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Discussion in 'TV, Satellite & Radio' started by matty311, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. matty311

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    Jul 2, 2003
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    After past Gol Tv fails such as soccer cam, 45/45 and the U.S soccer show this fall doesn't look to be setting itself up for anything different from our beloved soccer channel.

    La Liga 360=fail
    Ole was much better with Lindsay Dean or Phil Schoen doing the highlights. Don't like the two guys doing it this year. Not sure if they are doing the highlights themselves or just translating what the spanish side is saying. I know this is geared towards the spanish side of the channel, they brought in some big shots in spanish broadcasting this year. It was cool having someone at the Bernabeu interviewing players after the game though.

    30 mins Hallo Bundesliga=big fail
    If the show is going to be this half assed, and if there isn't a spare hour anywhere in Gol TV's massive schedule of weekly programming, then cancel it.

    Haven't seen Los Profesionales yet, not sure if it premiered this week or not. And 60+ doesn't seem like it will be that groundbreaking. Who is greenlighting these programming decisions???
  2. themaestro

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    Nov 9, 2005
    30min Halo Bundesliga is crap, and of course GOL had it listed for an entire hour on their program guide. :rolleyes:
    I haven't watched any of the other new shows though, I prefer the old setup, watch the La Liga highlights show, watch the Bundesliga highlights show, and I thought both did there job even if they weren't the best produced thing we've ever seen.
  3. danielmak

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    Sep 26, 2004
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    It would be nice if Constantino could shed some light on these choices.

    I didn't bother with the 30 minute Bundesliga highlights show. Just seeing goals doesn't do much more for me than just seeing the score on the Guardian site. I do think that Halo Bundesliga was much improved once Lindsay Dean took over. The show itself is likely going to be the same everywhere in the world, so I would respectively disagree with Maestro about the production quality. I doubt Gol was doing much editing until they decided to cut it to 30 minutes. And as I write through this, I am actually even more baffled. If the show comes as a package and Lindsay Dean just provides narration on the English side for 60 minutes (I don't know who does narration on the Spanish side) that would seem to be much cheaper than to pay an editor to splice the show down. I don't know if Dean is on salary or paid as a free-lancer but I would think that paying a free-lancer to do the voiceover is cheaper for 1 hour than paying an editor to shrink the show *and* to pay Dean to do the voiceover. Not to mention, there were plenty of commercial breaks so it does not seem like Gol is freeing up time for more ads by switching to 2 thirty minute shows in an hour vs. one show. But this seems to be Gol's standard move (e.g,. they did the same thing with Milan TV by chopping up games that FSC used to show in full and shrinking them to 30 minutes).
  4. themaestro

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    Nov 9, 2005
    Yeah maybe production was not the word I was looking for, just sometimes the voice overs seemed weird to me. Not really much of an issue to be fair.

    Like I said both shows did their jobs. And 1hr Halo Bundesliga was nice as I wasn't always able to catch all the Bundesliga matches as I would have liked.

    Makes sense too that they had to do a bit of work to cut the show down, don't understand why they decided to cut in to 1/2 hour.

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