Never heard a sweeter sounding word than Feyenoord part 2

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    Crap performance by our attack.
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  2. For once Minteh delivered, when the rest up front were awol.
    We need a 100% improvement next week against PSV.
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    The number of shots taken by us, given a 60% possession, is remarkable low, but can be explained by Almere's densely packed third part of their half and the fatigue of the players

  4. Results of Feyenoord vs PSV

    Feyenoord coach enjoys his 'youngsters' in the Youth League
    Robin van Persie back at Bayern Munich after almost 20 years
    ROTTERDAM (Neth.) - Robin van Persie faces Bayern Munich for the second time in twenty years. In the 2004-2005 season, his first year with Arsenal, he took on the Germans with men like Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira. Bayern eliminated Arsenal, now Van Persie as coach of Feyenoord gets the chance to take revenge.
    Personal interests do not play a role, because the former top striker is in Munich doing everything he can to bring the talents of his club to a higher level and to offer as much as possible in the Champions Youth League


    What is striking this season is that after a whole career as a striker, you have your team's defending so good in the Champions Youth League. Laughing: "Yes, as a striker I loved attacking. But I also knew that there are an average of 365 changeovers in a match. I have my own ideas and principles and they are leading, but it's not just about attacking. I think it's great that with all the position changes and our attacking style of play, we are always so well organized defensively."

    Interesting to read about his views, and you can see the influence Slot has on his coaching development

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  6. Man, you most of the time have the impression people just write shit to fill their pages with text to sell magazines.
    Björn van der Doelen thinks that Feyenoord will travel with lead in their shoes (=fearfull) to PSV on Sunday. The midfielder thinks that the 7-1 victory against PEC of the Eindhoven team has an effect on the minds of the Rotterdammers.

    To think a high score against a bottom half team is going to rattle Feyenoord, which has a very strong defense, you are either stupid or are incapable of producing content that matters, instead of bullshit.

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  7. Man, that first half was bloody awfull. No energy at all. Probably trying to get a result at a low gear. Didnot work.
    Second half with the proper amount of energy, but the lack of contribution from our left winger, especially compared to before the winterbreak, becomes an issue.

    Disgusting, criminal tackle from behind by Marvin Peersman. Locking Calvin Stengs's both legs with his first leg and then mowing those legs from behind with his other leg. Should have been an immediate red card. Strange the VAR didnot react. Now this asshole gets away without any suspension.
    He's a recidivist in criminal tackles from behind. Already in 2015:

    NOS Football• Monday, 16 February 2015, 15:08
    Marvin Peersman suspended for five games
    FC Dordrecht defender Marvin Peersman has been suspended by the prosecutor of the KNVB for five matches after his red card in the duel with FC Utrecht. Peersman was sent off by referee Wiedemeijer after a hard tackle from behind on the ankles of Rubio Rubin. Peersman immediately agreed to the prosecutor's settlement proposal on Monday. It is already the second red card of the season for Peersman. He also received a red card in the game against Feyenoord. That card was taken into account in the heavy suspension

    He seriously injured Rubio Rubin with that criminal foul:

    The injury was the one of the toughest things I've gone through in my career so far,” Rubin told American Soccer Now. “I was out for six months. After that it was, 'How long is it going to take me to get back to fitness?' I really didn't get with the first team until six, seven months and then I was riding the bench for a while. Having to sit on the bench week-in and week-out without even getting a minute after an injury, that was hard.”

    Now he has taken out Stengs for months.

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    Feyenoord coach Arne Slot deliberately tried to reduce the burden on Calvin Stengs: 'But you can't do anything about a tackle like that'
    The hypocrit feinting care.

    NOS Football• Today, 10:12 AM 'Calvin Stengs gets off with a scare, no serious knee injury for Feyenoord striker'
    Calvin Stengs didn't suffer a serious knee injury in the match against FC Groningen. This is reported by De Telegraaf. The scans show no serious injury to the right knee

    Unclear how long he's out, but I suggest to be careful not to rush anything.


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    Luuk de Jong hasnot scored against Feyenoord in a decade, let's hope he continues that streak.

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    2-2 felt a fair result today.
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    Nat'l Team:
    Entertaining match
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    Voetbal International ratings:

  13. Stengs might be back after the Orange Squad break end of the month.
    He probably is back after the matches against Heracles and Heerenveen and the Orange Squad ones.

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  14. Oh dear.
    Jean-Paul Boëtius again has been diagnosed with cancer, that spread to retroperitoneal lymph nodes.
    He will have to be treated with chemo therapy.
    Wish him full recovery and strength in the coming months.

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  15. Despite denials from the player himself, sources close to the club tell it's a certainty left back Gijs Smal from FC Twente signs for Feyenoord transfer free.
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    Feyenoord is reporting it so it must be a done deal; free transfer. Are they expecting to lose Hartman or Lopez this summer?
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    Daley blind esque LB, better than him from defensive point of view. Good player and it's a valuable loss for twente especially when they competing for European football. I read that article and Lopez seems to be on his way out so backup for hartman.

    At twente reeger ( will be his successor but from a technical point of view smal is better.

    I was thinking about it, if twente do qualify for European football, players they could opt to sign these players on free. El ghazi, fesu mensah( contract expires in june),Amin Younes ( free agent). There is also reports the weghorst is also linked to the club and was seen in the stands following the team.
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  18. There is a lot of interest in our players, and Hartman is one of them.
    Hope Feyenoord's scouts have been busy locating replacements, as it might become a very open summer window.
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    'Stronger through struggle JP', was written on the shirts in which Feyenoord's starting players entered the pitch, as a supporting action for J.P. Boëtius.

  20. Voetbalflitsen rating of Feyenoord:

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    Ivanusec and Beelen both growing into their positions quite well. Ivanusec is showing his quality as a setup man.
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  22. Yup.
    I read somewhere that a (epl?) club is interested in Trauner. I would say: "sell him and find a back up for Beelen".
    Ivanusec was great at the start of the season, but his injury threw him back. Now he's getting his mojo running again and hopefully Santi profits from it too. It's not for nothing since our wingers went awol, Santi stopped scoring.
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