MSNBC, bashes Beckham deal

Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by flagstaff_911sc, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. flagstaff_911sc

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    Jun 20, 2007
    this is the title of the article I'm referring to......just thought I would pass it along

    "MLS should do refunds after Beckham injury"

    By: Filip Bondy

    MSNBC contributor

    "Even in the ultra-capitalistic world of professional sports, there ought to be a limit to the phrase, “buyer beware,” when it comes to a transcendent superstar. If MLS officials don’t rethink an exit strategy now for David Beckham, they will pay dearly for their greed shortsightedness in extra time, infinitum".

    the only thing he got right is:

    "Alexi Lalas, the teams’ GM, has termed the MLS schedule “ridiculous,” but did little to prevent the free-for-all when it was first proposed".
  2. tambo

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    Jun 9, 2007
    MLS marketing staffs might be shortsighted, but I doubt their attorneys are. I can't imagine any MSL team sold a single ticket to see Beckham On The Field. They sold tickets to see the L.A. Galaxy.

    Refunds could be one of the worst moves right now. It would signal that the MLS does indeed consider itself a circus show, staging not soccer matches but personal appearances by a colorful entertainer.

    This injury sucks. The whole Beckham thing -- which should have been a triumphant moment in American soccer -- has basically turned into a worst-case scenario. The universe was just against us this summer, guys. Maybe next year...
  3. convergecrew

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    Jan 17, 2007
    Los Angeles
    not gonna bother reading this, thanks tho.
  4. chitownfire

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    Aug 22, 2007
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    I'm really sick of hearing this garbage. If you're going to go to a game to watch SOCCER go to the freaking game! If you're just going to watch Beckham than just stay HOME. Leave the actual game attendance to people who actually appreciate the beautiful game and that's that. I mean c'mon he's just ONE player for goodness sake...gosh!
  5. paladius

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    Sep 27, 2003
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    This is so infantile. The guy is injured. Get over it. So you bought a package of tickets because you wanted to see him. Did it ever occur to any of these people that he might get injured?

    How many healthy soccer players play every match of the season? It's probably below 33%.

    Beckham was trying to do the right thing and make a noble effort.

    MLS should offer a comp plan that is a nice gesture, but not a complete apology for falling victim to the law of averages.
  6. UNION S.C.

    UNION S.C. Member

    Feb 15, 2007
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    The refund topic is just more soccer basking and we all should expect more from other non-soccer sources.

    However, I agree that the league did a poor job in the schedule. MLS needs to remember that it is supoosed to be our nations 1st division. That means that soccer is the attraction. That means that its 13 current teams are the attraction.

    When I first saw the schedule I was sickened, because the MLS made it easy for the press to say... it a one-man show. I am glad Beckham signed with the Galaxy because its shows the world that MLS is a real first division league. But, it should also act like one. Does the EPL, or other other top leagues make a schedule like the MLS just did, when they sign a big player???

    The product is getting better. The league is getting stronger. The MLS should treat itself like.... oh..... a major league. Hopefully, they learn from this mistake and 2008 will be treated as such.
  7. DamonEsquire

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    Sep 16, 2002
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    Therin lies the problem. MONEY! buts its okay to not follow the rules of the game and alllow stuff. Its okay to bring John O'brien back but its not okay for Mr. Beckham. I agree. I think is injuries are superficial. I think. He thinks. The team neeeds to rise to his occassion. He has done everything. I imagine. Him to do. Hits some exceptionallly nice crossess. Mixes it up by not going outside alll the time. Accuracy is there. Everything is there except his confidence in acdic acids~!

    Look MLS is way short on english names not bodies but names. and if they can set through crap that they've sought after prior. They surely could get an ambulance lawyer for the league.

    Everyone knew his situation. Yet bought into it. That says more about the commanders than players. Mr. Beckham still sellsout even before you know he aint there. Thats the difference. I personnally think. He has it in his contrat to not play if the team isn't competitive on season. DUE to the risk of injury. But I will say this; presence will almost put the Galaxy into a championship position. That is what hes paid for. It would diffently surprise myself; if he doesn't win one before contract is up. That could be an international debate more than national...

    So inshort, I don't agree with injuries. Especially the reviews of plays. I could be just a poor motivator. Underfinace and what not. But he will get better. Maybe its a play to strengthen a contract stance and his pay takes a cut. He diffently knows situation the best. I mean. He probably could hire a hundred thousand dollar per year person if he doesn't figure it out himself....
  8. Gino Franconni

    Gino Franconni Red Card

    Sep 1, 2007
    Hmm, I don't agree. Sure I think Beckham is being paid much more than he's worth but if he can come over to the US & demand & get that kind of money & get it under contract & the Galaxy are stupid enough to give it to him then good for Beckham! It's kind of like playing a slot machine or the black jack table in Vegas. You never know what your going to get! A club can sign a big name player like Beckham or anyone else for that matter & there's no way to know if it will work out. If a player get's injured, then he's injured. If a player can't play any longer, then he can't play any longer. It's like this in all sports'. So if your one of those >>> I want to latch on to the latest thing! kind of people & you think somebody owes you a refund as some here have posted then I might suggest contacting Alexi Lalas for the refund as he's one of the people that put this Beckham thing together! Also try kicking yourselves in the rear for being saps' & taking the bait hook, line, & sinker like you do with everything in life. Not everything you are fed by the media with the hype factor is true you know!
  9. Flagreekguy

    Flagreekguy New Member

    Aug 13, 2007

    Shows on your identity that your a Inter Milan fan.

    Before I comment on Inter Milan, i'll just mention to you about what MLS and LAG paid for beckham first.

    1. you realize he's already paid for himself basically right? and this is just his first year. and the year isn't even over.
    2. You do realize that the amount of money that he is going to make for LAG and the MLS as a whole is going to probably make the 32 mil we paid him so pointless to even bring up that by 2010 no one will ever make mention of it again right?

    Now let's get into Inter Milan real quick.

    Better yet, let's get into all of Series A.

    You obviously missed the information about your beloved team throwing their hat in the ring for purchasing Beckham after his campaign at Real Madrid right?
    Hell you guys made a bid for him even before La Liga was won this year.
    After he left Man Utd you made a bid for more then you offered earlier this year if i'm correct (32 for the last bid, and wasn't it closer to 35-40 the bid after his Man Utd departure?)
    Ac Milan did the same thing.

    Get your facts straight before you dog or praise an athlete.
    Your no football expert, but the people that be in Serie A and Primera Liga and also Barclays believed he was worth every penny.

    The rest of that bloated (unbelieveably sarcastic) number of 120 million? almost all of it comes from Adidas, and that's not for 5 years, that's for the sponsoring Adidas for the rest of his life. The same kind of contract Jordan did with Nike and Haines.

    Anyways, I thought i'd let a few of the beckham haters (IE ignorant football fans) that most of their information on his is way off.
  10. Gino Franconni

    Gino Franconni Red Card

    Sep 1, 2007
  11. JasonMa

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    Mar 20, 2000
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    MLS shold give refunds as soon as the NBA gives refunds for the games Jordan missed due to his injury during his comeback with the Wizards. Most NBA teams marketed the Jordan games the same way the MLS teams marketed the Beckham game.
  12. Gino Franconni

    Gino Franconni Red Card

    Sep 1, 2007
    No the MLS shouldn't give refunds' just because Beckham has another boo boo or for any other player that get's injured for that matter. Soccer is a sport not some gawkfest freak show where fad & hype chasers' like yourself go to see something that for all intended purposes is nothing more than a facade with smoke & mirrors! Not to knock Beckham but if all your main purpose in soccer is to go see Beckham than your brain dead. Believe it or not there are better players' in the MLS than Beckham & what might even shock you more is in Europe & South America there are hundreds of players' better than Beckham so quit buying into all this hype about the guy. Sure he's an above average player in the MLS but that's nothing to brag about. All the top flight professional soccer is being played in European leagues now by players' that want to play soccer & are not interested in becoming a movie star! Grow up!

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