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Discussion in 'MLS: News & Analysis' started by jmeissen0, Aug 17, 2002.

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    I thought that was a great article. The most important part that Bradley should have stressed more is that the league should start accepting what it is, and what it isn't. We are not Serie A, or any of those leagues. We are not able to pack in 60,000 fans every Saturday. Hopefully though, in the future we will. For the time being though, we should focus on what will improve the product for the next few years. Stadiums like those, might very well be the answer.

    I think this year in general has been very, very positive for MLS. The average attendence might not be higher, but I feel that is a result of many different factors. W/O these factors ( e.x. Fire's stadium) the attendence woudl be higher. There is also seems to be a new practice of posting actual attendence figures. I think that is very encouraging.

    After what seems to have been many years of strained relationships with fans, I finally feel that the league is turning the ship around. A lot of work still has to be done, number 1 on my list is new owners. Anshultz monopoly of teams is ridiculous. We need new owners to inject money and ideas into the league.
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    I'm just glad Jeff seems to be writing about MLS on a bit more consistent basis. That's what we fanatics need.

    I loved this paragraph:

    "In case you missed it, Steve Jolley guaranteed the MetroStars would win the MLS Cup. Said one MLS player, "Steve will do whatever it takes to get more attention than Petke."

    Also, he's right about Wolff, Armas and FieldTurf. For the players' sake there's no way they can play on that field next year. It just ain't right.
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    El Jefe getting some attention:

    Dallas Burn superfanatico Dustin Christmann was not happy to hear that I'm picking his Burn to win it all this year. He recalls Dallas was my pick to win it in 2000.

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