Numero Magico: 6 puntos

Discussion in 'Club America' started by Don Boppero 3000, Apr 18, 2006.

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    That's how many points we need to get into La Liguilla. Translation win the last two games. Atlante and Monterrey are the opponets, not respectively. :D

    Can it be done?

    I think Atlante with it's good defense and solid attack might be the toughest of both games. That being said if we win against Atlante we're in, or so I believe. It's been an odd few games. I'm not sure which America will show up, but I suspect the injuries sustained by Lopez and Blanco are less of an issue now. Blanco does not look like he's runing at his normal pace, but his passes have been on point and that's the biggest key.

    Bottom line, if we lose this weekend kiss the season goodbye and start Fernandez, Freire, Marco Gomez, and the rest of the youngbloods.
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    1 more game for this pathetic season to be over and Lapuente to be gone.

    Players to go-

    Players who need a salary raise-
  3. terrible15

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    add cuatemoc to the list of players that need to be gone...
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    i agree with terrible15 and AMEPUNKANIST, it's time to blow it up and start all over again. kleber and piojo are not getting any younger, cuah dedicates more time to whining and acting than playing....

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