News: Police release CCTV images of suspected Manchester derby troublemakers

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    Police have issued CCTV images of fans they believe were involved in disorder at last week's Manchester derby.

    A total of 18 arrests were made following the Carling Cup semi-final first leg between Manchester City and Manchester United and more trouble is feared at Wednesday night's return leg.

    In reference to the images, Supt Craig Thompson said: "At last week's match there were a small number of so-called football fans who marred an otherwise enjoyable game.

    "The people who caused the disorder are a disgrace to the vast majority of peaceful and genuine fans who simply wanted to enjoy the match.

    "When we catch these people, and be assured we will, they could become subject to football banning orders, which in simple terms means they will be banned from attending football matches.

    "If you recognise the people pictured, please get in touch. We need to find those responsible so we can stop them from ruining matches for anyone else."

    Mr Hopkins added: "After the match last week I made it clear that we would not simply forget what happened.

    "While the people involved may think they have got away with it, we have spent the past few days reviewing evidence and we are working hard to catch those responsible.

    "These people must be held accountable for their behaviour."


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