MLS Appeal is a topic on PTI

Discussion in 'Business and Media' started by falcon6, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. MLS appeal is a topic on PTI tonight. We are in trouble, possibly the biggest soccer basher to ever live is filling in for Tony K., the evil Norman Chad. Hopefully, Wilbon will stick up for us. Anyway, let the bashing begin.
  2. JMU Soccer!

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    Jul 19, 1999
    yes, we are in trouble, some reporter from the Washington Post will bash soccer. The sport will die tonight in the US.
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    Glad I will see the death of soccer tonight.
  4. Freestyle2000

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    The usual straw man - has anyone here actually ever heard someone say that soccer will be the big thing in this country? Because all of these sportscasters must have heard someone say it at some point.

    "I was a fool then. I had hair." Wilbon. Ha!

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    not big change: TK in latest issue of SI " ends on penalty kicks! It's not a sport!"
  6. I was surprised. Norman Chad was kinda quiet about it. He just said something stupid like" the halftime show was better than the soccer". Wilbon was actually more of the guy ragging on it. Saying how it never catches on in the US. Excuse me, but wasnt there over 30k at the stadium in poor weather. It almost seemed like Wilbon was trying to make up for being positive about soccer in the past.
  7. QuarkspaceDotCom

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    I didn't notice when Wilbon all-of-a-sudden became white and aged to over 50.

    Somebody should call him on that.

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