÔ´Ï´Ù. ÀÌ·± ÄÉÀ̽º°¡ ºÏ¾ÆÀÏ·£µåÀÇ ÁÒÁö º£½ºÆ®, ÇɶõµåÀÇ
    ¸®Åõ¸¶³Ù, ¶óÀ̺£¸®¾ÆÀÇ ÁÒÁö ¿þ¾î, ¿ìÅ©¶óÀ̳ªÀÇ ¼ÎºêþÄÚ, ¿þÀÏÁîÀÇ ±ã½ºµîÀÌ
    ¹Ù·Î ¿©±â¿¡ ÇØ´ç µÇ´Â °Í ¾Æ´Ï°Ú½À´Ï±î.

    ¶ÇÇÑ, ¿ùµåÄÅ¿¡ ³ª°¡¼_ ÀúÁ¶ÇÑ Ç÷¹À̸¦ Çß´Ù´ø°¡ ¾Æ´Ï¸é °ñÀ» ÅͶ߸®Áö ¸øÇß´Ù
    °í Çؼ_ ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö°¡ ¾Æ´Ï´Ù¶ó°í´Â ¸»ÇÒ ¼ö ¾ø´Â °ÍÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
    ¸¸ÀÏ ÀÌ·¯ÇÑ ³í¸®·Î µûÁö¸é Á׿©¾ß µÉ ³ð ¾ÆÁÖ ¸¹Àó¾Æ¿ä.
    90³â ·Î¸¶ ¿ùµåÄÅ¿¡¼_ ¿ÏÀüÈ÷ À̹ÌÁö Á¶Áø ¸¶¸£ÄÚ ¹Ý¹Ù½ºÅÙ, 98³â µ¨ ÇÇ¿¡·Î,
    ±×¸®°í À̹ø 2002³â ¿ùµåÄÅ¿¡¼_ Á×À» ¾¥¾ú´ø Æ÷¸£Åõ°¥ÀÇ ÇDZ¸¿Í ·çÀÌ ÄÚ½ºÅ¸µî.....
    ÀÌ·± ¼±¼öµéÀº ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö°¡ ¾Æ´Ï¶õ ¸»ÀԴϱî?

    (Âü°í: »ý°¢ÇØ º¸´Ï ±× À¯¸íÇÑ µ¶ÀÏÀÇ ½´½ºÅÍ¿Í ÇÁ¶û½ºÀÇ Ä_Å䳪µµ
    ¿ùµåÄÅ¿¡´Â ³ª°¡Áú ¸øÇßÁö¿ä?)

    * Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº °³ÀαⰡ ºÎÁ·ÇÏ´Ù?

    Ã౸ ¼±¼ö°¡ ŸÀÇ ÃßÁ¾À» ºÒÇãÇÏ´Â °³ÀαⰡ ÀÖÀ¸¸é ±×°ÍÀº Å« º¹ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
    ´õ±º´Ù³ª ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿¿¡°Ô ÀÖ¾î¼_ ¸»ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    ±×·±µ¥ ¿¹³ª Áö±ÝÀ̳ª ¼¼°èÀûÀ¸·Î À̸§ ³_ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿µéÀ» ºÃÀ» ¶§ Ź¿ùÇÑ °³Àαâ
    ÀÇ ¼ÒÀ¯ÀÚ´Â »ý°¢¸¸Å_ ¸¹Áú ¾Ê½À´Ï´Ù.
    ¿ì¸® ÈÄÃßÀÎ ¿©·¯ºÐµé²²¼_ Àß ÇÑ ¹ø »ý°¢ ÇØ º¸½Ê½Ã¿À. ¿ª´ë(70³â ´ëºÎÅÍ) ¼¼°èÀû
    ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿ Áß °³Àαâ Á×ÀÌ´Â ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿°¡ °ú¿¬ ¸î ¸íÀ̳ª ÀÖ´ÂÁö¸¦ ¸»ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    °Ô¸£Æ® ¹Ä·¯¸¦ ½ÃÀÛÀ¸·Î ¸¶¸®¿À Ä·Æ佺, È£·ç¿¡ ¹ß´Ù³ë, ÆÄ¿ï·Î ·Ô½Ã, ¾Ë·º»êµå¸£
    ¾ËÅ亣¸®, Áîºñ±×´º º¸´Ï¿¡Å©, Ŭ¶ó¿ì½º ÇǼÅ, Ä®ÇÏÀÎÃ÷ ·ç¸Þ´Ï°Ô, ·çµð ¾O·¯,
    ¾á Ŭ·¹¸Á½º, °Ô¸® ¸®³×Ä¿µî °ú°ÅÀÇ À̸§³_ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿µéµµ °³Àαâ(¹ßÀç°£)´Â
    ±×´ÙÁö ¶Ù¾î³_ ¼±¼öµéÀÌ ¾Æ´Ï¾ú½À´Ï´Ù.(À§ÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿µéÀº °ÅÀÇ Â÷¹ü±Ù°ú °°Àº
    ½Ã±â¿¡ ¸í¼ºÀ» ³¯·È´ø ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿µé ÀÔ´Ï´Ù. °Ô¸£Æ® ¹Ä·¯°¡ ³ª¸ÓÁö ¼±¼öµé¿¡ ºñÇØ
    Á¶±Ý ¾Õ¼± ¼¼´ëÀÌÁö¿ä.)

    ÀÌµé ¼±¼öµé »Ó ¾Æ´Ï¶ó ÀÌ ÈÄ Å¬¸°½º¸¸, ½ºÄí¶óºñ, ´Þ¸µ, ½ºÅäÀÌÄ¡ÄÚÇÁ, »ç¸®³ª½º
    ±×¸®°í ÀÌ µÚ¸¦ ÀÕ´Â ¾Ë¶õ ½Ã¾î·¯, ¹ÙƼ½ºÅõŸ, ¹Ì¾ßÅäºñÄ¡, ±×·¹½ºÆ÷,
    »ç¸ð¶ó³ë, ºñ¿¡¸®, Æ®·¹Áö°Ôµîµµ ¾Õ ¼¼´ë ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿µé°ú ¸¶Âù°¡Áö·Î °³Àαâ
    À§ÁÖ·Î º¼À» Â÷´Â ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿°¡ ¾Æ´Õ´Ï´Ù.

    ¿ª´ë ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿ Áß¿¡ Ź¿ùÇÑ °³Àα⸦ ±¸»çÇß´ø ¼±¼ö·Î´Â Æä·çÀÇ Äíºñ¾ß½º,
    ¾Æ¸£ÇîƼ³ªÀÇ ¶ó¸ó µð¾Æ½º, ¿ì·ç°úÀÌÀÇ ·çº¥ ¼Ò»ç, ±×¸®°í °¡Àå ´ëÇ¥ÀûÀÎ ¼±¼ö·Î
    ºê¶óÁúÀÇ È£¸¶¸®¿À¸¦ µé ¼ö ÀÖ°Ú½À´Ï´Ù. ½ºÆäÀÎÀÇ ÇªÆ®¶ó°Ô´¢µµ °³ÀαⰡ ±¦Âú¾Ò
    ±¸¿ä.(ÃÖ±Ù ¼±¼ö·Î´Â À×±Û·£µåÀÇ ¿ÀÀ¢°ú ½ºÆäÀÎ ¶ó¿ïÀÇ °³ÀαⰡ ¸¶À½¿¡ µì´Ï´Ù.)

    ¿¹¸¦µé¾î È£¸¶¸®¿ÀÀÇ °æ¿ì, Æä³ÎƼ ¿¡À̸®¾î ¾È¿¡¼_ ¾Æ¹«¸® ¹ÐÁýµÈ »óȲÀ̶óµµ
    À¯¿¬ÇÑ ¹ß¸ñ°ú ¹«¸_À» ÀÌ¿ëÇØ ¼ø°£ ÀûÀÎ ÆäÀÎÆÃÀ¸·Î ¼öºñÁøÀ» ¶ÕÀ» ¼ö Àִ Ź¿ù
    ÇÑ °³Àα⸦ °¡Áö°í ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù. (È£¸¶¸®¿À°¡ Àå±â·Î »ï°í ÀÖ´Â ÀÌ Áß¾Ó °ø°Ý ´É·Â
    Àº Á¦°¡ º¼ ¶§´Â ¾Æ¸¶µµ ¿ª´ë ÃÖ°_ÀÎ °Í °°½À´Ï´Ù.)
    ü°ÝÀÌ Å©Áö¾ÊÀº ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿µé ´ëºÎºÐÀÌ ÀÌ¿Í°°Àº Ç÷¹À̸¦ Àå±â·Î »ï°í ÀÖÁö¿ä.

    ±×·¯³ª ÀÌ·¯ÇÑ ½ºÅ¸ÀÏÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿µéÀº ´ë°³°¡ ÇÏÇÁ¶óÀαîÁö ³»·Á¿Í º¼À» ¹Þ´Â
    ´Ù´ø°¡, ¾Æ´Ï¸é Ãø¸é¿¡¼_ ½ºÇǵ带 ÀÌ¿ëÇØ ½Ã¿øÇÏ°Ô Ä¡°í µé¾î°£´Ù´ø°¡ ÇÏ´Â ´É·Â
    Àº ±×´ÙÁö ¾ø½À ´Ï´Ù.(´É·ÂÀº Àִµ¥ ±×·¯ÇÑ Ç÷¹À̸¦ ¾ÈÇÏ´Â °ÇÁö´Â ¸ð¸£°Ú¸¸....)

    ¹Ý¸é¿¡ Â÷¹ü±Ù°ú °°Àº ŸÀÔÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿µéÀº È_·ÁÇÑ °³Àαâ¶ó´øÁö, ¼¶¼¼ÇÑ ¹ßÀç
    °£Àº ¾øÁö¸¸ Æø¹ßÀûÀÎ ½ºÇǵ带 ÀÌ¿ëÇØ ±ä °Å¸® ºÎÅÍ ¼öºñ¼öµéÀ» ºÎ¼ú ¼ö ÀÖ´Â
    ´É·ÂÀÌ ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù.

    Â÷¹ü±Ù°ú °°Àº ŸÀÔÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿¸¦ ¶Ç ÇÑ¸í ¿¹¸¦ µé¾î º»´Ù¸é 70³â ´ë ¸» ~ 80³â ´ë Á߹ݱîÁö ¼¼°è Ã౸ ÆÒµéÀ» ¿_±¤½ÃÄ×´ø Æú¶õµåÀÇ Áîºñ±×´º º¸´Ï¿¡Å©(78, 82,
    86³â ¿ùµåÄÅ ÃâÀü)¸¦ ´ëÇ¥ÀûÀ¸·Î ¶°¿Ã¸± ¼ö ÀÖ°Ú½À´Ï´Ù.

    Â÷¹ü±Ù°ú º¸´Ï¿¡Å©´Â ¼öºñ¼ö¸¦ Á¦Ä¥ ¶§ º°´Ù¸¥ µ¿ÀÛ(ÀÚÁú±¸·¡ÇÑ '°¡¶ó¸ð¼Ç') ¾øÀÌ
    ºó°ø°£À¸·Î º¼À» ±æ°Ô Åö Ãijõ°í Æø¹ßÀûÀÎ ½ºÇǵå·Î ¼öºñ¼öµéÀ» µûµ¹¸®´Â ½ºÅ¸ÀÏÀÌÁö¿ä.
    µ¶ÀÏÀÇ Ä®ÇÏÀÎÃ÷ ·ç¸Þ´Ï°Ôµµ Å©°Ô º¸¸é ÀÌ¿Í °°Àº ŸÀÔ¿¡ ¼ÓÇÑ´Ù°í º¼ ¼ö Àְڳ׿ä. ÇöÀç AC¹Ð¶õ¿¡¼_ È°¾àÇÏ´Â ¼ÎºêþÄÚµµ¿ä.

    ±×·³ ÀÌ µÎ ŸÀÔ(°³Àαâ, ¹ßÀç°£ VS ½ºÇǵå) ÀÇ °ø°Ý¼öµéÀ» ³õ°í ¾î´À ÂÊÀÌ ÁÁ°í,
    ³ª»Û Áö¸¦ ½±°Ô °á·Ð ÁöÀ» ¼ö ÀÖ°Ú½À´Ï±î?

    À§¿¡ °Å·ÐÇÑ Å¸ÀÔÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿µé ¸»°í ¹ÙƼ½ºÅõŸ¿Í °°Àº ŸÀÔÀÇ ¼±¼öµµ »ìÆì
    º¼ ÇÊ¿ä°¡ Àִµ¥ ÈÄÃßÀÎ ¿©·¯ºÐµé²²¼_ ¹ÙƼÀÇ Ç÷¹À̸¦ Áö±Ý ÇÑ ¹ø ¿¬»óÇØ ºÁ

    ¹ÙƼ´Â ¹ßÀç°£À¸·Î ¼öºñ¼öµéÀ» °¡»ÓÇÏ°Ô Á¦Ä¡°í µé¾î°¡´Â ŸÀÔÀÇ °ø°Ý¼ö°¡ ¾Æ´Ï¶õ °Ç Àß ¾Æ½Ç °Ì´Ï´Ù. ±×·¸´Ù°í ¹ÙƼ°¡ ¾öû³_ ½ºÇǵ带 ÀÌ¿ë ÇØ ¼öºñ¼öµéÀ» ºÎ¼ü´Ï±î? ±×·¸Áöµµ ¾Ê°Åµç¿ä. ¹ÙƼ´Â À쫆 ̨½º´Ù ½ÍÀ¸¸é º¼À» Àâ°í Ÿ°í³_ ½ÅüÀû Á¶°Ç(½ÅÀå, ÆÄ¿ö)À» ÀÌ¿ë ÇØ ±×³É ¹Ð°í µé¾î°¡Áö ¾Ê½À´Ï±î. ±×·¯´Ù °¡±î¿î °Å¸®µç, ¸Õ
    °Å¸®µç ½¸ »çÁ¤±Ç¿¡ µé¾î°¡¸é ±×´ë·Î °_½¸À» ¶§¸®´Â ŸÀÔÀÌÀó¾Æ¿ä.

    ¾ö¹ÐÈ÷ ¸»ÇÏ¸é ¹ÙƼ´Â ¼¼·ÃµÈ Å×Å©´ÐÀÇ ¼ÒÀ¯ÀÚ´Â ¾Æ´Õ´Ï´Ù. ±×·³¿¡µµ ºÒ±¸ÇÏ°í
    Àü¹®°¡µéÀº ¿Ö ¹ÙƼ¸¦ ¼¼°è ÃÖ°íÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿ Áß ÇÑ ¼±¼ö·Î ÀÎÁ¤ÇÏ°Ú½À´Ï±î.

    »ç½Ç °³Àαâ Çϳª¸¸À¸·Î µûÁö¸é¾ß ¹ÙƼ º¸´Ù´Â ¼¼³×°¥ÀÇ µð¿ìÇÁ°¡ ÈξÀ ³´Áö
    ¾Ê³ª¿ä? ½ºÇǵå·Î µûÁ®µµ ¹ÙƼ´Â ÇÁ¶û½ºÀÇ ¾Ó¸®ÇÑÅ× ¾ÈµË´Ï´Ù.
    ±×·¸´Ù°í Çؼ_ µð¿ìÇÁ³ª ¾Ó¸®°¡ ¹ÙƼº¸´Ù ÈǸ¢ÇÑ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿´Ù¶ó°í ÀÚ½ÅÀÖ°Ô ¸»ÇÒ ¼ö ÀÖ°Ú½À´Ï±î?

    ÀÌ·± ŸÀÔ ¿Ü¿¡ °Ô¸£Æ® ¹Ä·¯ ó·³ ½ºÇǵ嵵 ±×´ÙÁö ¾ø°í, °³Àα⵵ ¶Ù¾î³ªÁö
    ¾Ê°í, ÆÄ¿öµµ º°·Î ¾øÁö¸¸ Æä³ÎƼ ¿¡À̸®¾î ¾È¿¡¼_ ¹ß±ºÀÇ µæÁ¡ ´É·ÂÀ» ¹ßÈÖÇÏ
    ´Â ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿µéµµ ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù. ÆÄ¿ï·Î ·Ô½Ã°¡ ÀÌ·± ŸÀÔ¿¡ ¼ÓÇÑ ´Ù°í º¼ ¼ö ÀÖ°ÚÁö¿ä. ¶ÇÇÑ ÇìµùÀü¹®ÀÎ ºñ¾î È£ÇÁ ŸÀÔÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿µµ ÀÖ´Â °ÍÀ̱¸¿ä.

    ÀÌ·¸µí °ø°Ý¼ö ³ª¸§´ë·Î ´Ù ÀÚ±âÀÇ ½ºÅ¸ÀÏÀÌ ÀÖ´Â °ÍÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
    ÀÌ°Ô ÁÁ´Ù, Àú°Ô ÁÁ´Ù. µü °á·ÐÀ» ÁöÀ» ¼ö°¡ ¾ø´Â °ÍÀÔ´Ï´Ù. ¼_·Îµé ´Ù Àå, ´ÜÁ¡
    ÀÌ ÀÖ´Â °ÍÀÌÁö¿ä. ¿À·ÎÁö °³Àαâ(¹ßÀç°£) Çϳª ¾ø´Ù´Â °Í °¡Áö°í ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö°¡
    ¾Æ´Ï´Ù ¶ó°í ÆÇ´Ü ÇÑ´Ù´Â °ÍÀº ÀÌÄ¡¿¡ ¸ÂÁö¾Ê´Â ³í¸®ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    ¶Ù¾î³_ ½ÅüÀû Á¶°Ç¿¡ ½ºÇǵå ÁÁ°í, °Å±â´Ù°¡ È_·ÁÇÑ °³Àα⠱׸®°í µæÁ¡ ´É·Â
    ±îÁö °âºñ µÈ´Ù¸é¾ß ¹»´õ ¹Ù¶ö ²² ÀÖ°Ú½À´Ï±î.
    ±×·±µ¥ ÀÌ·¯ÇÑ Á¶°ÇÀ» ´Ù ±¸ºñÇÑ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿´Â Áö±Ý±îÁöÀÇ ¿¹·Î ºÃÀ» ¶§ ±Ø¼Ò¼ö
    ¿¡ Áö³ªÁö ¾Ê½À´Ï´Ù.

    ÀÌ ¸ðµç Á¶°ÇÀ» µÎ·ç °®Ãá ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿°¡ ¹Ù·Î ¸¶¸£ÄÚ ¹Ý¹Ù½ºÅÙ°ú È£³ª¿ìµµÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
    ±×·¸±â¶§¹®¿¡ ÀÌ µÎ ¼±¼ö¸¦ ¿ª´ë ÃÖ°íÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿·Î ºÎ¸£´Â °Í ¾Æ´Ï°Ú½À´Ï±î!
    (Á¦ °³ÀÎÀûÀ¸·Î ÁÒÁö¿þ¾î¿Í ºê¶óÁúÀÇ Ä«·¹Ä«, À¯°íÀÇ »çºñüºñÄ¡, ³×´ú¶õµåÀÇ
    º£¸£Ä¯ÇÁµîµµ ´ë´ÜÈ÷ ³ô°Ô Æò°¡ÇÏ°í ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù.)

    Á¦°¡ ¿¹Àü¿¡¡¸Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÇ Çö¿ª½ÃÀý Ç÷¹ÀÌ¡¹¶ó´Â Á¦¸ñÀ¸·Î µ¶ºÐºñ°ü¿¡ ±ÛÀ» ¿Ã·ÈÀ»
    ¶§ ÀÚ¼¼ÇÏ°Ô ¾ð±ÞÀ» ÇßµíÀÌ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº Àý´ëÀûÀ¸·Î ÆÀ Ç÷¹ÀÌ À§ÁÖ·Î º¼À» áÁö,
    °³Àα⸦ À§ÁÖ·Î ÇÏ´Â Ç÷¹À̸¦ ÇÏÁö ¾Ê¾Ò½À´Ï´Ù. Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº °ÔÀÓ Áß¿¡ ±×´ÙÁö º¼À» ¸¹ÀÌ ¼ÒÀ¯ÇÏ´Â ¼±¼ö°¡ ¾Æ´Ï¶ó°í Á¦°¡ ºÐ¸íÈ÷ ¸»¾¸ µå·ÈÀó¾Æ¿ä.

    ÁÖ·Î Æнº¸¦ ÁÖ°í ¹Þ°í, ÁÖ°í ¹Þ°í ÇÏ´Ù°¡ Âù½º°¡ ³ª¸é Æı«·Â Àִ½ºÇǵ带 ÀÌ¿ëÇØ ¼öºñ¼öµéÀ» ºÎ¼ö´Â ŸÀÔÀÇ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿¶ó±¸¿ä. ¶ÇÇÑ Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ÀüÇüÀûÀÎ °ñ°ÔÅÍ
    °¡ ¾Æ´Ï¶ó´Â ¸»¾¸±îÁöµµ µå·È¾ú½À´Ï´Ù.

    Â÷¹ü±Ù ½ºÅ¸ÀÏÀÇ Ã౸°¡ ¾î¶»°Ô º¸¸é ´Ü¼øÇÏ°Ô º¸ÀÏ ¼ö ÀÖÀ»Áö ¸ô¶óµµ ´ë´ÜÈ÷
    °æÁ¦ÀûÀÎ Ã౸¶ó°í º¼ ¼ö ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù. ÀÌ·¯ÇÑ Ç÷¹À̾îµéÀ» °¨µ¶µéÀÌ ¼±È£ÇÑ´Ù´Â
    °ÍÀº ¿©·¯ºÐµéÀÌ ÀÍÈ÷ Àß ¾Æ½Ç °Ì´Ï´Ù.

    °³ÀαⰡ ÃâÁßÇÏ´Ù¸é Á¤¸» ÁÁÀº °ÍÀÔ´Ï´Ù. ´Ù½ÃÇѹø ¸»¾¸ µå¸®Áö¸¸ ±×°ÍÀº Ã౸
    ¼±¼ö¿¡°Ô ÀÖ¾î¼_ Å« º¹ÀÔ´Ï´Ù. ±×·¯³ª ±×(ÀÚ±âÀÇ)°³Àα⸸ ¹Ï°í ÇÊ¿ä ÀÌ»óÀ¸·Î
    º¼À» ²ø´Ù°¡ °æ±â ÁÒÁö´Â ¼±¼öµµ ¸¹Áö ¾Ê½À´Ï±î.

    ´ëÇ¥ÀûÀÎ ¿¹°¡ ¹Ù·Î ¾Æ¸£ÇîƼ³ªÀÇ ¿À¸£Å×°¡Àε¥ Àúµµ Âü ¿À¸£Å×°¡¸¦ ÁÁ¾Æ´Â ÇÕ´Ï
    ´Ù¸¸ ¾î¶² ¶§´Â Á¤¸» µÎµé°Ü ÆÐ°í ½ÍÀ» Á¤µµ·Î º¼À» ²ô´Âµ¥ ¾ÆÁÖ È¯Àå ÇÏ°Ú´õ¸¸ÀÌ
    ¿ä.(¼¼³×°¥ÀÇ µð¿ìÇÁµµ ´ë´ÜÈ÷ ÈǸ¢ÇÑ °³Àα⸦ °¡Áö°í´Â ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù¸¸ º¼ ²ô´Â
    ¹ö¸©À» ÇϷ绡¸® °íÄ¡Áö ¾ÊÀ¸¸é ¾ÕÀ¸·Î ¿å±ú³ª ¸Ô°Ú´õ¶ó±¸¿ä.)

    µÎ¾î´Þ Àü, µ¶ºÐºñ°ü¿¡ Â÷¹ü±Ù(ÆÄ¿ö+½ºÇǵå) VS ±ã½º(°³Àαâ+½ºÇǵå)¿¡ ´ëÇÑ
    ³íÀï(?)ÀÌ ÀÖ¾úÀ» ¶§µµ °á±¹Àº °á·ÐÀÌ ³ª¿ÀÁú ¾ÊÁö ¾Ê¾Ò½À´Ï±î. ¹Ù·Î ±×°ÍÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
    ¿Ö³ÄÇϸé, ÆÄ¿ö+½ºÇǵå VS °³Àαâ+½ºÇǵå Áß¿¡ ¾î¶² °Ô Áß¿äÇÑ °¡´Â Àü¹®°¡³ª ÆÒµéÀÇ ¼±È£µµ¿¡ µû¶ó Á¦°¢±â ´Ù¸£±â ¶§¹®ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    ±×¸®°í Á¦ °³ÀÎÀûÀ¸·Î´Â Â÷¹ü±Ù°ú ±ã½º´Â ºñ±³ ´ë»óÀÌ ÀüÇô ¾È µÈ´Ù°í º¾´Ï´Ù.
    ±ã½º´Â Â÷¶ó¸® ³×´ú¶õµåÀÇ ¿Àº£¸£¸¶½º °°Àº Ãø¸é °ø°ÝÀ» Àü¹®À¸·Î ÇÏ´Â °ø°ÝÇü
    ¹ÌµåÇÊ´õµé°ú ºñ±³¸¦ ÇØ¾ß ÇÏ´Â °Í ¾Æ´Ò´ÂÁö¿ä? Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ÀüÇüÀûÀÎ °ø°Ý¼öÀó¾Æ¿ä.

    Â÷¹ü±ÙÀÌ °³Àα⠶Ǵ ¹ßÀç°£ÀÌ ÀÖ³Ä ¾ø³Ä?¸¦ ¹°À¸¸é '¾ø´Ù!' ¶ó°í ¸»ÇÒ ¼ö´Â ÀÖ
    ¾îµµ °³ÀαⰡ ¶Ù¾î³ªÁú ¾Ê±â¶§¹®¿¡ ¼¼°èÀû ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿°¡ ¾Æ´ÏÁö ¾Ê´À³Ä? ¶ó´Â
    ¹°À½¿¡´Â Å« ¼Ò¸®·Î 'NO' ¶ó°í ¸»ÇÏ°Ú½À´Ï´Ù. ¾ÆÁÖ Å« ¼Ò¸®·Î ¸»ÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    °³ÀαⰡ ÀÖ°í, ¾ø°í´Â ¼øÀüÈ÷ °³°³ÀÎÀÇ ½ºÅ¸ÀÏ¿¡ ºÒ°úÇÑ °ÍÀÌÁö °³ÀαⰡ ÀÖ°í,
    ¾ø°í°¡ ¼¼°èÀû °ø°Ý¼ö¸¦ ÆÇ´ÜÇÏ´Â Àã´ë°¡ µÉ ¼ö´Â ¾ø´Â °ÍÀÔ´Ï´Ù.

    * Çѱ¹ ¼±¼ö Áß¿¡ ¼¼°èÀÇ º®À» ³Ñ¾î¼± ¼±¼ö´Â ¾ø´Ù?

    ¿ùµåÄÅ °³¸· ÀüÀΰ¡ ÈÄ¿¡ µ¶ºÐºñ°ü¿¡ ¿Ã¶ó¿Â ±Û º¸´Ï±î ¾î´À Å×·¹ºñ ÇÁ·Î±×·¥¿¡
    Ã౸ÀÎ ¸ð ¾¾°¡ ³ª¿Í¼_ '±×µ¿¾È Çѱ¹ Ã౸´Â ÀÌȸÅÃ, Â÷¹ü±Ù, ÇãÁ¤¹«, ÃÖ¼øÈ£,
    ±èÁÖ¼º µîÀÇ ½ºÅ¸µéÀ» ź»ý½ÃÄÑ ¿ÔÁö¸¸ °á±¹ À̵鵵 ¼¼°èÀÇ º®À» ³ÑÁö´Â ¸øÇß´Ù......' ¹¹ ÀÌ·± ½ÄÀÇ ¹ß¾ðÀ» Çß¾ú´Ù ¶ó°í ¾î´À ºÐ²²¼_ ±ÛÀ» ¿Ã¸®¼Ì¾úÁö¿ä.

    Àú´Â ±× ºÎºÐÀÇ ±ÛÀ» Àаí ÂüÀ¸·Î ¾îÀÌ°¡ ¾ø¾ú¾î¿ä. ¿Ã·ÁÁø ±ÛÀÌ ¾îÀÌ°¡ ¾ø´Ù´Â
    °ÍÀÌ ¾Æ´Ï°í, ¹æ¼Û¿¡ ³ª¿Í ±×·¸°Ô ¸»ÇÑ Ã౸ÀÎÀÇ ¹ß¾ðÀÌ ¾îÀÌ°¡ ¾ø´Ù´Â °ÍÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
    ±× ¹æ¼ÛÀ» Á¦°¡ Á÷Á¢ º¸Áú ¸øÇ߱⠶§¹®¿¡ ¹¹¶ó°í µü Àß¶ó ¸»À» ÇÒ ¼ö´Â ¾øÁö¸¸
    ¸¸ÀÏ, ±× ºÐÀÌ ¹æ¼Û¿¡ ³ª¿Í ±×·± ½ÄÀ¸·Î ¸»À» Çß´Ù¸é ÂüÀ¸·Î Á¹·ÄÇÑ Ã౸ÀÎÀ̶ó°í
    ¸»ÇÏ°í ½Í½À´Ï´Ù. ¾î¶»°Ô º¸¸é ±× ¿ë±â(?)¿¡ ¹Ú¼ö¸¦ º¸³»ÁÖ°í ½ÍÀº ¸¶À½±îÁö »ý

    Ã౸ ¼±¼ö¿¡°Ô ÀÖ¾î¼_ '¼¼°èÀÇ º®' ÀÌ µµ´ëü ¹¼´Ï±î? ¿ùµåÄÅ ¿ì½ÂÀԴϱî?
    ¿ùµåÄÅ 4°_Àΰ¡¿ä? ¹°·Ð ±×·¸°Ô ¸»ÇÒ ¼öµµ ÀÖ°Ú½À´Ï´Ù¸¸ Ã౸ ¼±¼ö¿¡ ÀÖ¾î¼_ ÁøÁ¤ÇÑ '¼¼°èÀÇ º®' Àº ¿ùµåÄÅÀ̳ª ¿Ã¸²ÇÈÀÌ ¾Æ´Ï¶ó ¹Ù·Î ¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼öµéÀÌ µæ½Ç°Å¸®´Â 'À¯·´ ¹«´ë' ¸¦ ¸»ÇÏ´Â °ÍÀ̶ó°í Àú´Â º¾´Ï´Ù.(À§¿¡ °¡¸¶¸ðÅäÀÇ ¿¹¸¦ µé¾úµíÀÌ......)

    Â÷¹ü±ÙÀº ±× Çè³_ÇÑ À¯·´ ¹«´ë¿¡¼_ 10 ³â°£ ½ºÆ®¶óÀÌÄ¿·Î ¶Ù¸ç ÀÎÁ¤À» ¹Þ¾Ò°í
    °Å±â´Ù°¡ ¶Ñ·ÇÇÑ °á°ú±îÁö ³ÂÀ¸´Ï ±×°ÍÀÌ °ð '¼¼°èÀÇ º®' À» ³ÑÀº°Ô ¾Æ´Ï°í ¶Ç
    ¹¹°Ú½À´Ï±î? Â÷¹ü±Ùó·³ µ¶ÀÏ¿¡¼_ ±×·¯ÇÑ Á·ÀûÀ» ³²±â±â°¡ ¾îµð ½¬¿î ÀÏÀԴϱî?

    Àú´Â Â÷¹ü±Ù ÀÌ¿Ü¿¡ È«¸íº¸µµ '¼¼°èÀû ¼±¼ö' ·Î ºÎ¸£±â¿¡ ÀüÇô ¼Õ»öÀÌ ¾ø´Ù°í
    »ý°¢ ÇÕ´Ï´Ù. È«¸íº¸ÀÇ °æ¿ì ºñ·Ï Â÷¹ü±Ù ó·³ À¯·´ ¹«´ë¿¡ ÁøÃâÇÏÁö´Â ¸øÇßÁö¸¸
    10 ¿©³âÀ̶õ ±ä ¼¼¿ùÀ» ´ëÇ¥ÆÀ¿¡¼_ º¸³»¸é¼_ ¿Â°® »êÀü¼öÀüÀ» ´Ù °ÞÀ¸¸ç °ËÁõÀ»
    ¹ÞÀ»¸¸Å_ ¹ÞÁö ¾Ê¾Ò½À´Ï±î.

    ±×µ¿¾È È«¸íº¸´Â ¼¼°è Ŭ¶ó½ºÀÇ ¼±¼öµé¿¡°Ôµµ °áÄÚ µÚÁöÁö ¾Ê´Â ÈǸ¢ÇÑ Ç÷¹À̸¦
    º¸¿©ÁÖ¾úÀó¾Æ¿ä.(Àú´Â ¿äÁò ¼ÛÁ¾±¹¿¡°Ô ¾öû³_ ±â´ë¸¦ ÇÏ°í ÀÖ´ä´Ï´Ù. Á¦°¡ Áö±Ý
    ²¯ ºÁ¿Â ±¹³» ¼±¼ö Áß¿¡ ¼ÛÁ¾±¹¸¸Å_ ±âº»ÀÌ Àß °®Ãß¾îÁø ¼±¼ö¸¦ ¸ø ºÃ°Åµç¿ä.
    Á¤¸» Å« ±â´ë°¡ µË´Ï´Ù. ¾Æ¿ï·¯ ¹ÚÁö¼º¿¡°Ôµµ¿ä.)

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