Nigeria drops 2010 WC bid

Discussion in 'Africa' started by Canadian_Supporter, Sep 29, 2003.

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    Someone with the Nigerian FA making sense?

    That's a first!
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    Are Morocco/Maroc and some other North African contenders still in the bidding?
    And as for the SA bid, does it have any support or clout outside the African continent? And no, I don't mean a verbal endorsement from Pele.
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    I'm glad Nigeria finally withdrew. The money it would've spent on infrastructure would've been close a crime against humanity in that country. Not that Morocco/Maroc or Egypt is much better. FIFA yesterday rejected the joint Tunisia/Libya bid (surprise).

    Yes, Maroc is still in. I think South Africa is pretty much the consensus choice around the world. Especially since there's a sense that they were robbed of the 2006 edition.

    Though it wouldn't surprise me if Europe prefers Maroc since its proxmity to the Old Continent might appeal to UEFA federations since, as we all know, Europe thinks it's the only football continent that matters.
  5. miky

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    Dec 24, 2003

    The problem isnt money.if for any reason nigeria droped it that would be related to its stress over the previous ones it hosted.further more it is prepared to host a more future one the olympics which would give it enough time to restabilise its economy and gain from its profits of booming maunfacturing sector and housin i think they gained a lot.the economy enjoyed so as the can NEVER BE MONEY.

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