MLS Teams... should they participate in Copa Libertadores?

Discussion in 'MLS: News & Analysis' started by Century's Best, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. Century's Best

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    Jul 29, 2003
    To all MLS fans:

    As you know, recent editions of Copa Libertadores have included CONCACAF (Mexican) squads. Some of these have actually done quite well, with Cruz Azul finishing in second place in 2001 (actually defeating Boca Jrs. in Buenos Aires but falling on PKs).

    What do you think of the inclusion of MLS teams? The quality of MLS soccer asides, do you think it would help "internationalize" Copa Libertadores? Perhaps give it more exposure in the US market? In the US, Libertadores matches can be seen only through specific cable tv channels, and unsurprisingly, it's the South Americans who live in the US who watch these games.

    Team USA has already participated in Copa America. Why not see MLS teams in the Libertadores?

    IMO, I believe it would benefit MLS teams because it would give them greater experience... imagine facing teams like Penarol, River Plate, Cruzeiro... not exactly what MLS teams are used to.
  2. lond2345

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    Aug 19, 2002
    Obviously the answer is yes (they should participate)

    It is only a matter of time AND MONEY before they participate. The main factors are

    1) mls rosters are too small and can't handle both mls and copa libertadores. Just look around to see injury plauged mls teams. Imagine playing both tourneys and taking long trips to south america.

    2) getting conmebol to allow mls sides. This is going to require lots of money from mls. Mexico had to pay a lot of dough.

    so basically it all comes down to MONEY. You can solve both 1 and 2 with money. MLS is going to have to wait till it is better off financially and is making good money to have bigger rosters to handle multiple tournaments and to pay off conmebol.

    and I didnt mention the skill factor. MLS sides have not learned to win on the road outside the USA in the champions cup. They have been destroyed by mexican b teams. If you have watched copa libertadores games you will see teams put a lot of pressure and the marking is all over the field. Not 1 second goes by and some guy is right next to you trying to take the ball from you. Some mls teams would be lucky to string 3 passes together without losing the ball.
  3. Century's Best

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    Jul 29, 2003
    Well, going to school is necessary when you're still learning. They'll take a beating -- and watch some highly talented players -- when they participate.

    They will probably be shocked when they see the atmsophere in South American stadiums...
  4. Viking64

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    Feb 11, 1999
    Tarheel State
    It's not time yet. Eventually it will happen when MLS teams are more stable, and they have mostly their own stadiums.

    MLS teams need to do better in CONCACAF Champions League first. When they are not so naive and can handle crooked refs and the style of play, MLS will be ready. Right now MLS plays very differently than other teams, and it shows when they meet in these games. MLS teams almost always draw high numbers of yellow cards, seldom go 90 minutes without a red card, and are not used to the conditions. In last year's Champions League, I don't think any team played a whole game without getting at least one red card.

    MLS players are more physical, and that is a good way to lose in Libertadores.

    And yes, MLS has no real reserve teams and have only 22 full roster players. That is not enough to play through the tournaments when our dometic league produces so many injuries, and there is no real replacement system for injured players.

    Someday we will have this, and I very much look forward to it. But MLS is not ready.
  5. Greddy

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    Jun 24, 2003
    FC Barcelona
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    United States
    It should be noted that neither the mexican clubs, nor the FMF payed off CONMEMBOL. Mexican television networks payed CONMEMBOL to get mexican teams guaranteed spots in the tournament. Mexican teams in the Copa Libertadores means big ratings in Mexico. Unfortunately, the same won't hold true for MLS teams in the U.S. At least until MLS can bring in big ratings on it's own.
  6. 352gialloblu

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    Jun 16, 2003
    Chicago Fire
    Nat'l Team:
    Isn't there also the issue of when the Copa is played? This year it was from February to July 2nd, so it starts in the MLS off-season? That would mean that our teams would be out-of form and would have to start their season really early. This is the reason the CONCACAF champions' cup is also hard for MLS teams--though we have done really well for a while nonetheless. I say we concentrate on proving we can dominate that before asking for beatings from the south americans...;)
  7. Hecho en Mexico

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    Mar 22, 2002
    Nat'l Team:
    when they can handle crooked refs!?!? they get red carded because those refs actually know the rules of the game not like mls refs who dont seem to know the rulsed and get abused in every game by the players! the thing is that mls players hit too much and too refs show no authority!

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