Nations League: Italy vs Poland (& Ukraine Friendly)

Discussion in 'Italy: National Teams' started by Mean Machine, Oct 5, 2018.

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    @Rac93 did Germany play today?
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    It's almost divine , isn't it? :sneaky:

    Karma for the plastic troll

    Don't piss off the football Gods....Don't do it !....Doooon't do it !!!
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    In Serie B!
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    Jun 26, 2018
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    Got this from Nations League site, it said:

    Italy A3 - position to be confirmed
    To play: 17/11 v Portugal (h)
    Have a chance to reach the finals if they beat Portugal and the European champions do not defeat Poland three days later.

    Poland A3 - relegated
    To play: 20/11 v Portugal (a)
    The 1-0 home loss to Italy on 14 October confirmed their relegation.

    So we safe from relegation since Poland already confirmed relegate. At worst, if we lost the Nov game, we still remain in the second position.

    Yah! I'm just happy we won't relegate to league B.

    We still have hope, still time to build ourselves up in time for EuroCup2020.
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    lol, you're an entertainer :)
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