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    Jun 6, 2001

    Klaus Augenthaler was asked these days whether it isn't frustrating for him to coach a small club. The coach answered: "No, we are no small club, we are just a club with little big possibilities". Understood?

    Edgar Geenen was asked these days whether it isn't frustrating for him to be GM of a small club. He answered: "Not at all, our frustration to be 16th is as big as in Munich if they are 2nd". Interesting view.

    And also if they like to work for a small club, called 1.FC Nürnberg, it is getting on their nerves that the finances are often interfering their plans. Actual example: Anthony Sanneh. The WC participant is finally on the way to become a key player of the team. And what does Geenen do? He's flying to England to sell the US-boy. A 2M hole in the budget is forcing him to.

    It didn't work, Sanneh stays. Geenen met with three English clubs, result: "At the moment a transfer definitely won't happen". Rather in winter, then there'll be new negotiations.

    They seem to have more luck with another pro. This Monday the transfer of Jesus Junior to Waldhof Mannheim shall be completed. The 24 year old Brazilian isn't playing a role in Augenthaler's plans.

    This transfer doesn't change the financial situation in Nürnberg though. Further successes in the DFB-cup shall help. How important this cup is, is getting evident by the bonus of 10K that President Michael A. Roth promised every player for defeating Trier in the first round. "For such a victory he's taking some bills out of his wallet", says Geenen. And forgets the financical crisis for the moment.

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