MS WORD printing issues with HP LaserJet

Discussion in 'Technology' started by FearM9, Dec 15, 2005.

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    We have a HP LaserJet 2420 that is hooked up to our secretary's computer that acts as our server and two other computers (mine and our boss) are networked into that. We are running Windows XP and MS Office Professional or whatever it's called.

    When printing out EXCEL spreadsheets, it prints fine. But when all three of us print WORD documents, we sometimes experience minor problems with the printing.

    * Characters either too close together or overlapped.
    * One or two too many spaces between characters.
    * An underline not underlining the entire word or phrase and getting cut off on the end.

    I think those are the ones that we are seeing. Maybe there are some others that I just forgot or simply haven't seen yet.

    What could be wrong?

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    Have you tried reinstalling the drivers on the secretary's pc?

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