My Lineup for Chelski

Discussion in 'Reading FC' started by whipsmart13, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. whipsmart13

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    Oct 28, 2006
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    *Marek looked great in his limited time against ManU and gives us someone in the middle that can open things up with great passing
    *Cisse looked great against ManU and needs another shot and locking down a CB slot. He played CB in the Portuguese leage and while he "prefers" midfielder, he has the size, pace and "feel" for the game to make a difference at CB for the Royals
  2. Laudy

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    I think that is the obvious lineup but who knows what Coppell will do. I don't know if Marek will get the start yet. I agree that he should but it may be too soon. I hope Coppel doesn't start Oster instead. He is brutal and I don't think he is an everyday stater at all. I would also love to see Lita get some time in as well in this game. Doyle has not impressed me as of late and Lita is eager to get some more PT. I say give Lita a start and see what he can do, if he lays an egg than he has nothing to complain about and we can move foward.

    My only change would be Lita for Doyle. If Lita can't make it happen in the first half bring in Doyle. Also let's see some of the youngsters get a little PT. Hopefully, this will be a tight game and we can get a point or more but if not get some of the young players like Simon Cox some action to see what they can do at this level.
  3. SteveCoppell

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    Apr 5, 2007
    I would have the same team as you. However, i think that due to chelsea usually playing 4-5-1 i think Coppell might choose to match them and have:
    as the midfield with Lita partnering Kitson up front
  4. Katsbox

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    Jan 17, 2005
    I'm not generally a fan of 5 in the back or middle, but I like that midfield with Kitson up top (and hey if they let us put Lita up top too, all the better, but I'm doubtful that Chelsea or the ref will allow us a 4-5-2).

    That said, I think Reading play best in a 4-4-2, so I'm hoping Matejovsky is ready to start and Coppell goes with Whipsmart's lineup.

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