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    A number of years ago, I found a piece of freeware called Ltrack. Basically, you enter in the results of soccer game and keeps all the necessary statistics. I've found that it's better to have them all in one place on my hard drive rather than always have to go to track them down online somewhere. The writer's site contains files from leagues all around the world that users create and submit to him.

    Since 2003 I have been doing one for MLS, and over the past few months I went back and entered in the information for every game in the history of the league. I recently completed the project (except for the USOC games for 1996-2002, but I'll do those next and post it here when they're up) and they're all available now from the Ltrack Files page. Just go down to the bottom where it says "United States of America." The COMNEBOL and CONCACAF (with the 2005 US friendlies added) files are also mine.

    I usually update the files after the weekend's matches and usually by Tuesday they're up on his site for downloading.

    A couple of things that you should know if you download the files:

    1). The program only allows for one assist per goal to be entered, so those numbers will be a little different.

    2). Shootouts from 1996-1999 are represented differently because the program doesn't allow it. What I had to do was enter the result as a draw, note the result of the Shootout in the Comment when entering the result, and deduct a point from the loser in the Table Maintenance/Teams tab. I'm pretty sure I got them all correct.

    3). I screwed up the 2004 table by entering some USL teams as MLS teams for the USOC. There is a tab on that one called "Single Table" that eliminates those. I'll probably redo that one after I complete the USOC results.

    Mods: This is something I've done voluntarily and I receive no compensation
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    Cool. But they're zip files and they unzip as .div files for me and they won't open.

    Ooops. I guess I should read more closely. I need another bit of software. Never mind.
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    Great work, Lanky!!!

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    My pleasure, Mike. Anything to make me look busy at work...

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