Notes from last night's OSC meeting at Anfield

Discussion in 'Liverpool' started by Matt Clark, Aug 15, 2002.

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    Dec 19, 1999
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    GH appeared for a Q&A -

    Does he accept that we have a problem with our width?

    His response was that he didnt think there was any world class wingers
    available at the moment BUT he really likes duff. However moving onto our
    specific midfield and width, he admitted that in the treble season we scored
    tons from midfield and it helped but last season that never happened. He also said straight out that we need to play with better width. He knows this and wants to try and
    work on it.

    The one worrying thing he said was that he feared we weren't ready for Villa
    yet and was slightly worried the newer players have taken longer to settle
    down than he'd hoped.


    He was asked about the alleged discussion with Steve Heighway in which they disagreed
    over the sale of Stephen Wright and his response was “don't believe the papers”. He knows theres a good crop of youngsters coming through but this might be five years away really and he wouldnt see them coming through - which sounded a bit like he has a time pencilled in for when he will be leaving, to be honest.


    He said that he WILL buy him. Quite unequivocal about it. But he also said that £15m in the currently depressed market was too much which may be why we've just this afternoon offered £10m But did say two or three times we will buy him.

    He said that he didnt initially realise the fans feelingsa gainst buying him until his stepson phoned him from Amsterdam, having been on the internet and seen fans’ views. He did say he didnt want him but wouldn’t reveal why - really strange that, to be honest. It was suggested that this might make a good topic for an autobiography, at which he laughed. When told that some fans of many years threatened to send their season tickets back had we bought Bowyer, he revealed that some actually did send their tickets
    back thinking the deal was done only for it to backfire. He didn’t say if they have grovelled for them back yet :)

    He said he only came back for the Roma as it meant something and he
    thought it would give an extra fillip to the side on the night. Had we already
    been out he would have stayed away longer - infact, he revelead that coming back when he did was a mistake, but he loved the club so much he felt he had to do it. He said that in the last two weeks of the season he was knackered but couldn’t show it, for obvious reasons.
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    Great report --- Thanks. The Duff information is quite interesting. If I read you right --- GH doesn't see Duff as a world class winger but wants him none the less.
  3. 655321

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    Jul 21, 2002
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    I'd like to know more about this alleged conversation with Steve Heighway...I hadn't heard anything about this?? Is he working or consulting with the club??
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    Great report..... Another reason to come to the LFC boards daily. You never know what LFC nugget will surface, and give all us far-away supporters another fix. LFC is a drug, really.

    Thanks Matt. Post game e-mails from GH, supporters club notes and q and a with the man himself. What's next? GH at my house for some dinner? Shame I don't know how to make Scouse.

    And Duff, I read it that he does think that he's World Class, but he's just not available. Hence, "there are no world class wingers available."
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    Nat'l Team:
    Stevie Heighway is the team's Academy Director.

    You can read more about him on the official site at:
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    Hate to echo, but I feel obliged to throw out a big "Thank you" to Matt too. Good to hear from our man on the ground over there with useful nuggets of information such as that. You are a lifesaver for those of us trapped on the other side of the pond. . .

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