No wonder MFO is so messed up!

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by supermetros, Sep 18, 2003.

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    Got this a little while back from the MLS job postings.

    Direct Marketing Ticket Sales Executives - New York/New Jersey

    The base salary to work at MFO is 18k a year. I think I made more delivering pizzas in college, plus I got free pizza. They do get 5% commisions. So lets assume 9000 season tickets sold. Even if you are an amazing sales person (in which case you would be elsewhere making well over 70-100k) you might account for 1000 (1/9) of those @ $352 per Metro Membership (the average of the Platinum, Gold, Silver, & Bronze) @ 5% commision you still only make an extra 17k. 35k total. Not a bad salary but you're telling me at that pay rate we're getting any quality FO people what so ever. Cough

    ...somehow, I bet Nick's base package is "little" higher than that....
  2. CbR

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    Nov 10, 2000
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    we need frank rizzo up in there,, he'll sell a phucken tank
  3. DJPoopypants

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    Is that what you meant to say?
  4. Matt in the Hat

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    Open your fcuking ears jackass!!
  5. Thomas A Fina

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    United States I'll being all my glasses and my shoes then...I fell down the stairs, and I broke my shoes.

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