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Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by churchill2000, Nov 4, 2004.

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    There is something that has just crossed my mind, this season's MLS Cup winner has the oppurtunity to get MLS a team in FIFA's New Int'l Club Cup.

    The winner of MLS Cup gets an automatic bid into the CONCACAF Champions Cup, the bid to get into the Club Cup Tournament is decided either by simply; winning the Champs Cup or, by winning the Inter American Cup(winning CCC, and beating South American Champ).

    Tell you what, one of these last four teams; LA, DC, KC, NE, have the potential to give MLS a team in the Club Cup.

    What team do you think has the best potential to make it past the CONCACAF Champs Cup?

    My pick is divided between the only two winners in MLS history, LA & DC.
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    DC has the best chance. No doubt. If everyone is healthy they are probably the best team in MLS. And I think they have a far more creative style that would fare better against foreign opponents. KC: They might do okay. Gansler's a great coach and they are disciplined. But how far can discipline take a team? Im not sure that KC's defense would hold up as well in the Cup against frequent attacking as it did domestically. LA: I would never bet on a team with Steve Sampson at the helm - LA isnt even a winning team in MLS since Sampson took over, let alone winning against foreign clubs. NE: Really, this is the ninth best team in MLS. Good Cinderella story domestically, but it is clear they could not perform consistently as well as the other three.
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    The Inter america Cup is no longer played...
    In The CONMEBOL Museum there is a Replica of the cup
    with a list of all the past Champions.. Behind the replica is a huge DC United Logo that represents them as the Final Champions of this cup...1 of only 3 CONCACAF teams to have ever won it...

    You have to win the CONCACRAP Cup to enter the World Cup
    Only UEFA and CONMEBOL will have automatic seeds into the semi finals every one else will have to play off to get to play any of the BIG 2

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