National Team is just fine.

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    Aug 7, 2001
    Taken from:
    "After a nine-day stay in Croatia, the National team is apparently well and in high-spirits. Their winning streak in the past few matches has also given them energy and optimism. Their next game will be against Vartex of Slovenia on Saturday, 3rd August.

    Ivancovic is gradually beginning to understand his team and players better. His main emphasis seems to be on care and hard work on the part of his boys in the matches. Ranjbar, National Team supervisor, had this to say about the camp, "The National Team will have two morning and two afternoon practice sessions in preparation for the Saturday match against Vartex of Croatia. This is also the last National Team game against a European team."

    "Thank god that at present we have no injured players. My priority is to get all the boys back home in one piece and well, so any player who wants to leave us or talk to other clubs about transferes should do it after returning to Iran. No one will be allowed to leave us here. Nikbakhtvahedi is no exception to the rule (he has shown willingness to travel directly from Croatia to Spain to discuss terms with clubs who want him) and he must stay with the camp and forget about Spain until he is back in Iran.""
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    Aug 7, 2001
    What a guy! He says that Nikbakht must forget about Spain and focus on NT! Go Professor!!!

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