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Discussion in 'Houston Supporters Clubs' started by Super Dynamo, Aug 30, 2007.

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    Okay Dynamo Fan's need a dose of live Soccer before Saturdays match against KC Gizards?

    then you are in the right place. Okay American football is fix'n to start, then you got UH Volleyball...ladies are off to a great start...then we have Football, pardon me...Soccer or in my eyes "THE BEAUTIFUL GAME"!

    Yup yup...this year I expect to attend as many Houston Cougar soccer matches I can...I Love football or should I say "Soccer". Unfortunately in the past 3 years I was unable to attend any matches due to my announcing schedule with UH and high school Volleyball as well as high school football. This year my schedule is pretty loose, considering I am only announcing High school volleyball this year.

    Anyhow I invite you the Dynamo fan, the soccer fan, the UH Supporter to join me on Friday night when UH Soccer opens 2007 season against No. 3 UCLA at 7 p.m. Friday (August 31st) in Robertson Stadium.

    This should be a awesome match!

    Come and join me Super Dynamo (will be wearing my git-up the first game) as we chant a sing and stomp throughout the 90'. Also be sure to be on the Look out for the UH Marketing staff as they introduce UH soccer's newest Supporters group "THE COOGLIGANS!" (maybe we could recruit some of UH passionate soccer fan's to either the TA or EB? Let's increase the Northend!) If you plan on attending,throw on your Red and see you at the Rob! From what I have heard there is expected to be some pretty sweet giveaways! T-shirts, Ipod and other neat gadgets.


    Quick heads up!

    Items not allowed at the Rob!

    Flag poles
    artificial noise makers (drums, blow horn and so fourth)
    (NCAA Rules) BOOOOOOOO! I know what a bummer!

    for more information please contact the UH Marketing office at 713-743-9450
    log on to

    from what the Daily Cougar mention tickets are $2 for the public free for UH students!

    Thanks a ton!

    Jeremiah E. Gallegos "Super Dynamo"
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    You can stand on the seats and bleachers for U of H women's soccer. Not for Dynamo games but for sure for any U of H match.

    Brandon and I went last year to the U of H vs Rice match as I have been to a few of those over the years. Great game and I thought Coach Solberg had cultivated a solid program on a Tibet Monks League budget.

    We will see how Coach Bush does in her first year. The team will be missing Sofie Mundy big time! That chic could play the game and that's not a compliment I hand out to female footy players. U of H will need to bring it's A game with Texas and UCLA.

    Good on ya COOGALINS! Make sure to have trapos and a color bar. Red, White, Red....maybe some blue in the Trapo.

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