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    Hi all,
    Im off to Brighton next week and have a list of 6 addresses I wanted to check out in North London that were residences of my grandparents / gr. Grandparents and on.
    They are no longer around and my mum left N. London as a kid so knows nowt about the areas anymore except that "we were all born within the sound of the Bow Bells"

    Anyway, Ive found 3 of the addresses fine on mapquest, but cannot find 3 of the others. Some of these addresses are over 100 years old.
    Just wondering if anyone local to N. London has come accross any of the 3 unidentified addresses. Also, for all the addresses are they in dodgy area--i.e. are they safe areas to travel around on foot?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
    CHeers, Kev.

    Have Mapped Address :):
    Rutland Gardens, Harringay
    Graham Mansions, Graham Road, Hackney
    Hugo Road, Upper Hollowy/Kentish Town, Islington

    Have NOT Mapped Address :(:
    Willow Walk, St. Leonard, Shoreditch
    Kings Road, St. Thomas, Camden Town
    Bells buildings, Salisbury Sq, W. London

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