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Discussion in 'USA Men: News & Analysis' started by Go2NY, Aug 4, 2002.

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    John O'Briend played the full 90 for Ajax v. Man United in the annual pre-season "Amsterdam" tournament - including Barcelona, Parma, Man United and Ajax.

    Ajax beat Man U 2-1

    John O'Brien held both Beckam and Giggs scoreless -Beckam was subbed out at :45 for Wes Brown.

    O'Brien was cited for his outstanding play v. Man U on the Ajax website this morning, which did not reproduce very well, but here's the paragraph on John:

    Ajax - Manchester United (2-8-2002)

    De meest indrukwekkende Ajacied was deze avond John O' Brien. Hij had Giggs volledig in zijn zak en bemoeide zich ook nog eens met de opbouw van Ajax. De combinaties bij Ajax waren af en toe oogstrelend en ook de degelijkheid van Galasek was wederom goed. Maar eigenlijk verdiende heel Ajax een pluim, want om zo tegenstand te bieden aan een ploeg dat de laatste jaren Europa domineerde was schitterend om te zien.

    My translation isn't top notch, but I think it sais,
    " John O"Brien was the most impressive AjaxMan of the game...

    " He had Giggs, in his pocket, and in addition, he could also concern himself with working on offense...."

    There's a classic photo of O'Brien stopping a Beckham attack...

    Tomorrow, O'Brien plays Barcelona, then Parma.

    Ajax is in second place in the tournament after Barcelona beat Parma 4-2
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    Feb 19, 2000
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    Ajax Website


    Go to "Ajax maakt indrukt"

    Click on "lees meer"

    Scroll down to photo of John V. Beckham
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    This is not surprising. Maybe now all the Anglophiles will wake up and smell the coffee regarding the premiership. (Flame shields *UP*) In fact, maybe youth coaches should wake up and take notice of how skilled JOB is and change the way they teach soccer in this country. I can always dream can't I?
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    Re: Ajax Website

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    If Giggs played on the left and Beckham on the right, just how did JOB hold both scoreless simultaneously? Ajax doesn't play in Napierville or even in San Jose!
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    Feb 19, 2000
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    Thanks but...

    Beckham was taken out at the half - Giggs and Brown are empowered switch sides - O'Brien can move up from WingBack to Wing Mid - and Dutch is hellish to translate -

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