Need your help: US Open Cup attendance

Discussion in 'US Open Cup' started by olujosh, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Now I have TWO goalscorers to confirm now. I am in touch with many of the Flamengo SC players from 1995. The guy i think scored the goal is, of course, the only one that people don't have any contact information for. The other Highlanders game is going to be tricky because I can't find a single person who played for that team or ran that team. I went so far as to contact the local Chamber of Commerce to get contact information for the corporation that the owner ran but apparently he had sold the company a few years earlier and no one knows where he is. If anyone wants to tackle this little project it would be a huge help. Especially since this time of year I'm busy covering the current tournament.

    In my ideal world I would find somebody to take charge of the coverage of the current tournament so I can focus on historical research but we're not there yet. The search continues ...
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    It still does.

    The match in 2008 against the Sounders had a large number, too, one that was geometrically impossible at the place they held it.

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