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    Starting this Sunday vs Canada AO Hartford will be moving to Downtown Hartford.
    City Steam Brewery will be providing very generous specials, in a stable professionally managed environment. We hope this move will continue our mission of uniting the us soccer fans of Connecticut and strengthening our team as the 12th man on the pitch.

    We have been proud to call Damon’s Tavern our home bar since the 2010 World Cup. We are very thankful for all they have done for us in getting our chapter off the ground. As we look forward to the 2014 World Cup AO Hartford has decided to make changes to the way we operate as a chapter in order to better serve our members.

    Therefore, we will now be calling City Steam Brewery at 942 Main Street in Downtown Hartford as our home bar. We hope this will lead to bigger and better things for our chapter.

    Starting with the Sunday, June 3 game viewing party against Canada at 7 pm, City Steam will be offering us the following deals…

    > Beers are at happy hour pricing, so $3
    > Beer bongs are at happy hour pricing too, so $16-$18 depending on the beer.
    > $6 wings
    > $7 boneless wings
    > $9 chicken nachos
    > $10 pizza (one topping)

    I am sure some of you are concerned about parking in downtown Hartford. I am here to tell you it’s not very difficult or expensive!

    First off: All curbside parking is free after 6PM on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. And if you do have to pay, 2 hours costs $2.00 and you can run out at halftime to put another 2 hours on it (they take credit cards)

    Second: There are plenty of safe and convenient parking garages and surface lots near City steam. Rather than confusing everyone I will suggest just one…
    Morgan Street Garage
    -Open 24 hours (with security)
    -Easy access to both highways
    -Close to City Steam (2-3 blocks depending where you park in the garage)
    -HUGE (2,290 spaces)
    -Fairly new and clean
    -The cheapest in the city
    -Takes all major credit cards

    Maximum Daily rate: $12.00
    Nights & Weekend (per day): $4.00

    Since almost all of our games are at night or on weekends, you should never pay more than $4 parking for the games.

    Our Friends at AO New Haven will continue to meet at AnnaLiffey’s, where members will get $2.50 PBRs and $3 Bud Light Drafts.

    We hope all our members will show up at the upcoming viewing parties to let City Steam know how proud we are to call them our home bar.

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    City Steam is an awesome place and I look forward to joining AO on Wednesday to beat Mex! Very happy to see the move as it's truly going to be the best spot to watch matches from in Hartford!
  3. FoxBoro 143

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    Is this chapter still alive?
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    it is,,,,,while I am a member I rarely go to the viewings but they do still have them

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