Next Chairman of Italy's Football League?

Discussion in 'Italy' started by prk166, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. prk166

    prk166 BigSoccer Supporter

    Aug 8, 2000
    Med City
    This article on Soccernet mentions that Galliani didn't get relected.

    Anyone know who would step up if Galliani fails to rustle up enough support?

    And what the heck does the article mean by "five spoilt ballot papers"?
  2. SueB

    SueB New Member

    Mar 23, 1999
    Waterbury, VT
    I don't pretend to understand it all, but they have tried and failed 4 or 5 times now (three times November 5 and twice today, I think?) to re-elect him with the requisite 75% of the ballots. There is nobody running against him, it's just that many of the presidents (new Fiorentina president Diego Delle Valle is pretty much the ringleader) are leaving their ballots blank in protest.

    I'm not sure what happens next.
  3. SueB

    SueB New Member

    Mar 23, 1999
    Waterbury, VT
    From what I can gather, the FIGC (Italian federation) president, Franco Carraro, has been nominated by the clubs to run against Galliani in the Dec 20 election. The biggest beef of the anti-Galliani group is that the league president should not be so strongly associated with one club, as Galliani is with Milan. I suppose Carraro would be a good alternative in that regard, although I don't think he's done squat at the federation.

    I don't know what happens if he wins the election - will he have to resign the FIGC post, or can he hold both positions? Typically strange Italian politics.
  4. Catenaccio-maldini

    Catenaccio-maldini New Member

    Jul 26, 2004
    so what happened in the Dec 20 ?
  5. SueB

    SueB New Member

    Mar 23, 1999
    Waterbury, VT
    Oh, that got delayed of course. :) I believe it's planned for Feb 14. Maybe.
  6. Cassano

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    Jul 16, 2004
    AC Milan
    Nat'l Team:
    It's never going to happen until someone steps up and challenges Galliani. Right now no one wants to run against him...

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