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Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by dwinkler, Aug 12, 2002.

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    Aug 11, 2000
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    To Henry Winter, for two Gunners-bashing stories the past two days.

    1. In a generally decent story about the Community Shield win, Winter continues his crusade about Arsenal's alleged poor disciplinary record with a snide comment. The context is Wenger complaining about Gerrard's tackle from behind on Vieira.

    2. Column in tomorrow's Telegraph about the need for Arsenal to start bringing young players through the ranks.

    Perhaps Winter could get his nose unstuck from "Sir" Alex's behind long enough to enlighten us on who, of consequence, ManUre have brought through lately. Luke Chadwick? Wes Brown? Not exactly first-team regulars, are they? Yes, I'm aware that Beckham and the Nevilles (and maybe others) came through at the same time. But lately it's been a lot of high-profile buying, hasn't it?

    Winter does try to justify his angle by mentioning some ManUre youngsters:
    So have Graham Barrett, Moritz Volz, and David Noble. What's the point?

    He also says that United have been forced to carry a young keeper because of injury:
    Ever heard of Stuart Taylor? Apparently not, since Taylor wasn't mentioned in the article even though, unlike Ben Williams, Taylor has actually played in competitive matches (15 appearances, 13 starts last season).

    There are other absurd statements, like comparing youngster David Bentley to Dennis Bergkamp - "Bentley says he likes to play in the Bergkamp role but merely dreams of replacing the Dutchman." Christ, does he even know that Bentley only turns 18 later this month? (By the way, Bentley is supposed to be the Next Big Thing, and has been compared to Bergkamp by some, but how many 17-year-olds not named Pele could supplant God in the lineup?).

    He closes the article with this: "Meanwhile, Pennant, Upson and Jeffers will take their frustration out on the Worthington Cup." Huh? Pennant's fine when playing against other youths, but is he better than Ljungberg or Pires? And Upson and Jeffers are both crocked all the time. If they stay healthy, I bet they'll get plenty of playing this season.

    In case Winter doesn't realize it, the stakes are huge almost every time Arsenal plays. Despite losing only three games last season, going unbeaten on the road, and scoring in all 38 league games, Arsenal didn't exactly walk to the title. Which game should the manager pick to blood one of the new boys? Any game is a potential banana skin, even/especially against the supposed minnows.

    Winter's point of view is fine when he's drawing it up in the sandbox, but it would be decidedly different if he was ever in Wenger's shoes.

    In case you care, here are the links:

    The one with the snide comment:

    The one with the ridiculous youth "analysis":
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    "Young boys are always the main criterion at Manchester United."

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    I know Henry Winter. I like Henry Winter. A lot of what he says here is true. But he is also talking out of his arse a bit.

    1. Love those youngsters that ManU brought up recently. What are there names again? Van Nistelrooy, Veron, Ferdinand...

    2. If Wenger was refusing to play our youngsters and we were finishing in the middle of the pack, like Spurs, then you could complain. How can you argue that Wenger should be playing youngsters when we are winning the double? Now, you could argue that we shouldn't be going out and getting a Cygan or a Silva, that we should just let the kids play and see what happens. That sounds pretty foolish though.

    I must admit that I would love to see Pennant, Aliadere, et. al. play. But as long as we are winning it doesn't matter to me. Arsene has no duty to blood England's next generation of World Cup wanna be's. His only duty is to win trophies for Arsenal. On that note I suggest Sir Alex and Mr. Winter refer to a little something we here in the States call "The Scoreboard."

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