Nueville, Klose, and Asamoah all in good form

Discussion in 'Germany' started by JeffS, Oct 28, 2004.

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    Look at the latest BL scoring statistics:

    Oliver Nueville leads the BL with 8 goals. And he's doing it with mediocre Monchengladbach.

    Miroslav Klose is second with 7, including his latest which was a brilliant back heel, plus some other fine goals.

    Gerald Asamoah also has 4 goals, while rotating between midfield and forward, and playing for struggling Schalke (who fired their coach).

    None of these guys are world beaters, but they are giving Juergen Klinsmann some pretty attractive options in attack for Germany.

    Each one of these guys are good athletes.

    Oliver Nueville is very quick and a terrific dribbler. Now he's finding a solid scoring touch, which he had in 2002 (15 goals).

    Miroslav Klose has springs in his legs, is great in the air, and is fast with all around good skills. He, too had 15 goals in 2002, and is regaining his WC02 form.

    Gerald Asamoah is very fast, strong, and works his butt off. Plus he has pretty solid skills.

    Plus Kuranyi has been in good form, and Benjamin Lauth will probably start scoring once he's healthy. Then there's the 18 yr-old phenom Lukas Poldolski.

    This is all reason for optimism for the big improvement of Germany's anemic attack.
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    You're forgetting Bradric, who is having one hell of a season with Wolfsburg. Klinsman was there watching too. Many don't think Bradric is the right man for the German nationalteam but I say he's in the same boat as Klose and Asamoah. I don't think Neuville is up for the national game any longer.

    The guy Germany should focus on is Lukas Podolski. If Bayern pick him up and use him well he will become the next big German striker.
  3. LebenslangGruenWeiss

    Aug 13, 2004
    yeah and only if Bayern picks him right? There he can develop to such a great striker like Alexander Zickler or Carsten Jancker.

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    Haha you're right, Bayern do have a habit of late in turning great players into average.
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    Yea but just look at who the coach is now, Magath, an expert on youth. I doubt he will bench Podolski, especially since he has so much potential. Magath knows what to do with him.
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    The point was that he doesn't have to go to Bayern to develop. He could go to Stuttgart and partner Kuranyi, that would be the best partnership in the Bundesliga(except for maybe Pizarro and Makaay, or Klose and Klasnic/Valdez)
    He could go to Werder Bremen of course, but Schaaf probably wouldn't give him as much playing time as Magath would.
    One thing is sure though: He does not need to stay with Köln especially if they stay in the 2.Bundesliga.

    Neuville, I do not like him at all. He's had one decent goal this season, the rest were flukes. He's got worse hair than Brdaric the scarecrow, he's not even really German, and he's too old anyway.
    He's a poacher. We've already got one of them(Kuranyi kind of is a goal poacher) and if Auer gets into the national team like he should, there's no question about it, he's a goal poacher.
    I think the national team strikers should consist of: Brdaric(who should be violently persuaded to cut his hair, but he is good on the ball and can knock them in), Klose(the best header of the ball we've had since Bierhoff), Kuranyi(He was raised in Brazil for Pete's sake), Podolski(if you don't know, you should), Auer(born goal-scorer), Asamoah(work-horse, fast as the dickens, good technique).
    Klose, when he starts running cold again, should go, and then we'll have 5 strikers.

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