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    May 14, 2000
    Just caught the show for the first time on VH1, and I gotta say this is such a waste of time. The whole show is people "facing off" to see who is the biggest loud mouth in the car. So the way they get them to sing is by having their friend consent to them wiring their cars and get them on camera while they sing along as they drive. This is such a stupid show because no one cares who wins, I mean big deal youre a loudmouth who cares. And after the first couple of times of watching someone make an ass out of themselves the novelty wears off.

    How about sticking to playing some MUSIC VH1? Id even take a 1 Billionth repeat of "Best Week/Month EVER".
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    Aug 11, 2002
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    LOL, yeah I watched that one time cause I was bored and flipping through the channels. Never heard of it until then. What a dumb show to make! And I'm even dumber for watching it!

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