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    I have uploaded many new games and clips into my
    YouTube channel SuperHattrickBlog

    [ame=""]Saudi Arabia vs. Kuwait 3-1 at 1983:[/ame] that was the first game ever Saudi beat Kuwait. Majed was a star.

    [ame=""]Saudi Arabia vs. New Zealand 3-1 at 1984[/ame]: Olympic qualifications.

    [ame=""]Saudi Arabia vs. Iran Penalty Kicks 1984[/ame]: Asian Cup

    [ame=""]Saudi Arabia vs. UAE 0-1 1985[/ame]: this game knocked Saudi out of WC Qualifications

    [ame=""]Qatar Iraq 3-0 1985[/ame] - WC Qualifications

    There are more games and clips
    I hope you enjoy, and more is coming

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